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Beautiful DIY soft toys
Beautiful DIY soft toys

Soft toys are not only an attribute of childhood, but also a symbol of coziness and comfort. And if the toy is made with your own hands, then this thing is also with a soul. It is very valuable and touching. Handmade soft toys are the best gift, souvenir, and decoration of your own home.

Toy classification

soft bears

If we talk about the variety of soft toys, then it is worth considering such categories as "Tilda", "Teddy", "Primitive toys", "Amigurumi", "Pillow toys", "Portrait toys", "Attic toys" ". A set for a child, consisting of an element of clothing and a soft toy, made of the same fabric, can be considered a special chic. Simply put: a girl in a polka-dot dress walks and carries in her hands a hare sewn from the same fabric. An interesting idea for a gift or an image for a photo shoot. This direction is only gaining momentum, and the idea itself can be interpreted in different ways. If you want to make a soft toy with your own hands so that it does not look casual and corny, use a similar idea. Successguaranteed.

A little bit of everything…

tilda toys

The world of tilde toys is so diverse that it would be impossible to describe it in a few words. Tildas are simple and cute: hares, ducks, snails, cats, horses, bees and just dolls. They are united by simplicity, natural fabrics, small size and fantastic appeal. A professionally made tilde toy will not leave anyone indifferent - it has a character that is reflected in every detail, in clothes, hair, accessories.

Amigurumi - crochet soft toys of small size (from 2 to 15 cm). All details of such toys are carefully knitted, they are endowed with mood and individuality, animated. This "jewelry" work requires special skills, patterns and yarn colors. Amigurumi is not only people and animals, it is bagels, muffins, sandwiches, as well as creatively “humanized” household items.

amigurumi toys

The art of the teddy toy is so multifaceted that legends can be made about it. Lovers and masters of toys in the style of "teddy" - a separate "sect". The people in it know the secrets of choosing fur, aging and dyeing fabric, and cutting out clothes for bears of the minimum size. Teddy style is not only bears, it's foxes, hares, deer, moose, hedgehogs and other characters that sometimes look like they were inherited by our generation from great-great-grandmothers. Frayed, worn, sun-bleached, with a patch on the tummy, the toys are just a carefully thought-out work of the author, and not an echo of past centuries.

teddy toys

First steps in toy business

To sew a soft toy with your own hands, it is not necessary to be a highly qualified specialist. If there is a desire, everything else will follow. Sewing soft toys with your own hands for beginners will not cause much difficulty if you start with simple patterns and follow the instructions clearly.


Pillow-type toys with a primitive cut are very popular now. Children like such friends, they are taken with them to the kindergarten, for a walk, to the country. They are easy to wash, do not deform after washing, they can be used as a plush toy. Cozy, made of natural materials with eco-friendly filling - these toys are ideal companions for a child. Do-it-yourself fabric soft toys can become a family heirloom if you get creative. Many mothers sew cute cozy characters from those little things that the child wore when he was very tiny. This allows you to "perpetuate" the warmest, most tender memories that every woman keeps in her heart. There is a huge selection of patterns for soft toys. With your own hands (it will also not be difficult for beginners), you can make a product for every taste.

frog soft toy

The funny frog is sewn quite simply and has every right to become someone's favorite toy.

horse pattern

A patchwork horse will look bright and original.

Wonderful cat pillows, selected in the right colors, will decorate any interior andadd comfort.

soft toys cats

It's easier than it looks

To sew such a primitive toy, you need a pattern, cotton fabric (chintz or calico), sealed with a glue lining for strength and wear resistance, threads to match the product and sewing accessories. Hollofiber or sintepuh is suitable as a filler.

primitive toy

The pattern is transferred to the fabric, the details are cut out, taking into account the allowances for the seams. The head and carcass have several overhead elements that must be sewn on before the whole part is sewn together. Having issued the eyes, noses, muzzle, we grind the details of the head. We repeat the same actions with the body of the future toy. The arms and legs are sewn separately and only after that they are connected to the body part, sometimes it is convenient to do it with the help of buttons: neat and creative.

Important points for beginners

Before you figure out how to make a soft toy with your own hands, you need to learn the important details of sewing such products.

The main principles of a successful outcome are as follows.

  • Respect the scale of the pattern, its individual elements, try not to use the “I drew you” technique. The pattern needs to be downloaded, printed and transferred to the fabric - this is the most important stage, 50% of success depends on it.
  • Be aware of the indentation and seam allowances, make cuts in the indicated places before turning the toy.
  • When sewing soft toys with your own hands, all the details must be cut out on the fabric in one direction. If you do not complythis item, then in the process of stuffing symmetrical parts (paws, ears) are deformed, which will definitely spoil the appearance of the product.
  • It is better to stuff a soft toy with a high-quality filler, for example, synthetic fluff. A synthetic winterizer when filling a toy often creates the effect of "cellulite", especially if you work with a thin fabric.
  • Small details are easier to stitch along the drawn outline, and then cut out.

Pillow toy

pillow toy

Sew such a toy is easy. You need a soft fabric, like fleece, filler and threads of appropriate shades. The combination of gray and pink is very successful, bright and harmonious. A simple donut-shaped pattern, with the top part divided for the ears, will allow you to do this work quickly and without much effort. The pattern itself consists of 4 parts of the ears, 8 parts of the legs and a part of the tail, which are sewn between the two main parts of the carcass (with the exception of the ears) when finished. Having connected all the necessary elements, the toy is turned inside out and stuffed quite tightly with filler. At the final stage, the stuffing hole is sewn up with a blind seam, the elements of the muzzle are made out. The hand-sewn soft toys, the photos of which are presented above, are easy to perform, beautiful and original.

Gift or soul?

dog soft toys

Probably the most important thing before starting any business is to understand what you expect in the end result, for whom or for what purpose the toy is sewn. Sometimes what happened is globally different from whatplanned to sew. The toy is simple, not quite perfectly tailored, but the child does not let go of it, sleeps and eats only with it. And it happens the other way around: a beautiful soft toy made “on five” remains unclaimed. This is inexplicable, but the masters of handmade toys say that if something is “born”, then it will certainly find an owner. Each doll should have its own person, because the soul lives in it.

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