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Getting ready for the masquerade. How is a wolf mask made?
Getting ready for the masquerade. How is a wolf mask made?

The gray wolf is the hero of almost every children's party. And kids, especially boys, love to transform into this image. If your son has the honor to play the role of a toothy predator, then you need to take care of creating an appropriate costume. In this article, we will tell moms and dads how to independently perform such an attribute as a wolf mask. Two ways of making this element of the costume are described here: from cardboard and felt. Both of them are quite simple in design, but very original in appearance.

wolf mask

Make a mask of a forest predator (method No. 1). What do you need to get started?

In order to make such an attribute as a wolf mask, we will prepare the materials indicated in the following list:

  • sheet of cardboard and paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • color paper;
  • felt-tip pens, paints, pencils;
  • pieces of fur;
  • scotch narrow;
  • gum.

Wolf mask made of cardboard. Production instructions

On paper, draw a sketch of the wolf face. To make both halves of the future mask symmetrical, complete only one side of it, and then fold the sheet in half and cut out two parts at once. Try on the blank to the child's face, mark with dots the places where there should be slots for the eyes. Draw their contours of an oval or round shape and cut them out. Keep in mind that the attribute should not cover the baby's nose, otherwise it will be difficult for him to breathe during the performance. Now transfer the resulting template to cardboard and make the base of the mask out of it. If your material is not gray, then at this stage paint it or paste over it with colored paper of the appropriate shade.

Next we make the nose. Roll a piece of cardboard into a tube with a diameter of 4-6 cm. Glue the ends of this blank. Seal the holes of the part with circles cut from the same material. Decorate the nose detail in the same way as the main part of the mask. Leave the product to dry. Next, spread glue on one end side of the cylinder and attach it to the base in the right place.

how to make a wolf mask

Now fill in the small details: tip of the nose, teeth, inner parts of the ears, eyebrows. They can also be made using the appliqué method or painted. Cheeks, eyebrows, ears can be decorated with pieces of fur. Leave the product to dry for an hour.

The cardboard wolf mask is almost ready. It remains to attach the elastic. Its length should be equal to the circumference of the back of the baby's head (from ear to ear).Along the edge of the product, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe slits for the eyes, pierce small holes. Pull the ends of the elastic through them and tie them in knots. To prevent the cardboard from rubbing in the places where these fasteners are located, stick adhesive tape on it from the wrong side. The costume element is ready for use.

Method 2. We sew a mask from felt

To complete the next version of the wolf costume, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • felt fabric white, gray and black;
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • heat gun;
  • elastic band;
  • pins;
  • needle;
  • threads.

Description of the execution process

On paper, sketch the mask in the same way as described in the previous subsection. Cut it out along the contour and make holes for the eyes. Now, with the help of pins, pin the pattern onto the gray felt, folded in two layers, and cut out two such details from it. We will have a double mask, this will give the product density and strength.

cardboard wolf mask

Try on blanks for a child. Enlarge the eye slits if necessary. The base for the mask is ready. Small elements (eyebrows, nose, bridge of the nose, contours of the eyes and ears) should be made from the same fabric in black and white. Glue these blanks to one of the main parts or sew with stitches. Lay both felt parts of the mask one on top of the other, insert an elastic band between them. Sew the blanks to each other along the edge. This can be done by hand or by machine. Attribute for a costume partydone.

From the article you learned how to make a wolf mask in two ways. Take them into service and make original costume elements.

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