Cutting board
Cutting board

A cutting board is a canvas. Only the canvas is not sewing and not artistic, but culinary. It's hard to imagine cooking something edible without such a "canvas".

Cutting board

Boards are used by everyone - both professional chefs and self-taught chefs. It's not good to cut food on the table.

There are few requirements for a cutting board. There are only four of them. The cutting board should be the right size, be strong, comfortable in shape and, of course, clean. Based on this, experts recommend using their own board for each type of food.

Then a reasonable question arises. How many kitchen boards should there be? Ideally twelve. For each product on the board. But this is considered a luxury, so you need to have at least 4 boards in the kitchen:

  • For fish, as it retains an unpleasant odor.
  • For meat. It must be quite strong, as bones will be chopped on it andprepare chops.
  • For vegetables, sausages and other products.
  • A fourth cutting board is needed for the bread.

Now for the size of the boards. Their size for meat and fish is 30x50 cm with a thickness of 3 cm. Boards for bread and vegetables can be smaller and thinner.

DIY cutting board

Traditionally, kitchen boards are made of wood. Basically it is oak, beech, acacia. Boards can be made of solid wood or combined (the latter are assembled from separate pieces).

After each use, the board must be thoroughly washed with hot water and dried without fail. The water must drain completely, so it must be suspended. Not so long ago, plastic boards appeared. They are very strong, durable and wash well. Stone boards are considered the most reliable, but they are expensive.

cutting board for fish

It should be noted that a cutting board with a pressure bar is required to clean the fish. It should be wooden, and the clamping bar should be made of durable plastic. Spikes are located on the opposite side of the clamping bar.

The fish is laid with its tail on the spikes and, lowering the bar, fix it with a latch. After that, you can start cleaning. This fish cutting board is very handy.

If your old kitchen boards are out of order, don't rush to the store. You can try to make this attribute with your own hands. To do this, you need to find material (get a piece of wood 20-40 mm thick, 300 mm wide and 400-600 mm longat home is not a problem). After consulting with your wife, draw the future figure of the board. When the drawing is ready, carefully cut off all unnecessary.

Your kitchen board already looks like an attractive piece. Now it needs to be smooth. In order to remove the bulges, we take a coarse-grained skin, then a skin with a smaller grain. And finally, with a very fine sandpaper, we bring the roughness to a minimum. We clean the product from wood dust and coat it well with sunflower oil. After drying, the oil will protect the cutting board from water penetration and further deformation.

The cutting board is ready. With your own hands, you can sometimes make a small, but a masterpiece, which you are not ashamed to show to your wife.

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