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Knitted suits: options, original models
Knitted suits: options, original models

Knitted clothing has firmly entered our lives, it is especially relevant in the cold season, although some people like to wear crocheted or knitted products on warm days. There are even craftswomen who make knitted bathing suits. Often, fashionistas prefer summer crocheted tops made of natural cotton fabric. Beautiful patterns emphasize the originality of products.

In warm weather, you can also wear a patterned T-shirt or top, leaving the sun most of the body. There are everyday knitted suits, and there are products that are not ashamed to wear to a celebration. It all depends on the originality of the style and the quality of the threads. Also, the beauty of the products speaks of the professionalism and accuracy of the master.

A knitted suit should keep its shape well and emphasize the girl's figure. At fashion shows, you can find knitted suits, fashion designers try from year to year to diversify fashion for lovers of warm and soft products.

In the article we will consider different options for knitted suits, what is better to combine with, how to choose clothes to look stylish.


This season, knitted tracksuits have gained incredible popularity. There are many of them for sale, but an experienced knittereasy to do this job at home. There are woolen suits, but most of the models are composed of cotton and acrylic. Equal proportions of such yarn contribute to the fact that the products are durable and warm.

knitted suits

Absolutely all female representatives like such things. In addition to convenience and comfort, tracksuits made of yarn do not wrinkle at all. There are models wide, with internal pockets, there are options with a hood. For slender girls fit styles that fit the figure.

They also differ in the shape of the legs. There are flat ones with an elastic band at the bottom, there are flared wide models. Pockets can be laid on and internal. Fashionable styles are considered options with cuffs on the sleeves and legs, with interesting rivets, zippers, ties, hooks and metal buttons, and other accessories.

Grooved Models

Sports knitted suits can be both stocking knit with elastic bands and contain beautiful patterns. They can only be on the top of the suit, or on two at the same time. The top is made in the form of a sweater, "kangaroo" or sweater with a hood and without. Such costumes are most often decorated simply due to a beautiful pattern, however, two-tone options can also be used, for example, striped models.

knitted suit

There are also fashionable youth acid colors for knitwear on sale. Such clothes are convenient not only for playing sports in the winter. It is comfortable to walk around the house. There are beautiful expensive suits,which look great with now fashionable sneakers and a long cardigan or coat. Colors can be taken in contrast. For example, for a gray or beige suit, pick up a bright coat, scarf or a loose sack bag.

Costume - skirt and sweater

Usually for women's knitted suits with knitting needles, a skirt is made straight, fitting the girl's hips. The belt is almost always decorated with an elastic band. The upper part of the suit can be wide with a fitted elastic or loose fit. Recently, sweaters with different lengths of the lower hem, carved wedges or with a slight descent at the back have been considered a fashion trend.

knitted suits for women original

The skirt can be knitted in stocking stitch or have the same pattern as the sweater. There are both winter options from thick yarn and summer crocheted sets. Often in such cases, the sleeve is shortened by three quarters.

The collar of the sweater can also be different: collar, stand, V-neck, simple round neck.

Blouse plus skirt

The following type of suits can also be included in the casual clothes of business women. This is a variant of a tight tight skirt and sweater. It can be buttoned or zippered, with a placket in the middle or off-center. It can be wide, with elastic at the waist, tapered, tight figure with a belt.

Usually, the jacket is made using corrugated patterns. Both simple rhombuses and alternation of front and back loops are used. Patterns do not change the smooth structure of the product.

knitted suits for women knitting

Forsolemn events, you can pick up an openwork pattern that will look voluminous. The skirt is often made in regular stocking stitch, sometimes with a patterned stripe that matches the overall design, as in the photo above.

Cardigan plus dress

As an original knitted suit for women, you can consider the option of a narrow, figure-hugging dress thrown over a cardigan. Such a kit is convenient in unstable weather during the transitional periods of spring and autumn. If it gets hot, you can always take off your cardigan and stay in your dress. And if it gets colder, then vice versa.

knitted suits for women knitting

The set can be of the same color, as well as different shades. In winter, the dress is knitted with long sleeves. Stylists recommend improvising with the length of both the dress and the cardigan.

In the article, we examined a small part of the possible options for knitted suits. They can be varied or worn in separate parts, adding things from other materials. The main thing is that the products look aesthetically pleasing and are combined with each other. Taste and a sense of style already play a big role here.

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