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Medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces of Russia"
Medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces of Russia"

Even in the days of the Russian Empire, there were many awards, orders, insignia, and medals. During the time of the historical heir to the empire: the Soviet Union, the tribute to military traditions has retained its constancy.

Many orders passed from the tsarist era to the registry of the red army. After the collapse of the great Soviet Union, global changes took place almost everywhere. The heraldry of the country was no exception. Part of it ceased to exist at all, some insignia were inherited by the Russian Federation and successfully exist to this day. Medals, orders are of a different nature depending on merit, all varieties cannot be taken into account here.

We will devote attention to the medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces of Russia".

History, description of the award

The article talks about the most interesting and fascinating element of distinction in the ranks of the armed forces for collectors of the country's history - the medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation".

Its history of creation begins with the order of the Commander-in-Chief of the USSR,published back in 1976. This award was given to honored veterans up to the period of the collapse of the USSR as a state.

The appearance of the insignia of those times is as follows:

Front part (obverse) with sash:

The appearance of the medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces" of the times of the USSR

The reverse side is reverse, has a smooth surface, the ribbon is equipped with a pin

The reverse side of the medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces" recognized in the USSR

The collapse of the USSR introduced significant adjustments to the military heraldic system, as, indeed, to all structures of state, people's power.

This award element has been discontinued and was not awarded to anyone until 2017.

All the years following the collapse of the USSR, the badge of valor was unfairly absent inside the ranks of the armed forces, until it was again restored by order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation No. 770 in 2017 and recognized as valid among the award ranks. Became intended to be awarded to all military pensioners who have served in the ranks of the Armed Forces for at least twenty-five years.

Its appearance, taking into account the collapse of one state, the rise of a new, other political, military mess, has been significantly changed.

Currently, the award image began to look like this:

Appearance of a possible copy of the medal of a veteran of the RF Armed Forces at online auctions

How can Russian veterans get the Veteran of the Armed Forces medal now?

If earlier the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, the archives of the armed forces, other departments strictly observed all the statisticsmilitary personnel, officers, young or retired, were clearly recorded, took into account the terms of service, the merits of each military man, then after the collapse of the Union of Socialist Republics, chaos seized all these services.

Russian laws, statehood re-introduced order. Civil and military lawmakers were able to develop anew somewhere new, somewhere corrective regulations and the award badge of the new Russian state has changed.

How to get a medal

The reasonable question of how to get the medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation" is solved in simple, clear regulatory ways:

1. By the forces of the executive bodies of the federal government at the place of service.

This type is more suitable for current military retirees (who completed their military service after 2017). Those. for those military personnel who retired after the restoration of this award badge:

  • it is necessary to obtain the status of a military pensioner through the executive bodies of the federal government in which military service was performed;
  • collection of all necessary documents confirming the service, its terms in the established and declared territorial authority;
  • provision of an application of the established form to the personnel department at the place of service;
  • waiting for the analysis of the submitted documents and a decision on the application from the executive bodies of the federal government.

2. Independent forces through local authorities (military registration and enlistment offices at the place of residence). The main points for self-obtaining a medal"Veteran of the Armed Forces":

The type of receiving a distinctive badge by points, albeit more thorny, but capable of helping those military veterans who, by the will of fate, retired as a citizen during the cancellation of this honorary award:

  • It is necessary to collect all the necessary documents and certificates confirming the service in the armed forces.
  • Apply with a package of collected documents to the executive body of the federal government - an important difference from the first method - at the place of residence or registration. Namely, to the territorial military registration and enlistment office at the place of residence.
  • Write an application in the prescribed form for a veteran award of the specified type.
  • Submitting the entire package of documents to the personnel department of the military registration and enlistment office and waiting for the analysis of the submitted papers and a decision on the submitted application.

Receive process

What to do next for the heroes who gave their debt, and now military pensioners in fact, but not yet on state recognition, if they have gone one way or another to receive a well-deserved veteran award? The bureaucratic mechanism gives a clear answer to this question:

  • Within three weeks from the date of submission, the documents are transferred to the executive authorities.
  • After receiving the documents within 30 days, the application for awarding the title is considered and all documents from the applicant are checked.
  • In case of a positive decision, the potential candidate receives the status of a veteran and an award in the form of a medal of the RF Ministry of Defense "Veteran of the Armed Forces", and a certificate for it of the established form. Usuallylocal authorities time the presentation of the award to certain dates or military holidays in order to increase the effect of its presentation to the bearer.
  • In case of refusal, the potential applicant receives in writing a reasoned refusal to receive the claimed award.

Veteran status

So, what does the medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces" give? Other than awarding the very fact that a person served 25 years in the army, nothing.

Special benefits are not awarded to holders of the Veteran of the Armed Forces medal, but there are some differences from civilian pensioners:

  • deserved social benefits are always higher;
  • possible certain benefits for paying utility bills depending on the region of location;
  • provided for additional benefits for public transport, other similar options.
Insignia MO "Veteran of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation"

Modern appearance and composition of the medal

Insignia with a fabric block in the colors of the St. George ribbon, round shape, standard diameter 32 mm. The award element of the veteran of the RF Armed Forces, like any other, consists of three main parts:

  • Front part of the medal – Obverse.
  • Back of award – Reverse.
  • Veteran Award Cloth Ribbon - Last.

Description of obverse and reverse

Presented in the alloys: nickel, zinc, silver. Round shape with convex edging. In the center is the proud emblem of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the form of an eagle with outstretched wings and two heads.

Eagle pawshold a sword and a laurel wreath. The chest is decorated with a shield, on which is located St. George the Victorious on a horse, killing a snake with a spear. The emblem of the double-headed eagle is a convex shape, golden in color in a single color.

Below the eagle, the front part of the medal is crowned with a large inscription of the purpose of the award: "RUSSIA", and below "VETERAN OF THE ARMED FORCES". The inscription is also made in a convex one-color format.

Obverse of the award to a veteran in the Russian Federation

The back of the award is the reverse. The reverse side has a golden solid shade, a convex canvas along its edge and has the following composition of the pattern:

Reverse of the medal of the veteran of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

In the center of its part for the entire width up to half of the circle on it is a map of Russia within the current state borders. The reverse is decorated with three crowned inscriptions located at the top, center (under the map of Russia) and at the bottom of the rounded shape of the reverse.

The words "In memory" are located on the upper part, "About the service" at the bottom.

Veteran Award Cloth Ribbon - Last.

The round part of the element with the help of a ring and an eyelet is connected to the fabric part of the award, its block made of silk, made in yellow and black colors: shades of the Great St. George's Ribbon, the symbol of all the armed forces of the country.

Medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces of Russia" in full size

On the front side it is decorated with the indicated stripes, and on the reverse side it has special fasteners: a pin with which the veterana badge on a military uniform or on the lapel of a civilian tailcoat.

Medal requirements

Basic wearing rules for retirees:

  • for the variant in the form;
  • for civilian suit.

Rules for wearing an award for a military look:

Wearing the insignia must be worn on the left side of the chest along with other insignia of this type.

Requirements for wearing a tailcoat type medal:

This insignia in civil society is worn on the left lapel of a civilian suit.

Dimensions of the medal compared to a third-party item


I am very pleased that after such a long pause, this distinctive sign has been restored. For collectors, the premium element is of increased interest, both as a variant of the times of the USSR, and in its modern form.

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