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Tree - DIY craft
Tree - DIY craft

Children love making things with their own hands. We propose to consider how a tree (craft) is made from various improvised materials. We will also tell you how various wooden toys are made.

Crafts from beads - trees

crafts beaded trees

We offer a master class on making a bright beaded tree.

  1. Take the wire and string a lot of beads on it.
  2. Then make loops. To do this, collect five beads and twist the wire (illustration 1).
  3. Now fold the resulting wire in half and weave it. As a result, you should get a branch, as in illustration 2.
  4. Shape a beautiful branch (Figure 3).
  5. Make several branches in the same way. The volume and size of the future tree depends on their number.
  6. Take a couple of branches and wrap them together.
  7. Take another branch and wrap it tightly around the first two.
  8. On the other hand, wind another branch (Figure 4).
  9. Similarly, make several of these bundles.
  10. Wrap the branches nicely together so that the figure resembles a tree. The craft will look likereal, if the wire is carefully bent in different directions.
crafts beaded trees

The bead tree is ready!

Crafts from beads - trees - will look bright if you choose transparent, not matte, beads.

Autumn button tree

To make such an original painting, you will need to take:

  • cardboard or white paper;
  • paints (orange, brown, white, red) and brush;
  • buttons of different sizes in autumn shades (red, brown, orange, beige);
  • glue or glue gun.
craft autumn tree

Working order:

  1. Take a sheet of paper and make a background. For example, mix white and brown paint to make a soft beige color and paint it over cardboard.
  2. Draw a tree with brown paint - a trunk and branches. To make it very beautiful and fabulous, make branches with curls.
  3. When the paint is dry, glue the buttons on the branches of the tree.

The original "autumn tree" craft painting is ready!

Table tree - plasticine crafts

A very simple product, which requires only plasticine and scissors (for example, manicure). You can do it together with children who already know how to handle such a tool.

wood crafts for kids

A detailed master class on creating a plasticine Christmas tree is as follows:

  1. Take the green plasticine. than histhe larger, the larger and more voluminous the tree will be.
  2. Hold the plasticine in your hands to make it softer.
  3. Make a plasticine cone. To do this, simply roll the material into a tube, paying more attention to one side, making it pointed.
  4. The finished cone needs to be trimmed a little. Take small scissors and, starting at the top, make small cuts, which are then carefully tucked up.

The plasticine Christmas tree is ready. Optionally, you can insert a stick into the base - the trunk.

Origami Tree

How to make an origami tree craft? It's actually very simple. All it takes is paper and perseverance.

how to make a tree craft

Let's describe a detailed master class on making this craft.

  1. Take a piece of A4 paper. Ideally, it is better that the sheet is double-sided: on the one hand - colored, on the other - white. If there is none, then take two sheets and connect them.
  2. Make the sheet square.
  3. Place the paper in front of you with the colored side.
  4. Fold the sheet in half, connecting the left and right corners (illustration 1).
  5. Open the sheet.
  6. Fold the left and right sides to the center line (Figure 2).
  7. Turn off the corners (illustration 3).
  8. Turn the shape over (Illustration 4).
  9. Fold the figure in half, connecting the top and bottom corners (Figure 5).
  10. Unscrew the slightly bent part, as in illustration 6.
  11. Fold the corners as shown in illustration 7.
  12. Roll up the "wings" as inillustrations 8.
  13. Fold up the bottom edge (Figure 9).
  14. Dip the top corner down and fold the bottom piece in half (Figure 10).
  15. Turn the shape over (Figure 12).
  16. Bend the tree in half and unfold it.

The origami tree is done!

Standing paper tree

wood craft drawings

Describe in detail how to make a beautiful paper tree:

  1. Prepare the tree template. This can be done in two ways. First, print out four copies of the tree of the same size. The second way is to draw four trees of the same size and shape. It is most convenient to do this under a carbon copy. That is, first you draw a template. Then put a carbon paper and a white sheet of paper under it and circle the template with a pen. Repeat the action three more times.
  2. Cut out the trees along the outline.
  3. Fold each tree in half lengthwise. If the paper is too thick, then use a ruler. Smooth out creases with it.
  4. Take PVA glue and glue all four halves of the tree together.
  5. While the tree is drying, make paper leaves.
  6. Take some colored paper and cut a strip from it.
  7. Fold it a few times.
  8. Fold the accordion in half lengthwise.
  9. Cut out a half-leaf shape along the folded edge.
  10. Open the leaves.
  11. Make enough leaves in the same way so that the tree is not empty.
  12. Glue the leaves to the branches of the tree.
wood craft

Paper tree (craft) done!

Christmas crafts from tree branches

Crafts from tree branches can be different. We offer you a master class on making a creative Christmas tree:

crafts from tree branches
  1. Prepare several even branches of approximately the same thickness. Remove the bark from them.
  2. Take two ropes.
  3. Tie different ends of the stick with ropes.
  4. Tie all branches.
  5. Take a pruner and cut the branches so that you get a pyramid.
  6. Take a very thin branch or a thick vine.
  7. Fold it to form a star.
  8. Fix the corners of the star with glue or wrap with a rope.
  9. Tie a star to the top of the pyramid.
  10. Tie a rope from the back to the top branch to make a loop.
  11. Hang your Christmas tree on a wall or door.
  12. Take one-style Christmas decorations and decorate the Christmas tree. Don't forget the garland.

Such crafts made from tree branches will be an original decoration of rooms where it is not planned to put a Christmas tree. And most importantly, they do not take up much space.

Craft Leaves

Crafts from tree leaves with your own hands can be as follows:

  • pictures (leaves are pasted on paper);
  • candlesticks (a jar that is pasted over with leaves on the outside);
  • candy bowls (papier-mâché technique is used);
  • garlands (the leaves are dried and ribbons are threaded through them);
  • wreaths on the door and walls.
DIY crafts from tree leaves

Let's imagine a master class on making a wreath of leaves:

  1. Take a large sheet of cardboard and cut out a circle.
  2. Step back from the edge of the circle five to eight centimeters and draw another one.
  3. Cut out the middle. You have a cardboard letter "O".
  4. Collect different leaves.
  5. Glue the leaves onto the cardboard with PVA glue, double-sided tape, or a hot glue gun.
  6. The leaves should fit snugly together.
  7. Punch a hole in the circle and thread a ribbon through it.

A wonderful wreath of leaves is ready!

It can decorate the door throughout the autumn, and if you add bows and Christmas balls to it, the wreath will also serve as an original New Year's decor.

Features of wooden crafts

Wood crafts for children are environmentally friendly toys. You can buy them or make your own. The latter will be especially dear not only to a child, but also to an adult.

To make wooden toys yourself, you need the following tools and materials:

  • drawings of wood crafts;
  • jigsaw;
  • wooden plank - base.

Wooden crafts workshop

wood craft drawings

Working order:

  1. Prepare drawings of wood crafts (in our example, this is a movable machine). To do this, draw on paper the outline of the object and the details of which it consists - the body and two wheels.
  2. Translate the drawing onto a wooden board.
  3. Turn on the jigsaw and start carefully burning out the outlines. You need to work slowly so as not to get burned and not ruin the craft.
  4. When the details are ready, consider if you want to paint the craft. If so, then this must be done before you fold the toy.
  5. Fold the toy. In our example, for this, two holes are made at the bottom of the body of the machine, into which small sticks (for example, pieces of a pencil) are threaded and wheels are strung.

The wooden toy is ready!

Similarly, you can create many easy crafts. For example, an animal (bear, puppy or kitten) with movable legs. That is, using a jigsaw, make the outline of the animal, and also burn out various details: mouth, nose, eyes, muzzle, paws, ears, tummy, hairs. Make paws. If you want, then let all four legs move, but you can do with only two. Make holes in the frame of the beast and insert the handles.

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