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Shvets Alexander - Moscow wedding photographer
Shvets Alexander - Moscow wedding photographer

Shvets Alexander today is the most popular Moscow photographer. Alexander has been improving himself in this direction for many years. In 1998 he opened his personal photography studio. The main directions in his work were the wedding genre, as well as the genres of "Love Story" and "Family Story". In a professional studio, you can also take photos in the style of "reportage". In his profession, Alexander Shvets loves to work with people, and he is very good at it.

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Experience and Achievements

Shvets Alexander has extensive experience in working with photography. In 1994 he was educated at VGIK as a cameraman. For several years after that, he worked as a staff photographer at Mosfilm. Alexander was also a member of the international wedding program, which was organized by Kodak. And in 2011 he was invited by Konstantin Dyachkov to the individual project "Parsuna". In this project, they together did a number of photo shoots of group portraits in a historical style. This project has been recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church as being particularly significant for the history of Russia.

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Today Alexander Shvets also specializes in creating beautiful photo albums and photo books for any number of pages.

You will be able to agree in advance on the sketch of the future edition, its form and choose all the best photos. Further work will be done by experienced designers of the studio.

Reviews about the work of Alexander Shvets

On the Internet, Alexander Shvets, a photographer, receives a lot of reviews. These are almost always positive feedback from satisfied customers. There you can also find many of his works and see in what an unusual but very beautiful style he captures such important moments for everyone as a wedding, engagement, anniversary, etc.

Alexander is very reverent and meticulous in his approach to working with each client separately. He carefully discusses all the nuances of a future photo shoot so that the client cannot have any disappointment in the future. Thanks to this, all the photos taken by Alexander are of high quality, bright, and the emotions of the main characters on them look very alive and real.

Cost of work

A contract with Alexander for 4 hours will be approximately 26 thousand rubles. You can hire him to capture your entire celebration or have a private photo shoot away from prying eyes. Alexander can also go to work in another city or even in another country with you, but the cost of such work will need to be discussed separately.

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