Japanese clay Claycraft by Deco: material features
Japanese clay Claycraft by Deco: material features

One of the most interesting trends in the handmade industry is the use of polymer clay for creativity. Here the imagination of the master will not be the limit. You can make a lot of products from clay: from decorative elements and scrapbooking to costume jewelry, bouquets and figurines. You can master this material in courses or on your own.

What you need to know about clay

The material is selected according to what needs to be done. If it will be jewelry - clay must be chosen baked. Hair accessories can be made from all types of materials, but you need to remember that too large baked clay jewelry will be heavy. Volumetric bouquets of it, too, should not be made. For the manufacture of decorative flowers, it is better to choose self-hardening clay, the best example of which is recognized as Japanese. It does not require heat treatment and dries completely in the air in 24 hours. The material is soft and pliable and, most importantly, completely non-toxic. Working with him is easy and pleasant. Japanese clay consists of cellulose, water, talc and naturalfibers. Masters around the world have appreciated the quality of Japanese polymer clay Claycraft by Deco.

Sculpting technique

The main technique for creating elements is stretching the material across the palm with the thumb of the opposite hand. This technique is not suitable for baked clay, which is sometimes broken with a hammer to start working with it. Japanese clay has the texture of a soft marshmallow, and interacting with it turns into a tactile pleasure. Hands are not the only thing used to work with clay. There are special tools designed to make it easier to create realism and more accurately reproduce the natural shape of plants and flowers. The main ones are: stacks - plastic knives with different blade sizes and notches to add texture, molds - molds made of silicone or plastic to create leaves and flower petals. Also, ordinary nail scissors are used in the work.

Mold for a flower

To give a beautiful texture, lace or fabrics with a beautiful weave of threads are used.

Water will help increase the stickiness of the surface. It is enough to run a wet finger over the product. If the surface has already set, PVA glue will help soften it.

How much clay to buy for work

A novice master can limit himself to buying white clay. You can change the color with acrylic paint. No need to try to achieve brightness by adding a lot of paint. The shade will still remain pastel, but the properties of the material will deteriorate. The clay will become sticky and start quickly.dry up. Do not add oil paints to it, they give a flat and unnatural color, which, moreover, will change after drying.

Another way of coloring Claycraft by Deco polymer clay products is toning with a dry brush with acrylic paint or pastel on a dried surface.

To make the product last longer, it can be covered with acrylic varnish. This will make it more durable and resistant to moisture.


When it became clear that working with polymer clay turned from a hobby into a serious occupation, you can safely buy material. Claycraft by Deco polymer clay is available in seven colors: white, black, blue, brown, red, yellow and green. From them you can get a lot of additional colors and shades. The manufacturer of Japanese clay Claycraft by Deco recommends using ready-made patterns to create a particular color.

clay colors

Special material properties

Keep Claycraft by Deco clay in a tightly closed package without air access. If you leave the material for a long time, it is better to put a damp cloth inside the bag.

Clay should not be stored in direct sunlight, as color pigments may fade. Cold and heating appliances can affect her badly.

Where Japanese clay products are used

Light bouquet

Mainly these are wedding accessories. From the groom's boutonniere and the bride's bouquet to the flower garlands in the buffet hall. Japanese Claycraft by Deco products are widely usedin home interior. Mirrors, bathrooms, curtain magnets can be decorated with them. Clay flower arrangements look luxurious due to the fact that realistically made flowers from different parts of the world can be included in them. With this material, any idea of ​​the master becomes a reality.

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