How to weave bracelets from threads
How to weave bracelets from threads

Bracelets have been worn by people since ancient times. Previously, they were symbols of power, position in society and could tell a lot about their owner. Each bracelet was special, decorated with various attributes and often served as a talisman. They were made from different materials: wood, metal, beads or shells.

And now such bracelets do not go out of fashion. Their symbolism has disappeared, but as decoration they are very, very in demand. Many people like to make bracelets with their own hands. Most often they are woven from beads or threads. Such simple items are available for crafting

thread bracelets

even for children.

In the 60s, thread bracelets were very common among young people. They were called baubles and were made from a wide variety of materials. It was considered very stylish to wear many bracelets. They were woven not only for themselves, but also presented to each other, calling them "bracelets of happiness." Many believed that they bring good luck.

The best thread for weaving a bracelet is floss. These threads are durable, do not shed and have a very bright color and a wide variety of shades. The thread does not need to be divided, so the bauble turns out to be moredurable. By tradition, a bracelet made of floss threads

floss bracelet

weave from an even number of threads, usually 8-10. If you take less, then it will turn out narrow and inexpressive. The length of the thread for weaving should be 4-5 times the finished product, usually it takes about one meter to make it.

Weaving bracelets from floss threads is a simple process even for children, it does not take much time. For work you need threads and scissors. In addition, it will be necessary to somehow fix your product. You can pin the yarn with a pin to a sofa or pillow, but the most convenient way is to use a nail driven into a board, to which the starting material for weaving is tied. For these purposes, you can use a folder-tablet with a clip, under which the edge of the threads is laid.

It's better to start with a small number of flowers. Only when you master this technique well, it will be possible to create more complex and beautiful bracelets from threads. The easiest way to weave is with knots. To do this, fasten the threads by tying them in a knot and attaching them to a nail or pin, carefully straighten them. Then take the extreme thread and alternately tie knots on each subsequent one. You can make another row with the same thread in the opposite direction. And so with each thread.

weaving bracelets from floss threads

An ordinary pigtail is woven on the edges of the bracelet. You can divide the threads into two parts and weave two pigtails. For beauty, beads are sometimes woven.

If you weave neatly, tightly placing the knots to each other, you will get an original and beautifulproduct. You can experiment with the color and number of threads, tie two knots or arrange them not directly, but obliquely.

Another easy way to make bracelets out of thread is with leather cord. It is necessary to tightly wrap the lace folded in half with threads of different colors, alternating them. You can weave different beads or use a metal chain for the base.

A more complex way of weaving, with which you can make various patterns and inscriptions on a bracelet, is weaving with one thread. It should be much longer than the rest, since it is the leader, all weaving is done by her. In this way, you can weave rhombuses, circles and squares, your name or wish.

Thread bracelets are an original and valuable gift, as well as a stylish decoration that does not go out of fashion for a long time, especially among young people.

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