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Stylish crochet summer hats
Stylish crochet summer hats

Handmade accessories are in trend today. Almost every fashionista has a summer hat, lace mitts or crocheted bactus in her arsenal. On a hot summer day, you want to protect yourself from the scorching rays of the sun with a beautiful wide-brimmed hat. Such an accessory will definitely not go unnoticed, and if the hat is made with your own hands, then it will be an exclusive thing in a single copy.

Knitting steps

You can crochet a summer hat quickly and easily. The main thing is to understand the principle. The model can be concise, without unnecessary patterns and decorations, made with simple double crochets. Or it can be openwork, with a beautiful pattern and color transition, with the addition of additional decorations, ribbons or flowers. In any case, the process of knitting a hat consists of three main points:

  1. Knitting the bottom (this is a circle, the top of the hat).
  2. Knitting a crown (the part that covers the head, connecting the bottom and fields of the hat). This is the easiest step. There is no need to add or decrease loops here.
  3. Knitting hat fields. The fields are the most beautiful part. They can be wide or very narrow, at the discretion of the needlewoman.


Before you start crocheting a summer hat for women,you need to measure the circumference of your head. On average, it will be 55-56 centimeters. This value will be necessary in order to calculate the diameter of the bottom that needs to be crocheted for a summer hat. If the head circumference is 55 cm, then the bottom diameter will be 17.5 cm. It is calculated simply by the formula: head girth / 3, 14=bottom diameter.

Now how to tie it. As a pattern for crocheting the openwork bottom of a summer women's hat, you can take a pattern of any napkin. If there is no specific pattern or bottom pattern, then it is always knitted according to a certain principle (description by rows):

  1. Knit one air loop and make 12 double crochet stitches (or single crochet, if desired) in it.
  2. This row will double the number of stitches. From each existing column in the previous row, you need to knit 2 columns. As a result, they will be released on 24.
  3. Alternating: we knit 1 column as is, we double 1, that is, we knit 2 columns from 1 column of the previous row. As a result - 36.
  4. Now we knit 2 columns as is, we double 1, knitting 2 columns from it. The result will be 48 bars.
  5. 3 stitches are knitted as is, 1 is doubled to 60 stitches in a row.

And so on until we reach the desired bottom diameter.

Here is one of the possible schemes.

crochet summer hats


Now the easiest part of crochet summer hats. The crown is knitted in simple crochets or crochets without increasing or decreasing the number of loops. You can choose anya pattern for the crown of a crocheted summer hat, and feel free to use it without changes. The main thing is that this pattern is in harmony with the fields and the bottom of the hat. The crown should be knitted until the required depth of the cap is obtained.


Fields are knitted to the extension. This is the most beautiful and interesting part of a summer crocheted women's hat. Here you can dream up by applying original patterns, make the fields wide or narrow, rounded or flounced. The expansion of the canvas is achieved by increasing the number of loops in each next row. They can be enlarged as much as you like. Wide-brimmed summer hats are in fashion today.

crochet summer hats for girls

For little beauties, sometimes you shouldn’t get carried away and knit rather voluminous fields, as it will be inconvenient for them to look out from under them, and you need to save your eyesight, and if you really want to be fashionable and the brim of the hat turned out to be wide, then you can with one sides pin them up with a beautiful brooch or flower.

Stylish crochet hat

crochet summer hat for women

To create this crochet summer hat model, you need to prepare a fairly thick beige cotton yarn and a suitable hook size. It might be 3; 3, 5. And some brown yarn for the lace.

The bottom and crown are knitted simply with double crochets according to the description given above. The fields must be knitted according to the following pattern.

crochet hat for women

Then you cantwist the cord or braid it and tie it around the top of the hat.

White crochet hat

crochet summer hat

For this model you will need white cotton yarn and hook No. 3 or 3, 5.

Here is an interesting detail - the bottom of the hat. It is knitted according to the pattern.

crochet summer hat pattern

Repeat the last 2 rows of the scheme until the crown of the hat reaches the desired depth.

Then you need to tie the brim of the hat. To do this, 9 rows are knitted with double crochets, and in each row 5 double crochets are evenly added. The edges can be tied either with a crustacean step or with simple single crochets.

Crochet openwork hat

crochet fishnet hat

For this openwork model you will need light beige cotton yarn and hook No. 3 or 3, 5.

The bottom is knitted according to the description given above, and the tulle and fields are knitted according to the pattern.

openwork hat crochet pattern

When knitting the fields, the number of rapports in the pattern increases by adding loops in the rows of double crochets.

The edges of the hat need to be tied with a crustacean step and a fishing line threaded through them. The hat can be decorated with a matching satin ribbon, passing it between the columns of the last row of the crown, or with a ribbon of a contrasting color and leaving drooping ends.


A crochet summer hat will always look fresh, interesting and stylish. It can be decorated at your discretion with ribbons, brooches, knittedflowers or fabric flowers. The hat can be knitted in any neutral color and, by changing accessories, complete it with any summer outfit.

It used to be customary to starch panama hats and summer hats, but modern models do not provide for such a need. If you need to keep the brim of the hat even, then you can insert a special fishing line into them.

If it is necessary that the fields be twisted up, then firstly, they need to be knitted as tightly as possible, and secondly, after the required width has been reached, several rows should be knitted without adding, and the last row should be reduced by 2-3 columns.

In general, fantasize! The knitting process itself can bring great pleasure, and with diligence and diligence, the result of the work will please not only the craftswoman herself, but also those around her.

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