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Photo shoots in spring - interesting ideas, poses and recommendations from professionals
Photo shoots in spring - interesting ideas, poses and recommendations from professionals

With the help of a special photo shoot in nature in the spring, you can bring to life a large number of artistic ideas. It can be performed both separately and with family, loved one and friends. Also, a huge number of places are available for taking pictures: street, park, sea and forest. It is in the spring season on a sunny day that you can take great pictures that will keep happy moments.

Organizing and holding a photo shoot in spring

In order to convey the right mood and take original pictures, you need to think over the following points in advance: the location of the photoset, the theme, clothes and accessories of the model, desired poses and necessary details.

photo shoots in spring

There are so many reasons for spring photo shoots. These include: Maslenitsa, March 8 and Easter. On such days, you can come up with themed shoots. Lovers will look very romantic while walking under colored umbrellas in the rain in the park.

After choosing the right photo shoot option, it is important to think through the different types of poses and ideas for a photo shoot in the spring. For girls, the following poses are perfect: with a book sitting on the grass; lying or sitting on the grass; standing with one hand on the belt and the otherPer head; peeking out from behind a tree.

spring photo shoot ideas

Spring is the time of nature's revival, so you can capture the beauty of the world around you: growing green grass, the first warm rays of the sun, a bright blue sky. The chosen scenery should be in harmony with the positions and manner of shooting. It is very important to choose the right ideas for a photo shoot in spring in nature.

You can organize photography with the help of friends and relatives, or by contacting specialists in this field. For a high-quality photo shoot of a girl in the spring and getting beautiful pictures, it is very important to look at ads on the Internet or in newspapers, as well as use the services of a makeup artist, stylist. They will select accessories and clothes suitable for the photo session, make the necessary hair and makeup. Using the services of a professional photographer, you can find new memorable photography scenes.

Outdoor posing ideas

You need to choose the right angle for photography using its theme. But there are general ground rules for posing that will help you find the perfect pose for outdoor photos. These include the following poses:

  1. Keep your posture straight. In this case, the back should not hunch and stoop. This can be achieved in the following way: the right foot should serve as a support for the whole body.
  2. It is also very important to stay comfortable, relaxed and at ease while photographing. This will help you get great shots.
  3. A very important moment when shooting -the toes of the shoes and the shoulders should not point in the same direction, otherwise this may lead to visual weight gain.
  4. It is advisable to adhere to asymmetry, that is, if one leg is slightly bent, then the other should be in a straight position.

Original poses for spring photoshoot

Spring is a time of awakening nature, flowering trees and romance. Pictures at this time of the year should be as light and gentle as possible. At the same time, it is advisable to pay special attention to the choice of clothes for photography: you need to choose an outfit of light colors. To get interesting pictures, you can go to green meadows, flower beds and gardens with flowers. The most winning poses for shooting in the spring are:

  1. In a sitting pose next to blossoming flowers. In this case, you can change the position of the hands.
  2. Lean on a tree, resting your foot on the trunk.
  3. Lying on the green grass with a book in hand, pretending to be busy reading.
  4. For dynamic photos, you can use a casual pose while riding a swing.
  5. Portrait shot with lilac blossoms.
  6. Seated or lying position next to flowering plants.
photoshoot girl spring

Themed outdoor shoot

Wide expanses of fantasy open up photo shoots in the spring on the street. To get great shots, you will need to choose the right costume, decide on the location of the photo shoot and choose the theme of the shooting.

The choice of clothes for shooting outdoors is huge: for this, both unusual and original outfits, and ordinarycasual wear. The photographer will help you choose the right props and decorations. You can choose any image for photography, the main thing in this business is fantasy and professionalism.

There are several options for posing on the city streets:

  1. Shooting near tree trunks.
  2. Photo shoot against the backdrop of flowering shrubs or trees.
  3. Posing with a book on a bench.
  4. Shooting against the wall of a building.

These pictures reflect the sunny and light spring mood.

Focus on decorations

Decoration can be beautiful places of nature, interesting and unusual landscapes, for example: a large tree, a large green field, an old overgrown pond. In such frames, where the scenery is given the main role, the model fades into the background. It can be on the side or in the middle of the picture.

photo shoot in spring in nature ideas

To convey the beauty of the chosen landscape, the pose of the model must convey the mood of the place itself. An option that reflects the whole range of feelings during the shooting: the model becomes half-faced to the photographer, folds her hands on her chest with palms to her neck, her eyes look down and half-closed. You can tilt your head back so you can see your face better.

Emphasis on the model

To focus on the model herself, it is better to choose portrait poses and full-length poses at close range. Such a photo shoot in the spring is used to hide flaws and emphasize your unique features.

spring photo poses

This shooting can usepose in front of the photographer: you should bend over and throw your hair to one side, and fold your hands on your knees. Or a pose in profile to the photographer: throw one hand behind your head and put the other on your knee.

For portrait photography, you don't need to look directly into the lens, it's better to tilt your head slightly back or turn it to the side. You can also tilt your head forward, put it on your knees, lean your forehead or cheek against a tree. In addition, shooting from behind is very effective. In this case, the model may turn to the photographer in the waist or neck area. In this case, it is better to direct your gaze into the distance so that it seems more mysterious.

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