How to sew a children's Indian costume?
How to sew a children's Indian costume?

The rich and vibrant culture of the free and proud American Indians could not but be reflected in their national dress.

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About 1800, the loincloths of Indian men were replaced by trousers and shirts borrowed from the colonists, the characteristic decorations of which were fringe and beautiful embroideries made using beads, glass beads and multi-colored stones. The traditional dress of Indian women is considered to be a shirt-cut dress with pants, reminiscent of today's leggings. As for the national shoes, these are quite popular, comfortable and beloved moccasins. An unusually spectacular and very important attribute of a real Indian is a chic headdress, which is an original design made of natural feathers, fur and ribbons. And, interestingly, at one time, by the number of feathers, one could judge the merits and exploits of the owner of this headdress.

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Buy or create?

ThanksWith its originality and bright accessories, the Indian costume is perfect for theme parties, carnivals and masquerades in the spirit of Indian Day, Halloween or children's New Year's parties. However, if your budget is bursting at the seams in the run-up to the festivities, and buying a new suit becomes burdensome enough, try sewing it yourself. Such creative work will bring pleasure not only to you, but also to your child, besides, you will be able to give your child extra time, which we usually miss so much in everyday life.

Indian costume. Required Items

So, first you need to take into account that the Indian carnival costume roughly consists of the following elements: shirt, trousers, poncho, apron and feather decoration on the head.


You can cut and sew a straight shirt from a fabric of warm ocher or beige shades that imitates suede. An old T-shirt or a canvas bag that has holes cut for the head and arms and a 2-4 cm long colored fringe is also great.


It is advisable to choose a shade close in color to trousers and sew the same fringe along their outer seam.

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The poncho should become a bright and original element of the costume, so it is better to make it from bright red fabric, trim it with elegant braid and fringe, and symbolically depict the name of the future Indian on the chest in the form of an appliqué, for example, “Sharp Fang” or “Hawkeye.”


The hip apron consists of two rectangular pieces of fabric, thrown in front and behind through a belt of thick black elastic. You can decorate the apron with pieces of natural or artificial fur of “predatory” colors (tiger, leopard).

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And, of course, an Indian costume would be incomplete without a unique headdress! Its manufacture will be the most entertaining and exciting process for your baby. To build this original design, you should take a dense strip of fabric and stitch it, folding it in half. Insert tinted natural feathers into the holes, and in case of their absence, you can get by with home-made, paper ones. When all the feathers are fixed, a braid with any interesting, preferably geometric, ornament should be sewn on top.

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The headdress can be kept on the head with a sewn-in elastic band or with ties, for this you should take a ribbon with a length of at least 100-120 centimeters in advance.

Also, the headdress of an Indian can be complemented by two black artificial pigtails hanging on the chest.

Accessories and props

Children's Indian costume is good to decorate with a necklace of teeth of predatory animals (you can make them from hardening plasticine), as well as leather or fabric bracelets. The war paint of the Indian is applied with the help of makeup. As a rule, these are stripes of white, black and red-brown shades. As props, you can use a bow with arrows or a hatchet.

And now, when the image is finallycompleted, be sure that your baby will be unusually happy and proud of himself, wearing an Indian carnival costume made by his mother's hands on the matinee. A photo taken during the holiday will not only be a source of pride, but also a pleasant reminder of the time spent with mom.

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