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Summer yoke skirt: what to wear? Photos and ideas
Summer yoke skirt: what to wear? Photos and ideas

Dresses and skirts - clothes that emphasize feminine beauty. A skillfully chosen model will make any woman a beauty, emphasizing the dignity of the figure and hiding the flaws. A yoke skirt is one of those things.

Coquette is so named for a reason

If we consider clothing in terms of its components, we can find many interesting elements, each of which has its own name. Here is the coquette - one of these components. As an element of the cut of clothing, this is the cut-off part to which the main part is sewn. A coquette is not only a skirt, but also a shirt, trousers. This is also the name of the detachable part of outerwear, located on the back - on a jacket, raincoat, park. It allows you to modify clothes, improve fit, hide some flaws. This element of clothing, like a coquette woman, shows the best, hides flaws. This is especially true for outerwear. A skirt with a yoke is a direct proof of this.

yoke skirt

About the yoke to the skirt

Is it difficult to cut such an item of clothing? The question of how to sew a yoke skirt is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. In order for any type of clothing to sit beautifully, fit the figure, you needcorrectly build a pattern. And this is a whole science. But for needlewomen who strive to master the technique of creating beautiful things, learning is not a problem. A skirt with a yoke will consist of two or three main parts:

  • actually coquette;
  • bottom;
  • belts.

Are all elements required? This type of clothing, such as a skirt with a yoke, can have a belt, or can be cut and sewn without it.

how to sew a yoke skirt

How to cut a yoke?

Each dressmaker has her own secrets for making patterns. Yes, there are certain principles for such work, the basic elements are built according to specific algorithms. But there are also individual secrets that are used by those who know how and love to sew clothes. For example, some dressmakers recommend cutting a yoke according to the basic pattern of a fitted skirt. Such a model successfully sits on the figure due to the darts and undercuts of the sides. But you can build a one-piece yoke with two side seams. This option is more suitable for models, since in addition to undercutting the part itself, there will be no unnecessary seams from tucks. So, in order to build a coquette pattern, you need to measure three quantities:

  • waist;
  • hip circumference;
  • length from waist to hip line.

According to these data, it is necessary to build a basic pattern for a classic cut skirt, which simply should be in the arsenal of every dressmaker. Now, with the help of the basic pattern, the coquette pattern can be prepared. This is done simply. The pattern of the skirt is cut from the bottom to the beginning of the darts. Topthe darts are connected as if the product is already sewn. According to the resulting model, a coquette is drawn. Its length corresponds to the chosen length of the model.

The bottom of the yoke should be drawn parallel to the resulting top edge. Then the undercut of this part of the skirt will ideally lie flat on the figure. With the help of the resulting pattern, any product will sit perfectly - a long skirt with a yoke, midi with undercuts, a short skirt in a sporty style. Moreover, the edge of the coquette can be trimmed as desired - with a toe, asymmetrically, in a circle. It can be made multi-layered, flying off.

long yoke skirt

Femininity itself

There is a lot of talk about femininity in clothing, about the fact that the hidden beckons more than the exposed one. And the waving and exciting folds on the hem are the most feminine detail in clothes. A half-sun skirt on a yoke looks amazing and mysterious. The pattern of such a model is easy to do. A semi-sun skirt is a pattern that is a 180 degree semicircle. The top line in its length should match the length of the bottom edge of the yoke, the length of the half-sun pattern ring corresponds to the length of the flared part of the skirt.

half-sun skirt on a yoke pattern

When cutting out details, be sure to make allowances for seams and bottom processing, and do not forget about the zipper, buttons.

yoke skirt for full

Whims and constancy

A yoke skirt is a universal model, because it is the described detail that allows you to diversify a standard skirt according to your figure,turning it into various variations. Fashion is capricious, she loves different styles, textures of fabrics. But it is the model on the yoke that allows you to get different clothes each time using the same pattern. A similar model is suitable for different types of female figure, age. A yoke skirt for full ones is one of the possible options to visually make the complexion more elegant. Fashion, despite its frivolity and inconstancy, regularly returns skirts with a detachable yoke to the wardrobe of fashionistas. Such a model can be performed in a variety of styles, which makes it relevant almost every season.

summer yoke skirt

Summer and winter

Summer sun, warm wind just call for light airy clothes. A summer skirt with a yoke is a great option for a seasonal wardrobe. What to wear it with? Of course, with T-shirts, tops, light blouses, openwork tunics. The yoke will emphasize the line of the waist and hips, the flared bottom will add charm. By the way, such a model on a yoke suits women of different builds. After all, the tight-fitting top of the skirt makes the waist visually slimmer compared to the detachable flared bottom, which hides the fullness.

yoke skirt for girls pattern

Summer T-shirts and blouses can be either tucked under the belt or worn outside. If the blouse is worn over a skirt, then the waistline can be emphasized with a strap, thin or, conversely, catchy - as you wish. Beautifully hides the flaws of the skirt on the yoke, made of knitted fabric. Such a fabric is easily draped, and if the yoke is made double: the lining is according to the figure, and the outerfold the part into small folds, then it will visually hide a not-so-ideal waist.

When drawing up a harmonious wardrobe, one important rule should be remembered - if the bottom is lush, then the top should be extremely minimalistic, and vice versa, a narrowed skirt allows you to complement yourself with a beautiful blouse with a frill, scarf, beautiful collar. The summer model on a detachable yoke is a fairly free option - the sun, half-sun, pleated and corrugated - this is most often the lower part of this version of women's clothing. And summer T-shirts and tops with short sleeves or without them at all, with shoulder straps or "wings", with "lantern" sleeves are in perfect harmony with the light flowing lines of the hem.

A summer yoke skirt looks harmonious with a knitted badlon, with long or short sleeves - it doesn't matter. Such an ensemble would be appropriate on a not too warm summer day, when it seems to be going to rain, but the air has not cooled down yet, and the sun is about to peep through the gray clouds. Also, for cool summer days, a feminine skirt with a detachable yoke will look beautiful with a country-style knitted blouse.

A yoke skirt is the best option for winter colds. The long tweed model will reliably hide the legs from the cold, and the coquette itself, again, will not allow you to turn warm clothes into a shapeless bag.

Work and leisure

A yoke skirt is a versatile piece of women's wardrobe. Sewn according to the same patterns, but from different fabrics, she will dress up a woman both for work and for leisure. Strict office stylefrom classic fabrics and a light, relaxed vacation wardrobe are harmoniously combined with a yoke skirt model. For work - the lower part of the skirt is strict, but not boring: pleats, curly undercuts and a standard business length. And for holidays - a flared bottom, transparent fabrics, the length you want: from a skirt to the floor for a midday rest on the terrace or a walk around the evening city to the shortest ruffle - for sports and dancing.

how to sew a yoke skirt

For big and small

Such a model of women's clothing as a skirt with a detachable yoke is also universal in terms of age. It is suitable for women of fashion of all ages - from the smallest crumbs to ladies wise in life experience. For the very first outfits, a yoke skirt for a girl can become an integral part of the wardrobe. Its pattern is built a little easier. The circumference of the waist and hips are almost equal, so the piece is easy to cut, and for a better fit, the belt can be equipped with a sewn-in elastic band.

how to sew a yoke skirt

A summer skirt with a yoke will turn a little girl into a fashionista - beautiful bright light fabrics, an unusual cut of the lower part of the skirt with a feminine cut-off detail that emphasizes the waist. This model is the clothes of a real princess from a fairy tale. Which will surely please the little dandy.

Rules of cutting and sewing - a universal opportunity to create clothes with your own hands, replenishing your wardrobe with beautiful exclusive things.

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