Front stitch - a basic skill for those who start knitting
Front stitch - a basic skill for those who start knitting

Needlework in recent years has again become in demand. In stores you can buy mostly "multi-circulation" things. The desire to pamper yourself and acquire an exclusive accessory makes you either buy expensive items or create something of that kind on your own. Knitting is a great way to implement creative ideas, as well as for rest and relaxation. With knitting needles, skillful hands can work in such a way that they can easily create a designer item at home that will amaze others with its originality. Learning this type of needlework is quite simple, as it does not require long training.

Front surface

The front surface is one of the very first skills that beginners will have to master. Based on this technique, many combinations are based. It is difficult to find a pattern that does not use this technique. Combining the front and back surfaces, you can already get a huge variety of patterns.

Knitting technique

Before mastering such a technique as the front surface, you need to learn how to cast on loops, and if notbe afraid, you can immediately create your first accessory, for example, a scarf. This will be good practice in getting a smooth, uniform canvas. In the future, the hands will perform movements automatically, without tension.

Knitting needles

This knitting method comes down to mastering such elements as knit (in odd rows) and purl (in even) loops. The technique for performing both is described below.

When knitting the front row, the thread of yarn is behind the work on the index finger of the left hand. Each subsequent element is performed in a similar way. The right knitting needle, which is the working one, must be brought into the first loop located on the left knitting needle, grab the thread and pull it to the front of the fabric. The received element remains on the right, and the already processed one is removed.

The first row is followed by the second. It is performed with purl loops. In the process, the thread is located before work. The working knitting needle is inserted into the loop from right to left, the yarn is captured in the direction away from itself and pulled back. Waste items are also discarded. The newly formed loop passes to the right knitting needle. Thus, the actions after drawing the yarn are similar to those required when performing the front row.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the first loop of each row, which is removed in its original form (not knitted), and the last, which will always be front. Both of them are not included in the number of rapport elements and are marked on the diagrams with a separate symbol.

It is with the help of such an alternation andthe front surface is formed, performed according to the classical scheme.

Easy drawings for beginners

As already mentioned, the front surface of the knitting needles is the basic element when performing almost any pattern. The most uncomplicated of them look no worse than the complex ones.


The following are a few ideas that even beginners can implement:

  1. The front surface comes to life if it is done with threads of different colors. So, you can knit four or six rows with one yarn, and continue with another, while the strips can be either the same width or different.
  2. Simple ornaments. Many people forget about this, but these drawings are done with the front stitch, only the color change does not occur at the beginning of the row, but along its course, and a thread of a different shade runs along the wrong side of the work. In this case, the main thing is to follow the pattern on the diagram.
  3. The braids will decorate any product and will look great on a scarf, hat, vest or sweater.
  4. Alternating in one row front and back surface (it is knitted in the same way, only the sides of the product are interchanged), you can knit a few more patterns.

Knitting is an accessible form of creativity, and there are no age limits for doing it. It's never too late to start, and once you have an idea, you can implement it without much difficulty.

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