DIY paper clapper board
DIY paper clapper board

Paper clapperboard is a product that can be attributed to the ancient art of origami, since its production does not involve the use of glue and scissors. You only need a piece of paper. The advantages of studying the process of making paper clappers include the fact that it does not require additional costs. Thus, you can cheer up others in any place and at any time of the day, create an atmosphere of fun from almost nothing. For children, such activities always cause sincere delight, because communication and learning something new and interesting is exactly what kids need.

paper clapperboard

Of course, in moments of boredom, you can try to captivate children with traditional games of sea battle, triangles, cities, tic-tac-toe and so on. And a paper clapperboard will be a great choice for adding variety, because creating something new is always more useful. This helps to develop creative thinking and interest in invention among the younger generation. In addition, a paper clapperboard is fraught with a nice bonus: a properly made craft can become a fun toy, it will make a loud clap sound.So, for this product, both a simple notebook sheet and colored paper, paper from a sketchbook can be suitable. Most importantly, it should not be very thin or very dense, it should be easy to work with.

how to make a cracker

How to make a paper clapperboard? To do this, you need to perform seven simple operations:

  1. To begin with, a pre-prepared rectangular sheet of paper must be folded in half and unfolded again.
  2. Each of the four corners of the sheet must be folded to the center of the sheet, to the resulting fold line.
  3. Now the existing part needs to be folded in half again so that all the bent corners are inside.
  4. At this stage, an isosceles trapezoid is obtained, which must be folded along the central axis and unfolded again.
  5. paper crackers

    Now the corners of the trapezoid need to be folded together on the formed fold line. They should just connect without intersecting.

  6. To perform the next step, the corners are again bent, and the figure is folded along the same fold line obtained earlier.
  7. To complete the work, it remains to fold the corners along the prepared fold lines. The resulting triangle is the paper clapperboard.

Now that the main part of the work is done, it remains to take care of the game moment. The main advantage of this craft is that it can make sounds. To hear the cotton, you need to firmly take the product by the corners brought together and sharply, in one motion, shake the triangle in the air. These crackerscan be used over and over again by folding them back. Such crafts will quickly dispel boredom and help you come up with many different games and funny pranks for the whole family. The flapper can be decorated with a variety of patterns, glitter and stickers, giving each of them an individual character. If you and your children enjoy making such crafts, you can safely move on to other products and develop skills in the field of origami.

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