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DIY pearl bracelet: ideas with photos, master class
DIY pearl bracelet: ideas with photos, master class

Once upon a time, bracelets were a sacred element of clothing that protected their owners from the effects of evil spirits and evil spirits. Later, but still long before Christian times, bracelets began to show the status of their owners. The nobility preferred to wear jewelry made of gold and silver, and simpler people wore bracelets made of leather, wood, animal teeth, mineral stones and other materials that were at hand. Wearing pearl bracelets in the old days was also considered a sign of nobility. Pearls were expensive, they were mined in a hard way, and only the most noble persons could afford them. Now any woman can wear pearl jewelry. And what's more, it can be made exclusive. Consider several options for how and what kind of pearl bracelet with your own hands you can create for yourself or someone as a gift.

Bracelet with jewelry insert

One of the simplest bracelets in your own design will be a bracelet made of one pearl strand with jewelryinsert in the middle. It is advisable to make such a bracelet close to the wrist so that it does not turn over to the back of the hand, and the jewelry insert is always in sight as the crown of the product.

Bracelet with jewelry insert

The thread, wire, fishing line or lace on which the beads will be strung, you need to choose such a length that 1 finger fits between the wrist and the bracelet. If the bracelet is solid, without a clasp, then the insert can be chosen with loops along the edges, into which we will thread the ends of the wire or thread. In order for the whole structure to hold tightly, the thread must be firmly tied, and the ends of the wire bent with round-nosed pliers. It is even easier to use a jewelry insert with a through hole. It just needs to be strung along with the rest of the beads. Then it is better to make a pearl bracelet with your own hands with a clasp, which can be purchased at a sewing accessories store or detached from some old product.

3D pearl bracelet

3D pearl bracelet is more difficult to make. In addition to fantasy, here you also need to use special schemes. One of the easiest ways to make a three-dimensional bracelet is as follows:

  • We take pearls of two different sizes (large and medium).
  • We string each pearl on a pin. It is advisable to take the same pins so that the bracelet does not look ridiculous.
  • Next, pins with pearl balls strung on them must be attached quite tightly to a thin chain, using round-nose pliers to bend the tip of the pin.
  • Beads are attached to a chain in a checkerboardOK.
Volumetric bracelet

This bracelet may well sit on the wrist freely. And it looks chic on the wrists of petite women, and ladies in the body.

But there are more complex patterns of weaving voluminous bracelets. Fortunately, there are quite a few master classes on weaving pearl bracelets with your own hands, several of them are presented in the article.

Memory wire bracelet

Great looking memory wire bracelet with a few pearls. To make this bracelet you will need:

  • A piece of memory wire with the required number of turns.
  • Rubber cord cut with side cutters into tubes of desired length or metal/plastic tubes of required length.
  • A few pearls.
  • Bead caps.
  • Round nose pliers.
Wire bracelet

At one end of the wire we make a loop with the help of round-nose pliers, and then alternately string a cap for a bead, a pearl, a cap for a bead, a tube until the wire pancake ends. If you wish, you can string some kind of pendant somewhere in the middle that does not contradict the style of the rest of the bracelet. At the end, we bend the memory wire with round-nose pliers so that the components do not fly off. DIY pearl bracelet based on memory wire is ready.

Pearl embroidered bracelet

It is easy to make a fabric bracelet with pearl embroidery. For such a bracelet, you will need a piece of dense fabric that does not crumble at the edges.For example, felt. We measure the width and length, based on the parameters of the hand on which the bracelet will flaunt. Next, sew on the narrow edges of the special fasteners-buttons (2-3 pieces, depending on the width of the bracelet), on which we will fasten the finished product.

Pearl embroidery

For variety, you can glue or sew one or more rhinestones to the surface, or you can get by with pearls of one or more matching colors. You can make a pattern out of them or sew them in random order, alternating beads of different sizes. In any case, the bracelet will look rich. A master class for a DIY pearl bracelet based on fabric is quite simple.

Leather Cord Bracelet

The leather cord bracelet adorned with pearls can be made for both women and men. Such a bracelet can be very delicate, brutal, and folk style. A bracelet made of 3-4 leather cords of slightly different lengths looks beautiful. To make such a pearl bracelet with your own hands you will need:

  • Leather cords of the same or different, harmonizing in color cords of slightly different lengths.
  • Thread.
  • Clasp.
  • Pins.
  • Beads.
  • Split rings.
  • Glue.
  • Round nose pliers.

One end of the leather cords must be tightly tied with a thread into one, smeared with glue and inserted into the socket of the lock. Residues of glue should be carefully removed. We do not touch the other ends yet. Beads (or bails) are strung on pins, we bend the end of the pin with round-nose pliers and attach it toseparator rings. Thus, we get pendants. We pass rings into the free ends of the cords (it is enough to string one pendant on one cord). We fix the remaining ends of the leather cords in the same way as for the first time. To stick to the lock, you can use superglue or special glue, which will be advised in the needlework store.

Leather cord bracelet

Variants of such bracelets can be varied. Cords can be taken in pastel colors and dark ones, glass and pearls, delicate jewelry elements or skulls and pearls of dark shades can be used as pendants. It all depends on the tastes of the person to whom the bracelet is intended and on the imagination of the craftswoman.

DIY pearl and bead bracelets

Pearls can also be combined with beads. From beads and pearls, you can embroider various patterns on a fabric bracelet, replace tubes on a wire bracelet with many beads, add beads to pendants, and much more. In addition, beads can be used as a substitute for small beads in bulky bracelets and can be used to decorate pendants on leather cord bracelets.

Pearl and bead bracelet

In any case, when making a pearl bracelet with your own hands, the main thing is to give free rein to your imagination and do your work from the heart.

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