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Interesting ideas for an autumn photo shoot in nature
Interesting ideas for an autumn photo shoot in nature

Sometimes it seems that autumn is the time to be sad and lock yourself in the apartment, wrapping yourself in a warm woolen blanket with a book or tea in your hands. But you should not look at this sometimes rainy and gloomy season so one-sidedly. After all, even the classic called this weather "the charm of the eyes." Golden autumn fascinates, calls to freeze, stop, look around and capture in memory this feeling of fading (“the lush nature of wilting”) and at the same time waiting for rebirth. Therefore, the hand reaches for the camera (or the phone of a familiar photographer), and the legs on a sunny (or not so) day off simply run into the forest, into the park, to the river - into nature.

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All to nature

Perhaps the best time to go to the forest with the whole family and create wonderful photos for the family archive is one of the weekends in September or early October, when the trees have already turned yellow, but the foliage has not fallen yet. An excellent occasion to go for a run in the park, take a family bike ride along a new route, go fishing or pick mushrooms in the forest. The main thing - do not forget to take a charged camera with you, a good mood and a variety ofideas for an autumn photo shoot in nature.

ideas for an autumn photo shoot for children in nature

Don't forget to bring props

You can think in advance what will be useful for the autumn photo shoot.

  • You can take a bright umbrella with you - perhaps the most autumn attribute. Then even the rain will not prevent you from taking a couple of cool photos.
  • Great pictures can be taken with a picture frame. It is good if it is aged or, conversely, in modern style.
  • A lot of joy and wonderful pictures will give homemade swings on a tree. They can be decorated with foliage or berries.
  • An excellent option would be to organize a tulle canopy over a motley blanket of fallen leaves. Or a blanket taken from home.
  • Perhaps the main "props" of golden autumn is fallen leaves. You can throw it, weave wreaths from it, wallow on it, make bouquets out of it. Just list ideas for an autumn photo shoot in nature that can be created with the help of a short-lived, but bright gift from nature. Must use!
  • Even the image of a forest nymph can be created with the help of professional makeup and paraphernalia, for which the autumn forest is so generous.
  • Grab a basket of autumn fruits. Pumpkins look very harmonious in the frame.
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How to choose a seat

When choosing a beautiful look for a photo, you can use the following ideas. For a family autumn photo shoot in nature, a straight path in a forest or park, framed by trees withgolden foliage. If you went looking for mushrooms, you should show off your “catch” in front of the camera, because it will all be eaten soon. On a bike ride, you can take a dynamic series of fun shots. A beautiful fallen tree can become not only a temporary shelter for travelers, but also an excellent decoration.

An interestingly located shop in a nearby square will help bring your ideas to life.

For an autumn photo shoot in nature, you can use a place by the pond. It is good if trees grow close to the water's edge. The mist that forms in the morning adds a mystique to the photographs and gives the photographer ample opportunity to play with the morning light.

If you really have no time to get out of the city, then choose a place where there will be red-yellow foliage in the background. This photo can also be safely called autumn.

ideas for a family autumn photo shoot in nature

Great shots in a field, tall grass, or distant mountains/river/bridge/castle/forest.

If there are children in the frame

When photographing children, it is best to have in mind not only the main, but also backup ideas for an autumn photo shoot in nature. It is better not to choose poses in advance: little fidgets will look much more natural and relaxed in photographs if you do not force them to pose, but simply click on the sly. Of course, there are exceptions: if the model for the photo is a born actress, then she knows the options for posing better than yours and has long had her own ideas. For an autumn photo shoot of children in nature, take props with youfor games or some kind of "photogenic" snack, then wonderful pictures are provided to you. Take soap bubbles with you and watch through the lens for the faces focused on blowing them. And don't forget the colorful foliage that can keep your little model company in the frame. Throw these autumn shreds, weave wreaths, collect bouquets. It will be fun!

Ideas for a children's autumn photo shoot in nature depend, of course, largely on children. For example, if the child is a newborn, then it may be easier to create "autumn nature" at home using all kinds of autumn-forest decorations.

ideas for an autumn photo shoot in nature poses

If the future mother is in the frame

Photos of moms with tummies are perhaps some of the most touching shots. As a rule, future mothers prepare carefully for such photo shoots.

ideas for a children's autumn photo shoot in nature

So, what ideas for an autumn photo shoot in the nature of pregnant women can be used:

  • You can take a photo of the tummy itself, decorated with various props, with a pattern applied to it, an inscription on clothes.
  • Photos with husband and/or older child are good. In this case, the attributes described above and ideas for an autumn photo shoot in nature will come in handy.
  • Use photos with accessories: tests, ultrasound photos, ribbons, fans, flags, booties, etc.

Eye charm

Don't miss autumn, capture it not only in your memory, but also in photographs. Top up youra photo collection of golden photographs and wonderful memories of a day not in vain. Perhaps next year these photos will inspire you (or maybe someone else) to once again plunge into the golden foliage or take a walk under an umbrella.

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