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DIY hanging cocoon chair: master class
DIY hanging cocoon chair: master class

Each of us strives to equip the interior of the room in such a way that it is not only cozy, but also comfortable. This is quite logical, because after hard working days you want to relax in a comfortable environment so that nothing disturbs you. A cocoon chair can become such a favorite place.

Previously, such structures were used only in suburban areas, but today it has become fashionable to hang them in urban dwellings. And why not, if space permits?

The hanging chair-cocoon is not cheap, so it is not available to every ordinary resident. How to be? Everything is obvious: you can make a chair with your own hands, because it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

armchair cocoon

What is a cocoon hanging chair for?

Such a chair is a must for those who love to swing. Sitting comfortably on the pillows, with a book in hand, slowly swaying, you can immerse yourself in a world of tranquility.

Thanks to the design in the chair, you can retire, hide from others and relax in peace. This is especially important forthose who value their personal space.

The cocoon chair will become an indispensable element for those who prefer boho style in the interior.

Types of hanging chairs

Hard-frame chair

The frame is usually made of rattan and wicker, in some cases acrylic and plastic. Cushions and small mattresses are used as seats.

Hammock chair

The design of this chair is similar to hammocks, the only difference is in size and fastenings.

Cocoon chair

Feature of the model is that 3/4 chair is closed. Basically, the walls are made wicker in the macrame style.

rattan cocoon chair

Drop chair

Similar to hanging house, especially suitable for children's room.

Chair on the counter

The main feature in the mount is that due to the wide stable leg there is no need to mount it to the ceiling, the structure is placed on the floor. The advantage of this chair is that it can be placed anywhere in the house.

Features of creating a hanging chair

Today, there are more and more craftsmen who managed to make a hanging cocoon chair with their own hands, a master class for making such a design tells in detail about this process.

hanging chair cocoon

A distinctive feature of the chair is the resemblance to a spider cocoon. Such an element will decorate absolutely any interior and will become a favorite vacation spot. In its structure, it is an unfinished ball, braidedropes.

The simplest creation technology is as follows:

  • First of all, the frame is created. As a rule, 2-3 hoops of the same size are used for this, which are interconnected so that a ball is obtained. In order for the ball to keep its shape better, several more half rings are installed inside.
  • To make it comfortable to sit in a chair, you need to put a seat there. It can be a pillow, a plank, or you can just weave it.
  • In order to sit quietly in the ball and not fall through, it is necessary to cover it with a net. Here, too, there are several options: you can buy a ready-made mesh, you can weave it yourself, or you can just wrap the chair with a rope.
  • The armchair must be hung from the ceiling. This will not be a problem if you initially provide hooks or brackets on the product, through which you can attach a chair. After all, the main thing in a hanging chair is the ability to swing from side to side. In some cases, a spring is used so that you can swing up and down in addition.

How to make a macrame chair

Everyone can make a cocoon chair with their own hands, a master class of the process itself, the main thing is to have it at hand.

do-it-yourself cocoon hanging chair


  • two metal hoops with a diameter of 90 and 110 cm, with a cross section of 35 mm or more;
  • polyester cord with a diameter of 4.5-5mm;
  • crochet 8-9;
  • slings - 12 m;
  • 2 wooden rods 60-80cm;
  • roulette,scissors.

The bottom of the chair can be crocheted or woven using macrame technique.

First of all, you need to wrap the hoop with a cord, tying every tenth turn in a knot.

Starting from the center, crochet a tight viscous circle of air loops and single crochets. After 6-7 circles, you can proceed to the manufacture of the seat with a dense viscous, as well as the back, which can be made with a mesh.

The finished knitted product should not reach the edges of the circle by 10 cm. Knitting will require about 120-160 m of cord.

Fix the seat on the hoop from the tight knit side, at this time it is necessary to evenly stretch the napkin along the diameter of the hoop.

do-it-yourself cocoon chair

Making the seat of the hanging chair

Macrame seat is much more economical, you will need the following parts of the cord:

  • 8 pieces x 6m;
  • 4 to 5;
  • 4 to 4, 5;
  • 2 to 4.

Now you need to place the blanks on the hoop. 8 threads are fastened in pairs in the center at a distance of 6 cm from each other. All others are fixed with the same distance on the sides.

To fix the cable, it is necessary to make a knot on each thread. We knit with a knot at a distance of 6 cm, periodically stretch.

In order for the cocoon chair to be fringed, it is necessary to lengthen each thread by a meter and not cut the end.

How to make a chair frame and back

To make a hanging cocoon chair with your own hands, you need to take care of a solid frame. Wooden rods should be wrapped with cord andinsert into the back, fasten them before knitting the back.

Hoops on the opposite side must be secured with a cord. The frame is knitted in the same way as the seat - with a network of knots.

The next step is the location of the straps on the seat and suspension of the chair.

do-it-yourself cocoon chair master class

Making a hanging hammock chair

To make a frameless cocoon chair with your own hands, you will need to acquire the following materials:

  • two meters of dense fabric;
  • wood stick;
  • drill;
  • carabiners for attaching the rope;
  • climbing rope;
  • sewing supplies.

It's easy to make a cocoon chair with your own hands, a master class will help you with this.

So, fold the fabric in half, count from the top corner 18 cm, mark a triangle on the fabric to the bottom corner, cut it off.

Bend the sides by 1.5 cm and hem the fabric.

Next, you need to make pockets for the rope, for this we bend the edges on the long side, about 4 cm, iron and sew.

We drill two holes on a wooden stick on both sides at the same distance, thread a rope into the nearest holes and fix it with knots. A carabiner will be located in the center of the cable, so we mark this place with a knot.

The fabric is pulled into the threaded ropes on both sides, and the ends of the cable are inserted into other holes of the stick and secured with a knot.

To fix the chair on the ceiling, a hook and two carabiners are installed on it, on the lowerthe rope of the chair is threaded.

It remains to put a pillow on the seat and you can relax.

Hanging chair with cover

To make your own cocoon chair with a cover, you will need:

  • 2 m thick fabric;
  • metal hoop with a diameter of 90 cm;
  • zipper 1m;
  • carbine;
  • 10 m rope;
  • sewing tools.

Fold the fabric in half and cut out the circle so that it is 25 cm larger than the hoop.

Sew in the zipper.

Cut out 4 holes along the edges of the product, grind it.

We put the hoop into the case, insert the rope into the holes and attach it to the carabiner.

Choosing a cocoon chair is a matter of taste

The manufacturing options described above are not the only and unique ones. You can supplement existing technologies with your own ideas or even come up with something new. The main thing is to treat this process with imagination and desire.

do-it-yourself cocoon hanging chair master class

Especially often you can find hanging chairs made of vines, wooden slats.

Instead of frame hoops, you can use anything that comes to your mind or comes to hand. As weaving, you can also choose absolutely any options, be it ordinary ropes, fabric or a fishing net.

Buy a cocoon chair or make it yourself - in any case, you decide. The variety of materials on the market allows you to create hanging chairs from whatever your heart desires. Recently, more and moreattention has been paid to products made from natural materials, they do not harm the environment and the owners and look aesthetically pleasing. So, for example, a rattan cocoon chair would be a great option.

Previously, such structures were installed, as a rule, in country houses and household plots, but in modern times they have become frequent guests in modern apartment designs.

Having made a hanging cocoon chair with your own hands, you can create a master class after this event yourself. Then many people who did not dare to make such a seemingly complex decor element will follow your example.

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