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Gordey Kolesov is a Russian star in China
Gordey Kolesov is a Russian star in China

Kolesov Gordey at the age of 9 has already become a world celebrity. This boy prodigy won the Chinese talent show in 2015, he is fond of chess, speaks five languages ​​and knows more than five hundred Chinese idioms by heart.


Gordey was born in Moscow on 18.08.2008. When he was only two months old, the family moved to China, where the boy's father, Evgeny Kolesov, had a business. Mom Irina, a teacher by education, instilled in her son a love of learning. It was she who studied with Gordey in China according to the school curriculum. But the father played a key role in the development of the boy, he developed his own method of learning in a playful way, including the study of languages.

By the way, Gordey Kolesov has three younger sisters: Agatha, Yesenia and Milana. All of them, like their brother, speak five languages: Russian, Chinese, Spanish, English and French. The girls play tennis and judo. Gordey loves his sisters, helps them learn languages ​​and does calligraphy with them.

Gordeya family

TV Appearances

For the first time, Gordey Kolesov appeared on the screen in April 2014, in the program “The director himself”. There he showedknowledge of hieroglyphs and sang in Chinese. In January 2015, he took part in the talent show on the CCTV-1 channel and won. This is the first foreign child to achieve such success on Chinese television. Gordey Kolesov became famous overnight, the video with his performance hit YouTube, and in a week it was watched by more than a million people. In April 2015, when the number of video views reached four million, the boy and his father were invited to take part in the Let Them Talk program. At the same time, two documentaries about Gordey and his family were filmed and shown on Chinese TV. Since then, the child has been called a child prodigy.

Gordey Kolesov

Passion for chess

Gordey Kolesov started playing chess in 2014, and a couple of months later he took part in the Guangzhou Championship, where he won a silver medal. Since 2015, the boy began to systematically learn this game and participate in various qualifying tournaments. In April 2015, Gordey Kolesov completed the first category and won the championship in Shenzhen. In May of the same year, the young chess player took part in a tournament among schoolchildren held in Thailand and entered the top ten.

In 2016, Gordey Kolesov took six points out of nine at the All-Chinese Chess Tournament, and the fulfillment of this standard allowed him to become a candidate for master of sports. He was the youngest participant in the competition who was awarded such a title. A year later, the boy won bronze in blitz at the European Championship among schoolchildren under ten years old. In 2018 he became the champion of Moscow and Europe incategory up to eleven years. The victory at the European chess championship gave Gordey the right to participate in the world championship among schoolchildren in Tunisia in 2019.

wheels proud chess

Other achievements

Gordey Kolesov is a versatile child. In addition to the above, he is engaged in tennis, judo, drawing and calligraphy. He is one of the youngest speedcubers in the world. In 2015, the boy participated in a creative Russian-Chinese competition, where he presented his drawing and took second place.

Now Gordey is studying in the 5th grade of one of the Moscow schools according to the "external" system. Together with his father, he hosts the program “Discovery of China” on Channel One.

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