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How to make an origami maple leaf according to the scheme
How to make an origami maple leaf according to the scheme

Autumn leaves cannot but draw attention to their beauty, especially if these are maple leaves, which are sometimes painted by nature in such an original way that it is difficult to look away. Of course, you can save such beauty, but even the brightest bouquet will not last long.

However, you can make simple origami crafts - a paper maple leaf will become a remarkable interior detail. Such a bouquet will please the eye of the master for a long time.

maple leaf origami diagram

How to make an origami maple leaf according to the pattern

Origami leaves are voluminous and very beautiful. Such a peculiar decoration is ideal for an album or photo frame. There is nothing complicated in making crafts, especially if you follow all the instructions. There are several options for how to make maple leaves.

What you need for work

Before you start crafting, you need to get pieces of paper that will have the following dimensions:

  • 9 × 9 cm - 1 piece;
  • 8 × 8 cm - 1 piece;
  • 7 × 7 cm - 2 pieces

Step by step instructions

To make an origami maple leaf according to the scheme, you must follow the instructions:

  1. Take the largest sheet and bend it diagonally.
  2. Open the square and fold the top corners to a diagonal line.
  3. Bend the lower triangle up and hide the crafts inside.
  4. Bend the edges of the small triangle to the central part and also remove it inside.
  5. Straighten the remaining two lower ends up and slightly to the sides.
  6. Turn over the craft, bend the side corners to the center, open the resulting edges of the leaf from below.
  7. Fold the rest of the squares as described above.
  8. Connect all the blanks in such a way as to get a whole maple leaf with the largest figure in the middle.

If you plan to use the craft as a hanging decoration, then it is recommended to fasten all parts with glue. Twisted paper makes an excellent stem for a maple leaf. Thus, you get the original origami maple leaf according to the scheme. This is the basis from which you can come up with your own unusual craft design.

maple leaf origami diagram

I wonder what to make an origami maple leaf according to the scheme both from multi-colored paper, picking up all the colors of autumn, and from plain white. The second option gives more room for imagination. In this case, using paints, felt-tip pens or pencils, you can give any color to the craft in the styleorigami.

Glitter and foil are also used for decoration - and they even make an unusual ornament on maple leaves. If you prepare crafts in large quantities, they will become a wonderful element of the autumn composition, which will not crumble, unlike real leaves.

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