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How to crochet a headband for a girl?
How to crochet a headband for a girl?

When a teenage girl does not want to wear a hat so as not to damage her hair, or a little princess grows up in the family who loves beautiful hairstyles, then you need to figure out what jewelry can be made to hold curls. The best option is a headband. You can make jewelry yourself - it is not necessary to buy. Therefore, the question arises, how to crochet a headband with a hook with your own hands? Lots of options for designs, colors and patterns. Even more ways to decorate the finished product.

Which yarn should I use to make a headband

First of all, it is worth deciding what function the bandage will perform. After that, you can pick up the yarn from which the product will be made. Thanks to the texture of the thread, color and texture, it is easy to decide how to crochet a headband.

The most commonly used yarn is:

  • Acrylic. Universal material for making bandages. The thread is soft and elastic, so it does not irritate the skin. The color scheme pleases with variety.The product can be used in spring or autumn to warm the head and ears.
  • Children's wool mixture. This option is soft, but over time, the scalp will begin to irritate, manifesting itself as a tingling sensation. But such a bandage will be very warm and can be used even in winter.
  • Cotton. It is commonly used to make decorative headbands that are used to decorate hairstyles or to keep hair out of the face. The thread is soft and pleasant to the touch, but not elastic.
variant of decorating a regular bandage

Other synthetic and natural fibers may be used if required by the particular design of the dressing.

How can the functionality of the dressing be improved

Knitwear always has flaws that relate to functionality. The fabric is not always elastic. Therefore, some additional techniques and constructions should be used to improve practical points.

A few tips on how to crochet a headband so that the product fits well and is easy to dress:

  • For a good fixation on the head, you need to sew a wide elastic band between the ends of the product.
  • You can add a thin elastic band to the thread, then the knitting is immediately formed in such a way as to stretch further.
  • Sew ribbons or laces on the edges. By tying the elements on a bow, you can adjust the degree of tightening and the position of the bandage.
functional element

You can modify the standard options, combine immediatelyseveral fixtures.

Pre-preparation and step-by-step manufacturing instructions

Before you crochet a headband, you need to determine the basic work steps. A precisely planned algorithm will especially help beginner needlewomen:

  1. Prepare yarn, hook and other materials for decoration.
  2. You need to measure the volume of your head.
  3. Choose a headband pattern and design.
  4. Knit a few test centimeters to determine the density of the resulting fabric.
  5. Knit several rows and try on the blank.
  6. Sew and finish the finished product.

If you follow all the steps of creation, then the bandage will turn out perfect. This means that the finished work will not have to be redone.

The easiest headband for a girl: decorating principles

You can crochet a headband for a girl using the simplest pattern. This is a single crochet, more productive in terms of speed of creation. Features of making a simple bandage:

  1. Cast on a chain of air loops, controlling the length of the element along the ruler.
  2. To the number of loops that determine the girth of the product, add 2 more - they will be the basis for raising the pattern.
  3. Yarn over, picking up the working thread with a hook. Next, knit a single crochet, without touching the thrown part of the yarn. Then knit the yarn over and the first loop in the same way.
simple headband with ears

Next, continue knitting like thisway. Decoration will remain the final chord. You can tie the ears, like a cat's, and sew them onto the finished bandage fabric. The muzzle of any animal is formed in the same way.

Turban headband

You can also crochet a headband for a woman. First, you should choose an original design that will be unique in design, but simple in terms of execution. This option is a turban bandage:

  1. First, cast on 18 chain stitches. Knit with a double crochet for 13 rows.
  2. The next 20 rows, knit only 9 loops out of 17. At the end, stretch the last loop as much as possible, start working on the second strip.
  3. Form a loop from the auxiliary thread in the first column of the part that was left without knitting.
  4. Next, 20 rows are formed using double crochet tables. Get the second stripe. At the end, fasten the thread.
  5. Cross the forked strips and continue knitting with the loop extended in the first part.
  6. Double crochet for at least 15 more rows. Sew the ends together.
crochet headband

In the same way, you can crochet a headband for a baby. It is advisable to decorate the center of the binding of the strips with a small brooch or embroidery. Such an element will give the headdress more proximity to the oriental style.

Original headband pattern

If the main function of the bandage is decorative - that is, to hold the hair so that it does not climb into the face - then it is advisable to use it formaking cotton thread. Next, you can choose an interesting pattern. For example, use patterns for ruffles and lace.

We offer an option on how to crochet a beautiful headband with further decoration with a satin ribbon:

  1. First, prepare a chain of stitches according to the girth of the head.
  2. Second row is single crochet.
  3. At the beginning of the third - form 3 air loops. Double crochet in every third stitch of the previous row. Then 2 air and again a double crochet in the third. So knit to the end of the row.
  4. Then again a row of regular columns.
  5. 5 row: 3 chain loops and tie a half-column. Step back 2 loops and knit 3 more air loops and a half-column.
  6. 5 double crochets in the first arch, then a single crochet in the next arch. Alternate the pattern in this way to the end of the row. Finish the job and cut off the thread.
  7. Form the second (symmetrical) part of the bandage using the same pattern.
cotton headband for summer

When the product is completely ready, it is worth stretching the satin ribbon through the holes formed in the middle of the strip. The textile piece can act as a volume regulator by tying it into a bow each time you wear it.

Features of making a warm headband

Women whose daughters do not like to wear a hat in winter are interested in the question of how to crochet a warm headband. The answer is simple enough. For the manufacture of this version of the product, you can choose any thread. Desirableuse natural: wool, wool mixture, mohair.

Next, a pattern is selected. To make the product as dense as possible and not let the cold through, you should choose a standard single crochet, which will alternate with some kind of openwork option.

warm bandage on fleece lining

So that the yarn does not prick, does not irritate the scalp, it is worth sewing a strip of fleece on the wrong side. This will insulate the bandage and additionally make the base more comfortable and cozy. You can decorate the canvas with a brooch, embroidery, fabric appliqué.

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