Beaded necklace is an excellent handmade jewelry
Beaded necklace is an excellent handmade jewelry

Beads are a great starting material for creating all kinds of DIY jewelry. You can learn to weave bracelets, rings, earrings, beads, necklaces, beaded necklaces.

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Today, there are many different types of jewelry. The most popular type of handmade jewelry is the beaded necklace, as it usually does not require much time and effort to make.

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You can go anywhere in this original jewelry: to the office, for a walk, to a party, to a picnic outside the city, etc. Of course, for each occasion, you need to choose a beaded jewelry in accordance with the outfit and the situation. So, you can go to an informal event in a large bright necklace, and for everyday wear to work, it is better to choose a handmade beaded jewelry of a more modest shape and color.

To weave a beaded necklace, you will need beads of different colors. The product can be monophonic, it all depends on what effect you want to achieve and what to wear the finished jewelry with.

To work on the necklace, you will also need a special fishing line, decorative caps covering the ends of the threads and a claspto fasten the finished product around the neck. All this can be purchased at a store selling goods for needlework. Today this is not a problem.

The length of the string for the necklace is taken 20 cm longer than the planned length of the necklace. For example, if you are planning a necklace length of 50 cm, then take 70 cm pieces of fishing line to make it. The number of threads depends on what the beaded necklace will be. Patterns and type of weaving play an important role in the manufacture of the product.

The simplest thing is to take four groups of threads with three fishing lines each and string beads of the corresponding color on each segment. At the ends of the fishing line, knots must be tied to prevent the beads from scattering. A little loose fishing line at the ends is needed to secure the fittings.

From one end, all finished threads are collected and tied into a bundle, then they are sorted into groups and weaving is carried out, changing its direction in accordance with the scheme. The result is an original pigtail, fixing the ends of which with fittings and attaching a clasp, we get an exclusive handmade beaded necklace. If desired, the neck decoration can be made from beads of the same color.

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A twisted beaded necklace looks very attractive around the neck. The thickness of the decoration determines how it will look when finished.

A necklace of two dozen threads will be a great addition to your festive outfit. A dozen and a half threads of beads of the corresponding color will add romance to your look. Monochromatic jewelry looks especially gentle.The finished product is decorated with appropriate fittings.

Beaded necklaces are very effective and quite simple to make. Beaded cords can be used as an independent necklace, or can be used to attach and wear a pendant, which can also be made by hand.

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