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Crochet lush flower: knitting pattern and description
Crochet lush flower: knitting pattern and description

Today, handicrafts are very popular, especially knitted or crocheted items. This article will consider several master classes on crocheting lush flowers, patterns and descriptions of the work will be presented below. Such interesting and beautiful products can be used as your imagination allows. Lush crocheted flower can be used as interior decor. From these products you can make decorations for clothes or bags. There are a lot of options. Let's take a look at some of them.


How to make a fluffy knitted flower? Crochet will be the easiest to do.

There are a huge number of patterns and ways to crochet lush flowers. The most popular are flowers from lush columns. They require a minimum of time and material to make. The scheme of work is very simple. Even a beginner in this business will be able to understand it.

Lush crochet flowers

Materials and tools

In order to crochet voluminous lush flowers, you need to prepare:

  • Several kinds of yarn.
  • Hook (you choose the number of the hook yourself, depending on what threads you use).
  • Gypsy knitting needle (plastic and metal available).
  • Wire.
  • Scissors.

All these materials and tools are needed to make a lush flower pattern. Crochet decoration is not difficult. As you can see, there are not too many tools.

Crochet flower for beginners

It doesn't take much effort to make a lush flower out of posts. Material consumption will be minimal. And you will spend only a few minutes on work.

The most important thing in this job is to be attentive. It is necessary to remember the required number of loops. And if there are too many, then it is better to write it down.

So how to crochet a fluffy flower? Diagrams and descriptions will follow.

Description of work

Let's start knitting a flower with lush crochet stitches. The article will provide step by step instructions. The scheme and description of a lush crocheted flower are of interest to many needlewomen.

First you need to form a small ring consisting of five air loops (if desired, the ring can be made larger by increasing the number of loops):

  1. The first round is an air loop. We knit twelve columns without a crochet.
  2. Now take a thread of another color you like. The second circle is a connecting column or half-column in the first air loop. We knit four air loops.
  3. Now yarn over. Insert the hook into the same loop.Yarn over again and pull this st up to four sts high.
  4. Repeat this pattern again. Then we do this with the next two loops.
  5. Then yarn over again and pull a loop through all the loops made. Thus, we have made the first petal. Then we make three air loops and a connecting column.
  6. Repeat this pattern and knit five more petals. We fix the thread and hide it.

A lush flower with voluminous petals is ready.

How to crochet a rose: a description with a diagram

Rose is the queen of all flowers. It attracts us with its beauty and aroma. But everyone knows perfectly well that any flower cannot please with its color all the time. And so you can tie such a beauty yourself.

Rose knitting pattern

So let's get started. Initially, you need to dial an arbitrary number of air loops with a hook, but not less than a hundred.

How to crochet fluffy flowers? The rose knitting pattern is described below:

  • Row 1 - work begins with six lifting air loops. Next - four air loops, two double crochets with twelve loops, two air loops. Then we skip four loops of the main chain. In the fifth loop, knit two double crochets, four air loops, two double crochets. And repeat this until the end of the row.
  • Row 2 - Start with six inc sts. In the arch of the four air loops of the previous row, you need to knit: two double crochets, four air loops, four double crochets. Knit like this untilend of row.
  • Row 3 - take a thread of a different color. We start with six air lifting loops. In the first arch of four air loops, we knit six columns with a crochet. In the next eight arches consisting of four air loops, knit twelve double crochet stitches. And the other eight arches - knit sixteen double crochets. Twelve arches remain. In them we knit twenty columns with a crochet. At the end, the thread should be secured and cut.

Now you need to carefully fasten all layers from the wrong side and sew.

That's it! Rose is ready. Now it can be attached to a hairpin, purse or dress as a decoration. Or attach a leg to it and put it in a vase.

Knit a camomile. Job Description

Daisies are very cute and delicate flowers. And it is very pleasant to look at their unique buds. Of course, I want a bouquet of daisies to please us in the cold season.

The job description is given below:

  1. First you need to make an air loop and secure it. Then we collect a chain of twenty air loops. They should be connected in a circle. After you need to knit all the petals in a circle.
  2. For the petal, we collect a chain of eighteen air loops. Then we knit two half-columns into the second loop of the chain. The next thing we do is knit ten more single crochet stitches. Those two loops that remain must be knitted as follows: knit the next with a half-column, and the second with a single crochet. We fix the resulting petal in a circle of ten loops.
  3. Knit the rest of the petals in the same way as the first one. After we have finished the work, we proceed to the middle.
  4. In order to make the middle, you need to dial the air loop. Next, we knit four air loops. After, in the first loop, we knit twelve columns without a crochet. The ring is closed. The first row is ready.
  5. In the second row of the middle in each of the twelve columns we knit four more columns. Should be 24.
  6. In the third row, you need to add loops through one single crochet. You should get eighteen loops. We cut the thread. Sew the middle to the finished petals.

Chamomile is ready!

Lush crochet sunflower. Description and scheme of work

Sunflower is a perky flower, bright and sunny. And you can tie it very easily.

Such work will bring only pleasure and joy to others. How to crochet a fluffy flower? The diagram is shown below.

To work, you need to use a 1.6 mm hook. The threads must be thick. This is necessary so that the knitting is tight and does not stretch.

To tie a petal, cast on six stitches and knit four rows with a single crochet.

In the fifth row you need to add one column on both sides and knit four more rows.

In the last row in the center, you need to knit three double crochets: the first - with one, the second - with two, the third - with one. Thanks to this method, the top of the leaf will be pointed.

At the end of the work, the petal itself must be tied around the contoursingle crochet.

The first petal is ready. But the work is not over yet. Eleven more petals are needed. That is, there should be twelve in total.

Such petals will be arranged in a circle in two rows. But first you need to connect the two central circles. They will hold the petals.

Now we sew the petals to the finished mug - one on four sides. And then everyone else.

The sunflower is almost ready. Now you need to sew the second middle (circle). You just need to leave a small hole. In this slot you need to put a synthetic winterizer, and then sew it up. Thanks to this, our sunflower will be voluminous.

sunflower crochet

If desired, you can attach a leg and put in a pot. The sunflower is ready!

Crochet carnation: diagram and description

Everyone knows that on May 9th it is customary to give carnations to veterans. But what if such a gift will stand forever and never wither? Probably, many will agree that this is a very good option.

Carnation knitting pattern

The flower itself is knitted in one piece. First you need to dial nine air loops. After closing them in a ring. Next, you should make three lifting loops. They should be done at the beginning of each row instead of one double crochet.

Next, you need to tie twenty double crochets inside the ring. It turns out only 21. It is necessary to knit one connecting column into the third lifting loop. This is how you should finish each row.

The next row must be knittedin the same way. Only need to increase the number of loops three times.

After you need to tie six more rows and increase in each. Thanks to this, the flower will quickly increase.

For the stem we take a green thread and a stick (an old pencil, a tube, and so on). Lubricate with glue and carefully wrap the stick with a thread. At the end, we fix the thread with glue. The stem is ready.

Next, you need to make a sepal. For him, we make a sliding loop and then we knit eight columns with a crochet. In the next row, you need to make additions through one or two loops.

The next row goes without increments. In the third row we make an increase through two loops. And we just knit two rows. Next, you need to connect the stem and sepal, and also attach the bud itself. The carnation is ready. If desired, you can make a whole bouquet.

How to tie a tulip. Job Description

Tulip - the flower of spring. Bouquets of tulips are always given to girls for the holiday of March 8th. What if such a flower never withers?

Crochet tulips

This flower can be knitted very simply and quickly. To do this, make a sliding loop. You need to knit eight single crochets into it. In the next three rows, you need to make six increases. In this way, we increase the future tulip bud.

After you need to knit ten or eleven rows (the more rows, the longer the bud) without increments.

The finished part needs to be stuffed with padding polyester. And the more you put it, the denser the bud will be. In order to form a bud, you need to sew foursides of the part with the thread with which you knitted it. The button is ready! It remains only to attach the leg and leaf.


Crochet violets

Initially, you need to tie a chain consisting of eight air loops. Then they should be closed in a ring with a connecting post. After this ring must be tied with twelve columns, while introducing the hook into the middle of the ring. The row ends with a connecting loop.

The next thing to do is knit arches from the air loops. The first arch is five air loops. The second is nine air loops. Etc. Skip one stitch of the previous row.

Next, we tie the arches of five air loops as follows:

  • one single crochet;
  • one incomplete double crochet;
  • five double crochets;
  • one incomplete double crochet;
  • one single crochet.

Knit the second and third arches in this way. Then connect with a single crochet of the first arch. The top tier is connected. Now you need to make the second tier.

You need to attach a new thread of a different color to the loop of the arch, which has five air loops. We tie the arches of nine air loops with twenty columns with one crochet.

We tie the work with a connecting post + air loop.

You should get a three-dimensional flower with six petals.

From these flowers you can sew a lot of interesting things. For example, a blouse, a handbag or a light, pleasant plaid.

Knit a lily. Scheme anddescription

Everyone knows that a lily is a very delicate and pleasant flower. Each needlewoman can knit it. And not just as a gift, but also as a hair ornament.

Lily knitting pattern

To crochet a flower, you need to crochet a chain of twenty loops. In the first row, we start knitting from the third loop from the hook. We cast on one loop with a single crochet, then four loops with a single crochet, nine loops with a single crochet, three loops with a crochet, one single crochet.

On the second row, we turn the work and continue: one chain stitch, two single crochets, two double crochets, two double crochets, four double crochets, three double crochets, two double crochets, two stitches single crochet, in the penultimate loop with an air chain.

In the third row we knit in a circle. Two double crochets, two double crochets, three double crochets, four double crochets, two double crochets, two double crochets, three single crochets. In one flower - six petals, for each tie the right amount.

In order for the petals to get the desired shape, a thin wire should be threaded along their edges. Next, you need to collect all the petals into a bud, while leaving a small hole for the stamens.

For stamens you need to take a thin wire. Its length should be approximately 25 centimeters. We divide the wire into the required amount (about five) and wrap it with threads.

We collect all parts of the bud into one whole, form. Lily is ready!

Crochet chrysanthemum

Knittedchrysanthemum can be used as a brooch for clothes or as a key chain, handbag and so on.

In order to make it, you need to tie a chain of air loops about fifty to sixty centimeters long. Next, we knit air arches, consisting of six loops, while skipping three loops.

After on each arch of three air loops, three petals must be connected. About ten to fifteen loops should be done.

After the petals are tied and the thread is fastened, you need to twist the arches so that you get a flower. Sew it with a needle and thread.

If desired, you can tie the leaves. Chrysanthemum ready!

Using crochet colors

Every fashionista and hostess knows that handmade flowers can be used everywhere: both as hair ornaments and as interior decor. A little of your imagination - and any flower will become a real decoration!

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