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DIY decoupage technique on furniture
DIY decoupage technique on furniture

Today, decoupage is widespread all over the world, including in Russia. For 600 years it has become an independent and unique art. Both masters and amateurs are fond of this technique - after all, what could be simpler and more original than updating old furniture with do-it-yourself decoupage technique, restoring a kitchen set or making Christmas candles?

Basic tools and materials

do-it-yourself decoupage technique on wood

In this technique, anything can become the basis for making crafts: vases, glass, shoes and much more. Decoupage on furniture will look especially impressive. Three-layer patterned napkins or rice paper are the main decorative elements that are applied with PVA glue and a brush. The do-it-yourself decoupage technique is remarkable in that the tools and materials are quite inexpensive and can be found in any store. In addition, they are safe for children and allergy sufferers. Finishedfurniture is varnished, which gives a presentation. Optionally, you can use beads, pearls, sequins for decoration.

History of origin: decoupage technique

Humanity has been making many interesting devices with its own hands for thousands of years. Initially, they were of a practical rather than aesthetic nature, but later the desire for luxury completely took over women and men, so they began to make decorative items. Decoupage as a technique appeared 600 years ago in Europe. Literally from French, the word découper translates to "cut". The technique got its name due to the main method of manufacture. Ornaments and pictures were cut out of paper with the help of scissors and other sharp objects, which were then superimposed on furniture, watches, glass. The heyday of technology falls on the reign of Louis XVI. The French covered old furniture with beautiful applications, which instantly changed and became much more valuable. From celebrities, Marie Antoinette, Lord Byron, Madame de Pompadour fell in love with this art.

DIY decoupage technique on wood: manufacturing features

In any kind of art there are certain directions and characteristics, without knowledge of which it is impossible to achieve an ideal result. So, in the decoupage technique, which seems quite simple, there are as many as 5 types: classic, reverse, artistic, volumetric, decopatch. The article will consider the first two - they are the simplest for beginner craftswomen. Decoupage is remarkable in that for its manufacture it is notin-depth knowledge is required, and materials for manufacturing can always be found at home. I wanted to update wooden chairs - decorate them with beautiful paper patterns; I want to reconstruct my grandmother's chest of drawers - put on a few original three-layer napkins; if you want to decorate the cabinet - stick any pattern on it and cover it with glitter varnish.

do-it-yourself decoupage technique on glass

Do-it-yourself wooden decoupage paintings, which will complement the updated furniture set, are made using PVA glue, colorless acrylic varnish using three-layer napkins. To apply the first two materials, it is necessary to use a brush with artificial bristles so that it does not crumble and does not spoil the appearance of the product. The top layer with a pattern is removed from German-made napkins, which is cut off along the contour and applied to the prepared surface with glue. You can dry it with a cold hair dryer or fan. From above, the surface is covered with a colorless varnish and, if desired, decorated with sparkles. In this simple way, you can decorate any other items with a wooden surface.

Updating an old closet

do-it-yourself decoupage technique on furniture

Decoupage technique is remarkable in that it can be used to decorate almost any surface. Large items will look especially impressive - chairs, tables, cabinets, and the most patient craftswomen will be able to update the entire bedroom or kitchen set. The classic decoupage technique remains unchangedunder any working conditions. If you want to reconstruct an old cabinet, you should first rub it with sandpaper and level the surface. Do-it-yourself decoupage technique on furniture will look especially impressive if you pre-paint the tree in the color of patterned napkins. Prepare napkins with a large pattern and do not forget to dilute it with smaller appliqués. Lay out the individual elements on the surface of the cabinet and think over the ornament. When everything is ready for work, dip the brush in PVA glue and stick on the napkin. It must be carefully leveled to avoid the appearance of bubbles. Once dry, apply a second coat of glue and leave the cabinet for a few hours to allow the wood to dry completely. It is recommended to start work the next day. The last element is varnishing the surface. The renovation of the old closet is great!

Glass table decoration

do-it-yourself renovation of old furniture with decoupage technique

On a transparent surface, as a rule, the reverse decoupage technique is used, this guarantees the preservation of the coating intact. Glass cabinets, windows and a coffee table are great props to showcase your creativity. The scheme for applying napkins is extremely simple: they are fixed on the back surface of the furniture with glue, dry and covered with white or colored acrylic paint. The do-it-yourself decoupage technique on glass provides for some features: the glass must be perfectly clean without fingerprints, so it should be wiped with vinegar before thatwith soda. The ornament on the napkins is chosen depending on the color palette and the style of the environment.

Metal chairs "Modern" in decoupage technique

do-it-yourself decoupage paintings

Real craftswomen probably guessed that not only three-layer napkins, but also other materials can be used to decorate furniture. Do not throw away old shabby newspapers of foreign publications, but give them a second life - do-it-yourself decoupage technique will help you with this. To make a real modernist masterpiece, you need simple and inexpensive furniture - metal chairs painted in black or gold. Prepare the desired pieces of newspaper. Lay them on the seats and backs of chairs, dip a thick brush in PVA glue diluted with water, and glue to the surface. Leave the work for a day until completely dry. Coat the surface of the backs and seats of the chairs with varnish.

Delicate bedroom set

do-it-yourself decoupage technique

Do-it-yourself decoupage technique will allow you not only to update old furniture, but also to create a whole flower arrangement in the relaxation room. As a rule, there are few items in the bedroom: a nightstand, a mirror, a chair, a hanging shelf and a clock. Prepare several three-layer napkins and think over the pattern. Keep in mind that the cut out pictures will not cover the entire surface of the furniture, but only part of it. After the procedure is done, it is necessary to cover the entire surface with varnish.

Original clock for home comfort

Shabby chic -a common direction in decoupage, which is used mainly for the manufacture of household items. It is characterized by a pleasant pastel range of colors, blurry drawings, plots with flowers, angels, birds and animals. In order to make a clock with your own hands using the decoupage technique, you need to prepare a round base - wood, chipboard or cardboard. The main element in this craft will be a clockwork with hands, which will have to be purchased in advance.

do-it-yourself clock in decoupage technique

First you need to paint the base of the clock in the desired color or leave a natural wooden shade, which in the style of shabby chic will look beautiful and at ease. After that, prepare drawings from three-layer napkins and fix them with PVA glue. Wait until the tree dries up and start laying out a pattern of pearls, which must be fixed with glue. Draw the numbers, cover the base with clear varnish and make a hole for the clock mechanism, fix it at the back. Decoupage clock is ready!

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