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15 kopeck coin 1962 issue: value, description and history
15 kopeck coin 1962 issue: value, description and history

15 kopecks of 1962 is not the rarest and far from the most valuable coin for numismatists. Its circulation was not limited, since it was actively used by citizens of the USSR, and many copies remain to this day. But still, one coin is different from another, because the value of even such a frequently encountered specimen depends on a number of circumstances.

What determines the value of a coin of 15 kopecks in 1962?

Like any other coin, 15 kopecks has two main evaluation criteria. The first is what metal it is made of. Our coin is made of an alloy of copper and nickel, the so-called nickel silver alloy. It is an inexpensive metal.

Front 15 kopecks

The second criterion is the collectible value of the coin. And it consists of a number of factors, such as the circulation, the safety of the coin, its appearance, etc. And here the cost of a coin of the same denomination and year of issue can differ by tens and hundreds of times.

Auction price 15 kopecks

According to the auction, the cost of a coin with a face value of 15 kopecks issued in 1962 varies from 5 to 308 rubles. And the price is calculated according to a special international scale of numismatists, consisting of 7 gradations: G, VG, F, VF, XF, aUNC, UNC, where G is the lowest degree of safety of coins, and UNC is the highest. Accordingly, the value of 15 kopecks of 1962 issue will also be revealed, since, apart from a high degree of safety, this coin has little value for numismatists.

The average cost is thus distributed like this:

  • VF – 24 rubles;
  • XF – 42 rubles;
  • AU – 91 rubles;
  • UNC - 207 rubles.
USSR coins obverse

Besides gradations, there is another category - Proof. These are coins in perfect condition, which are stored in special plastic boxes or cases, sealed so that nothing from the external environment penetrates inside, and the product is preserved in its original form. Such a banknote on this auction site has an average cost of 155 rubles.

The coin was running, met in large numbers. 15 kopecks of the USSR in the period from 1961 to 1991 have the same minting standard.

Description of the coin

The coat of arms of the USSR (from 1956) is depicted on the front side of the coin. The image is applied rather large, but simplified (there is no inscription on the tape wrapping around the ears). In the center, in the upper half-disk of the front side, there is a sickle and a hammer crossed among themselves, which are against the background of a schematically depicted globe. Hammer and sickle and the globe on the sides wraps a wreath ofears of wheat, intertwined with a ribbon of fifteen turns (that's how many republics were in the Soviet Union). Crowning all the five-pointed star, located between the tips of the ears. In addition, the obverse depicts a half-disk of the radiant sun (located under the globe between the halves of the wreath). In the lower part - the inscription "USSR".

15 kopecks of poor quality

The reverse shows the denomination, under it is the word "kopeck", as well as the year of issue - 1962. On the sides there is an open wreath of ears of corn and oak leaves (at the bottom of the wreath).

The perimeter of the coin is framed on both sides by a convex edging, which, as it were, begins a edge.

On the edge of the 15 kopeck coin of 1962 there are many notches. By type of edge - ribbed.

The coin itself is white (gray) due to the nature of the alloy. It has no ferromagnetic properties.

History of the coin

The coin was minted in the Leningrad Mint, but there are no signs of this mint on it. In 1962, by the way, only small (bargaining coins) up to 50 kopecks were issued. The most similar variety of the 15 kopeck line of the USSR for the sample of 1962 is a coin of the same denomination of 1961.

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