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Crochet a caterpillar cord: diagram and description
Crochet a caterpillar cord: diagram and description

Simple crochet is akin to magic: just now it was just a ball of thread, and suddenly it turned out to be a beautiful little thing, pleasing to the eye. But not a single craftswoman is limited to simply dialing loops according to the patterns. Mastering craftsmanship and creating unique designer accessories and wardrobe pieces is what they strive for!

Sometimes, in addition to just knitting a thing, you also have to decorate it. The most popular crochet finish is called caterpillar cord. Even the most inexperienced craftswomen can crochet this dense embossed product.

Fields of application of knitted caterpillar cords

The principle of making it is very simple. As a rule, caterpillar cord crochet is used by knitters who create Irish and Romanian lace. This is where its most important purpose is. For example, Irish lace includes this element as separate inclusions, such as a snake, a curl, knitted into the cloth itself, or as a border running alongedge. But Romanian lace implies the supremacy of the caterpillar cord, crocheted, over the rest of the elements.

caterpillar cord as part of lace

That's right, having learned at the beginning to make only the simple lace itself, needlewomen move on, not stopping there, creating magical masterpieces in the form of lace fabrics!

And at the learning stage, such knitting is suitable for making straps for T-shirts and tops, belts for dresses and blouses, trimming clothes, etc.

How to crochet a caterpillar cord

For work you need to prepare:

  • Thin thread - it is desirable that it be well twisted, otherwise the texture of the product is lost.
  • Hook that fits or runs too small.

Two air loops are very loose. In the presence of very thin yarn, when it is impossible not to tighten the loop, three are dialed - the first is tightened, and the subsequent ones are left weak. Only them are used in the work.

We crochet into the initial free loop, grab the working one and pull out a new loop. We got two of them on the hook.

Connect into one, knitting a simple single crochet.

knitting caterpillars

Turn the knitting 180 degrees, leaving the thread behind the work. Then we introduce the hook into the double loop, which is located from the very edge. We grab the main thread and bring the loop out. Again we got two loops in the work.

Againwe knit with one single crochet - knitted and turned to the left.

In this way, turning the knitting and grabbing new loops, we will continue to work until we knit to the required length.

Cross knitting pattern

For convenience in work for beginners, as well as for experienced knitters, a schematic description has been invented. As a rule, it is more simple and visual.

The following is a knitting pattern for a lace.

cord knitting pattern

Let's pick up three loops - and the hook will enter the very first from the edge, grab the thread and pull it out. We knit two loops instead of one.

Next, turning the work to the left, crochet into the outermost loop and pull out the loop. Knit two together.

All actions are repeated in this sequence until the cord of the desired length is obtained.

Wide "caterpillar"

With the help of hooks and yarn, you can make a wide cord in addition to a thin one. Needlewomen note its resemblance to a ribbon. The knitting process is almost the same as in the first case, but the differences still exist.

A similar crochet "caterpillar" cord is created very quickly. So you can easily tie the belts to the dress, the straps to the topic. Some creative craftswomen knit jewelry in this way - amazing bracelets with beads, necklaces, pendants are obtained.

Get your yarn and hook ready and let's get started!

narrow and wide tracks

We knit four air loops. The first one drags on, but the others don't.

Insert the hook intothe second loop from it and pull the thread, forming a loop. We knit two turned out one.

Now we go to the third loop from the hook, pull the loop and again we knit all of them with one. We turn and again pull the loop from the second, and then from the third loop in the previous row, knitting them alternately.

Repeat these steps further until the desired result is achieved.

Crochet cord-"caterpillar" is absolutely not difficult to knit, just follow the sequence of knitting loops and you will succeed!

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