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How to make lipstick with your own hands? Various manufacturing options and recommendations
How to make lipstick with your own hands? Various manufacturing options and recommendations

Some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity do not trust the manufacturers of decorative cosmetics and are increasingly thinking about how to make lipstick with their own hands. I must say that this process is not difficult at all.

The leftovers are in action

Surely every woman has stocks of running out or unsuitable lipstick, which is a pity to throw away, and it is no longer possible to use. So what to do in this case?

how to make lipstick

The idea lies on the surface. You can simply collect all your tubes and melt their contents. The result can be something exclusive and interesting. How to make lipstick at home? Yes, very simple!

You will need:

  • candle;
  • lipstick residue;
  • cook;
  • a small jar.

You can also take some running out of lip balm or chapstick. Did you know that any woman can do lipstick like this? It's very simple.

Process Description

how to make lipstick at home
  1. First of all, remove the contents of the tubes. Then place this mass in a ladle. If you're using leftover lip balm, remember to only use a small amount. It is better to take two parts of lipstick and one of gloss.
  2. Light a candle and bring a ladle. The lipstick should melt. At this stage, do not forget to mix the resulting mass.
  3. Take some bottle and pour the contents of the ladle.
  4. Once the lipstick is completely cool, you can safely use it. This is the easiest way to make lipstick.

What can lipstick be made from?

How to make lipstick not only from the remnants of various lip cosmetics, but completely from scratch? To do this, you need to take thirty percent of liquid oils and wax, as well as forty percent of solid oils. This formula does not take into account the content of aromatic and coloring substances, since these ingredients are always added at the final stage of preparation. In each case, their number will depend on your individual preferences.

General recommendations for making

how to make lipstick
  1. Prepare all the ingredients that are required by the recipe, and put them in a water bath or heat over a candle (as described above). Never bring it to a boil! Once the wax and oils are melted, you can safely remove them from the fire.
  2. Then add some color pigment and fragrance (optional).
  3. Love chestnut shades? Then use ascoloring pigments natural products and spices: cinnamon, turmeric, cocoa.
  4. Matte lipstick is obtained by adding bentonite clay to the base. Take a medical syringe and fill it with hot lipstick, you don’t need to put on a needle, because the mass is unlikely to pass through its thin hole. Cut off the plastic tip and squeeze the contents into the tube prepared in advance, but not to the very top, as the mass will harden and increase slightly in volume.
  5. To make the lipstick harden faster and you can use it, place the container in the refrigerator for just a few minutes.

Making colorless lipstick

Now let's start preparing hygienic lipstick. To do this, take a teaspoon of bees or palm wax, rub it, melt it together with half a teaspoon of grape seed oil or wheat germ oil. Don't forget the pigments! Add four teaspoons of mica and a spoonful of titanium dioxide or oxide. Lightly thicken this mixture on fire and remove. Let it cool slightly and add half a tablespoon of vitamin E.

Another recipe: natural lipstick

Now let's look at how to make lipstick in a different way. Heat 3/8 cup olive oil and a large spoonful of jojoba oil, add a spoonful of alkane powder. Hold on fire and strain. Separately, melt a teaspoon of beeswax and add it to the strained mass. Once the mixture has cooled slightly, add nine drops of rose oil and stir.

how to make DIY lipstick

How to make matte lipstick

Melt a teaspoon of candelilla and the same amount of beeswax, add half a teaspoon of jojoba oil and castor oil. In some other vessel, you need to put 8 tsp. zinc oxide or 1 tsp. titanium dioxide. Pour half a tablespoon of wheat germ oil here and mix well. We add this mass to the one that was prepared earlier, and keep them in a water bath until they mix with each other. That's the whole secret of how to make lipstick matte.

DIY red lipstick

Many women are interested in the question: how to make red lipstick? You can prepare it by mixing heated wax, coconut oil and shea butter. All components are taken in equal proportions. As a dye, we will use a couple of drops of beetroot powder or a drop of food coloring.

how to make red lipstick

You can prepare red lipstick in another way. Melt a large spoonful of wax, add half a tablespoon of lanolin and the same amount of castor oil, mix and pour 1.5 tbsp. tablespoons of beetroot juice (using a pipette). We collect the finished lipstick in a syringe and put it in the refrigerator.


So you have learned how to make lipstick at home. Do not be afraid to experiment, try mixing different natural dyes, because this way you can create some new beautiful shade. If you are not used to taking risks, then add some of your favorite shadows to the mass and mix well. Such lipstick will be perfectly stored and will not exfoliate over time. But so ownyou are unlikely to throw a creation somewhere far away and forget about it. After all, cosmetics created with your own hands, taking into account your own preferences, will be a pleasure to use.

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