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Sidorov Anton Yurievich - member of the United Russia party
Sidorov Anton Yurievich - member of the United Russia party

People involved in political and active public life for the benefit of the country and their own people should be known to everyone. The little-known deputy Sidorov Anton Yuryevich also belongs to such personalities. This is a modest but very worthy civil servant, engaged in charity, standing up for mother nature and being an example for others.

Sidorov Anton


Every big person starts small. So it happened with Anton Yuryevich, who was born in Ukraine, in the city of Odessa. He grew up in a simple family. Over time, he moved to Lipetsk, where he graduated from the Pedagogical University, having studied as a teacher of history and cultural studies. Such an education, of course, had a positive impact on Sidorov. He knows the true value of the history of his native land and protects the cultural and historical values ​​in the area.

This wonderful person is not only strong in his career. He managed to build strong family relationships, characterizing him as a kind person and suitable for everything with responsibility and love.

Sidorov Anton: photo

Career andcharity

Starting to build a career, Anton Yurievich initially tried himself as an independent businessman. First, he opened an individual entrepreneur, and then began working as a director of a construction supply organization.

In 2008, the activist decides to open a charitable foundation "Good Deed", the founder of which is to this day. It does not collect money from external sources, but provides independent financial assistance and support to those in need who apply directly or who are reported by the Department of Housing and Social Services.

In 2011, the biography of Anton Yurievich Sidorov was replenished with new events. This year he was appointed General Director of Stalnoff LLC. Here he continues to work today.

The man decided to try himself in a political career in 2015 and nominated himself to the Lipetsk City Council, where he was successfully elected. He liked the work for the benefit of society and the city so much that the biography of Anton Yurievich Sidorov was replenished with many more interesting facts. It is not difficult for a deputy to remain in the service, because the voters of Lipetsk know him not by rumors, but by good and necessary deeds.

Sidorov Anton: biography

Participation in environmental protection activities

A photo of Anton Yurievich Sidorov should be in every home of a Lipchan, as a bright and appropriate example of a good and active citizen. Anton Yuryevich is a member of the Committee for Nature Protection and works in the Commission on Social Issues.

A person with an open heart who seeks to helpto everyone who needs it - here is a description of a member of the United Russia party - Sidorov Anton Yuryevich. But not only society needs help.

The deputy takes an active part in environmental safety activities, agitating enterprises to comply with all safety standards and protect the territory entrusted to them. Anton Yuryevich conducts lessons on ecology, promotes nationwide actions aimed at protecting the environment.

It only remains to wish success in further endeavors and deeds to a wonderful civil servant.

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