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Hood-hat with knitting needles: job description, interesting models, photos
Hood-hat with knitting needles: job description, interesting models, photos

Knitted hats have long been an indispensable item in women's wardrobe for the cold season. Thanks to the modern industry, you can choose something for yourself from such a variety of hats, differing in color, material, shape and technique. Their functionality cannot be overestimated, because, for example, a hood-hat knitted with knitting needles will perfectly protect against adverse weather conditions, while at the same time adding zest to the female image.

Which material do we choose?

To begin with, let's dwell on what material the hood-hat should be knitted from. A headdress should have three properties: beauty, pleasant sensations and convenience. It is the material that is responsible for the latter.

If you choose mohair, the hat will be light, durable and will retain heat well.

The boucle will make a product with an interestingtexture due to decorative irregularities: loops that are located on the threads.

Beautiful knitted product

From thick yarn you can knit a beautiful, voluminous hat. This is indispensable in the cold and will go well with both a fur coat and a sports jacket.

Knit even from mink. The skin is cut into thin strips and the product is knitted according to a certain pattern. The headpiece will be inexpensive, and it looks just as good as a solid linen.

If you choose angora, it will be warm and pleasant to the skin. Since the fibers of the melange yarn are dyed in different colors, the cap will turn out to be very unusual.

Technique. Get Started

To make a knitted hat-hood for women (with a description that is often given to a photo, it is much more convenient), you need to prepare knitting needles, a hook, yarn, a centimeter and scissors in advance. And also carefully study how it fits.

You should start by measuring your head. This is done so that the headdress is knitted in size. Now the number of loops is calculated.

Cap-hood option

For example, we collect 140 loops (and remember about two edge loops). Knit hood using openwork diagonally.

First row. Knit three front loops,for the front walls, two front ones together, yarn over and two front ones. Fromyou need to repeat to the end of the row. It should be completed with one front and one edge loops.

Second row. Purl.

Third row. Knit two front, then - forthe front walls of the product are two together front, make one crochet. At the end of the row, yarn over before the edge loop.

Fourth row. Purl.

Fifth row. Knit one front,for the front walls of the product, two knit together, one crochet and two facial loops. Fromrepeat the pattern until the end of the series. At the end of the row, knit one at a time: front and edge.

From purl to pattern

Sixth row. Knit purl.

Seventh row. Knit 2 together behind the front of the hat, yarn over once, knit 2.

Eighth row. Purl all over.

Ninth row. Pattern repeat from the first row.

So after the craftswoman has decided how many loops she needs to work (based on head measurements), she can knit a pattern. After that, you can start working using the front surface. It is necessary to close the loops and connect the short edges, now you need to sew the hat from the inside out, crochet it.

Beautiful knitted product

To make the hat warmer, you can make a lining or knit the same part and sew together.

Everything is ready! This is how the hat turned out. Knitting this headdress is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

About practical hoods

With the help of this description, the needlewoman will be able to decorate any knitted blouse with a hood. Moreover, it is suitable not only for women's things, but also for men. For this you need topick up loops in the neck. It is more convenient to take circular knitting needles. Now you can move on to knitting shortened rows. Do it like this:

  • purl the first row.
  • Second row. Knit six facial loops, turn the work and knit purl to two initial loops. The work must be turned again.
  • Third row. All knit with facial loops. Unfold and purl six initial stitches after plank. Expand again.
  • Fourth row. All knit purl. Expand and knit after the strap twelve loops of the front. Turn again and knit twelve stitches purl. Turn again and knit to the end of the row. Turn the work again and knit twelve stitches after the purl strap, unfold and knit twelve stitches. We unfold the product again and tie the purl row.

Another turn and knit sixteen loops after the front strap. Turn and purl sixteen stitches in reverse order. Another turn and work until the end of this row of facial. Expand the product, knit sixteen loops after the strap with the wrong ones. Now make the last turn and knit sixteen stitches in reverse order.

After the first two loops from the strap and before the last two, you need to make additions in all six rows, one crossed crochet. Then a hat-hood with knitting needles for women and men is knitted based on the front surface. When the craftswoman has reached the height she needs, the loops can be closed.

Connect both parts withusing a crochet hook with half-columns without a crochet. Everything is ready. A new product should be washed in warm water, adding shampoo, and then steam it.

For little princesses

Women also want to be fashionable. For a girl, a knitted hat-hood is interesting in that such a headdress can be used both independently and sewn to an already finished product: a sweater or pullover. For the scheme, you can take a regular rectangle.

Cap-hood for children

First you need to dial loops from the edge of the neckline, using lifting them onto the knitting needle. It is important to lift them on the front side, because this way the product will look much neater. Then knit all the rows in garter stitch, that is, knit. You need to get a rectangular canvas. For a baby, it will be enough to make 65 rows (usually 75-80 for an adult). Now you can close all the loops in the last row and sew the two edges using a knit stitch. It is convenient to use a hook. It will be beautiful and elegant if you decorate the hat with a pompom, large buttons or thermal stickers.

Knit-knit hood

And now briefly about how a hat-hood is made with knitting needles. The description is short, designed for craftswomen who have been knitting for more than one year.

Cast on one hundred and eight loops on the needles and knit three centimeters with an elastic band (alternately two facial and two purl), starting from the purl row in this way: edge loop, two purl, two facial, two purl, repeat fromto the lastloops of the row, the last is the edge.

Continue to work in stockinette stitch until 22.5 cm from cast on edge and on next RS row first 54 sts, turn work, leave remaining sts out of knit, work in reverse until end of row.

Interesting hat-hood

Now at the beginning of each purl row, close the loops: four times one loop, three times two, two times three, one time - four loops. In general, it turns out 34 pieces. Thirty centimeters from the inlaid edge, close the loops.

The second part of the hood is knitted symmetrically, close the loops in each front row.

Warm collar

How to knit a hood-hat with knitting needles is understandable. But you still need to make a collar for it.

96 loops are cast on, which are then connected into a circle. A marker is placed so as not to lose where the beginning is, and knit an elastic band two by two twenty centimeters. Then, according to the pattern, the loops are closed.

Assembly is simple: the top of the hood is sewn together and the collar is sewn along the bottom edge.

Headwear with collar

Now, perhaps, everyone understands how to properly knit a hood-hat with knitting needles. If the craftswoman wants to make a gift for herself, her family or friends, it is enough for her to carefully read this article and choose what suits her best.

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