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Origami "Shurikens", manufacturing method
Origami "Shurikens", manufacturing method

Japanese art of origami has become widespread in the world. There are many different categories in Japanese culture. The most important is the culture of ninja and samurai. These are the warriors of Japan, whose speed and combat technique is on the verge of fantasy. The range of weapons used by them was very wide. Shuriken can be attributed to one of the types of weapons, it can be divided into two types: stars and throwing arrows.

Legendary weapon - shuriken

Shuriken literally translates from Japanese as "a blade hidden in the hand." Indeed, this weapon is very dangerous and can be easily hidden in the hand. It was made of metal, 4, 5 or 8 strips were cut out with sharply sharpened corners, and holes were made in the middle. Shurikens became widespread and were mandatory for samurai equipment.

origami shuriken


In the modern world, there is a huge variety of ideas that can be made from paper, and they can become a good toy for a boy. We will look at how to make origami Shurikens a little later.

To feel like a real ninja and make weapons, you only need A4 paper, andif it is also multi-colored, you can make the craft brighter, and the model more complex.

Instructions on how to make a shuriken

In order to develop your ability to make origami, you need to start with simple models. Origami "Shurikens" have a huge variety of models, the most common is the four-pointed star.

Four-pointed star

The star will turn out bright if you take 2 sheets of paper of different colors. We make origami "shuriken", the manufacturing scheme of which is the simplest:

  1. A sheet of paper must be folded lengthwise, resulting in two rectangles. We wrap the corners of each rectangle inward. The result should be two triangles with equal sides. The most important thing in this process is that the corners are folded towards each other.
  2. It is necessary to fold the sheets again symmetrically along the lines of the resulting triangles.
  3. The figures that are the result of this process must be mirrored in relation to each other. To do this, turn the left module over and combine it with the right one, putting it on top.
  4. The right and left triangles of the lower part of the product are inserted into the gaps with the corner of the upper part. After such manipulations, origami "Shurikens" become like a disconnected star.
  5. Turn over our workpiece and again place the corners in the gaps. Everything, origami "Shurikens" are ready.
origami shuriken scheme

Eight-pointed star

Besides optionsmaking a four-pointed figure, it is also possible to create an origami "Shuriken 8-pointed". The scheme for making an origami eight-pointed star is as follows:

  1. Take a piece of paper in the shape of a square. We place it on the table in the form of a diamond. Fold it in half vertically.
  2. Each part of the triangle obtained as a result of these manipulations must be bent in such a way that a fold line passes through the sharp corner located at the top.
  3. Make marks in the form of fold lines across and diagonally.
  4. Turn out the lower part of the workpiece, after that we bend the lower corner, as a result we get the necessary detail of one of the ends of our star.
  5. In the same way we make the remaining seven parts of the "Shuriken" star. They can be made in one color or different.
  6. Next, we connect the origami star by inserting the corners of one part into the pocket of another. All segments must be moved to the center. As a result of our work, the eight-pointed star "Shuriken" was obtained.
origami shuriken 8 ultimate

For children, especially of school age, one of the favorite toys is origami "Shurikens". This "weapon" can be activated in several ways. Holding the corner of the origami star with your hand, throw forward parallel to the floor or slightly upward. Or bend one hand into a fist, put a star on it, and lightly hit the made "weapon" with your free hand so that it flies far.

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