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Sberbank silver coins: photo and cost
Sberbank silver coins: photo and cost

Sberbank silver coins are sold in any bank branch, which are often purchased as a gift or for a profitable investment of their savings. These coins are made by real masters of jewelry from silver of the highest standard. They depict important historical episodes from the life of our state. Sberbank issues both gold and silver gift coins. In this article, we will touch on the description of the latest products, as they are the most affordable for ordinary people to buy, based on the lower cost of silver in relation to gold or platinum.

Types of silver coins

These coins come in two varieties: investment and anniversary (commemorative). Each of them has its own parameters and characteristics.

1. Investment Products

Such silver coins of Sberbank are specially designed for investing savings with their subsequent profitable sale, if necessary. The quality of the metal used in the manufacture of coins is of the highest standard, due to which the product is highly sensitive when in contact with air or human hands. So that the coins do not lose their color and do not fall in value, they should bestore in special transparent cases.

2. Commemorative and commemorative coins

Such products are minted in small batches, they display various historical events or dates that are especially important for our people and state. Basically, such coins are in demand among collectors-numismatists, they are a good souvenir, perfect as a gift.

Sberbank silver coins

Coin "George the Victorious"

This investment coin is the most massive among its kind. It was produced during 2009-2010. From 2011 to 2014, its minting was suspended. But since 2015, this product has been produced again, with a series of about half a million copies. Products are made of 999 silver, weighing just over 31 grams, with a face value of three rubles.

The coin "George the Victorious" is sold in a special transparent plastic package installed in a cardboard box, which allows you to store a valuable item in proper conditions.

The first such coins were minted from gold in 2006, then silver ones appeared. The first option is also the most massive in production - more than 27 thousand kilograms of high-grade gold were spent on their manufacture.

The cost of the silver version of this coin is about 2 thousand rubles.

George the Victorious coin

Cost of Sberbank silver coins

The cost of the described products is different and varies from 2 to 60 thousand rubles apiece. For the price of a coin inprimarily influenced by its type and purpose. Thus, the cost of commemorative products is affected by their number of copies and the quality of minting; the price of investment coins is equal to the value of the metal from which they are made.

For example, a Sberbank silver coin: its price and prestige depend on the weight of the specimen, the quality of the sample and the place of sale. In the capital, such coins are much cheaper than in regional branches, because there are no costs for the delivery of products, which necessarily affect the cost of goods.

sberbank silver coin price

What coins can I buy at Sberbank?

The Bank offers a large number of its products from various precious metals for sale. There are many silver coins in denominations from one to one hundred rubles, which depict episodes of historical events, scenes on the theme of the Armed Forces or sports. There are coins depicting animals and plants from the Red Book, signs of the zodiac, temples and cathedrals of Russia.

Sberbank also issues commemorative coins, which are very famous among collectors and numismatists. These copies are minted with images dedicated to round historical dates and events related to the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

No less popular are coins with images of Russian historical figures and dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

Each product is supplied with a state certificate of quality. All Sberbank silver coins are made of pure metal 925 and 999.

sberbank commemorative coins

How to buy?

You can buy coins at any branch of Sberbank or on the official website of the organization. To purchase, you need to have an identity document and the required amount with you.

After the transaction, the buyer should be given special papers confirming the sale and purchase: a receipt and an expense order and a certificate of product quality.

When storing a coin, remember that any small defect or scratch on the surface can reduce its value by several times. After all, a person acquires not only a precious metal, but also a work of art.

cost of silver coins


Sberbank's silver coins are a very reliable investment of your savings. They will always be near their owner, no one will be able to lend them to another person, as many banks do with the deposits of their customers. Therefore, savings do not depend on the economic component of banking. Monetary inflation lowers the exchange rate of the state currency many times faster than it happens with precious metals. Quite the contrary: prices for gold, silver and platinum often exceed the psychologically acceptable level.

It should also be taken into account that this is not a simple investment of one's accumulated money in precious metals, but an investment in a highly artistic work. How much is a hundred-year-old silver or gold tsarist ruble worth now? According to the most conservative estimates, the price of coins of tsarist times is 3-4 times more than the cost of the coin itself.metal. How much is it now possible to sell Soviet commemorative rubles in denominations of 1 and 3 rubles? At least several tens or even hundreds of times more than their face value. That is why more and more people are trying to trust their savings not to banking organizations, which can go bankrupt at any moment, and then look for wind in the field, but to silver and other coins of the banks of the countries where they live. Banks, countries, peoples may disappear and change, but silver and other expensive metals will always be valued and nothing will happen to them.

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