How to make a paper clapperboard with your own hands
How to make a paper clapperboard with your own hands

The cracker is a fun activity for kids. Every student knows how to make a cracker from a sheet of paper. It does not require special skill or skill. Just a couple of minutes are enough, and according to any of the existing schemes, you can make a cracker.

filled crackers

What you need to make crackers

Depending on the chosen method, the product may need:

  • any paper: landscape or notebook sheet, newspaper, etc.;
  • scissors;
  • balloon;
  • tinsel or rain;
  • color paper;
  • sequins or stickers for decoration;
  • glue.

How to make origami paper clapperboard

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways. It is enough to prepare a sheet of paper and know how to make a paper clapperboard. The process flow is described below:

  1. Place the sheet in front of you on the table horizontally. Fold it in half and press it so that the horizontal fold line remains visible.
  2. Rotate to original position.
  3. Each of the four halves of the sheet fold over tocenter line. At the same time, they should join each other, but not overlap.
  4. The blank needs to be folded in half (curved corners inward).
  5. Now you need to fold it in half again and straighten it. A new fold line is formed.
  6. Now the sharp edges need to be bent to this line.
  7. Fold the workpiece in half again and spread out.
  8. Slanting lines form on the fold. On them, you need to fold the sheet.
  9. seventh step

Now you need to hold the product by the free ends and from this position make a sharp movement with your hand - cotton will be heard.

During folding, "pockets" form in the folds of the paper. You can make a paper clapperboard as indicated in the diagram, or with a large number of pockets. With a sharp movement, they are filled with air, the paper is straightened, and a characteristic sound is heard.

That's why the bigger the pockets, the louder the cracker gets. Also, avoid using paper that is too thick and will require more force to straighten.

One has only to understand how to make a paper clapperboard once, and the scheme is no longer needed.

Festive firecracker with rain and tinsel

This is a more solemn and colorful version of the cracker, which will perfectly complement any festive event. In addition, such a cracker is suitable for reuse.

  1. The basis for the product can also serve as paper, but in this case it should be more dense. It is necessary to cut and glue a cylinder of the size necessary forcrackers.
  2. You can use cardboard sleeves (for example, from paper towels).
  3. The balloon must be tied into a knot and cut off the end. It turns out something like a hat that needs to be put on the sleeve. The knot of the ball remains outside.
  4. ball on bushing
  5. Now the cylinder needs to be pasted over with colored paper and decorated with sparkles or stickers. You can immediately use the wrapping paper of the desired color.
  6. You should fill the cracker with tinsel and rain, cut into small pieces. There should be quite a lot of them (it is better to fill them completely). You can prepare a paper funnel - this will make it easier to put everything inside.
  7. crackers with tinsel

Keep the clapperboard open edge up. As soon as you pull the knot at the bottom and release it, there will be a pop and a rain of colorful tinsel will appear.

Now everyone can choose the appropriate option for how to make a cracker: paper or tinsel.

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