Lavender cross stitch: patterns, examples of work, tips for beginners
Lavender cross stitch: patterns, examples of work, tips for beginners

Cross-stitch originates from the most ancient times. Man sought to decorate clothes using various needlework techniques. In Russia, embroidery was also given a ritual, sacred meaning. The cross has always been a ritual sign, a kind of amulet. Products embroidered in one day were highly valued: they were considered clean, protecting from evil forces. Of course, the motifs and patterns were different.

We offer you lavender cross stitch patterns. A delicate, beautiful flower can decorate clothes, and also serve as a theme for a separate work.

Cross-stitch has not lost its popularity among modern needlewomen

On the net you can find many different schemes and master classes. Below in the photo is a lavender cross stitch pattern.

Scheme lavender cross

As you can see, the whole scheme is divided into cells. Each cell corresponds to one cross stitch. On the right in the photo are the thread color numbers. Floss is used for embroidery.

Experiencedneedlewomen already have stocks of threads, needles and other attributes. Embroiderers can easily master the scheme of any complexity. What should newcomers to this technique do?

The easiest and easiest way is to buy a ready-made kit

There are shops for needlework in any cities, and there are a great many of them on the Web. Choose to your taste. The kits have everything you need for embroidery, namely:

  • Canva. This is the fabric most suitable for embroidery. If the edges of the canvas are not processed in the set, glue them with clerical glue. Let dry. Then the edges of the fabric will not crumble.
  • Scheme. For the first time, the embroidery size 2525 is suitable. Don't take on difficult tasks right away. Then the chance that the embroidery will not be thrown halfway will increase. You need to figure out the scheme, start embroidering from the middle.
  • Hoop. Canvas is stretched over them so that the fabric does not wrinkle, and the stitches are neat, fit better.
  • Threads. A set of floss, numbered and matching the color scheme. Choose a thicker thread - it will be easier to embroider.

Needle. There is usually one needle in the kit, so stock up on a few more in different sizes.

Here is another beautiful lavender cross stitch pattern from a German magazine.

Lavender cross stitch pattern

If you do not want to buy a ready-made set, you can purchase all the materials yourself

To all of the above, you can add sharp scissors and a special marker for marking the picture. Now that everything is ready, it's worth learning the basic rules. As you can see from the video below, cross stitch has its own nuances. How,however, and in any kind of needlework.

Now another useful lesson on the types of crosses.

Recently, programs for creating cross-stitch patterns have appeared in the lists of useful applications for phones. It is very comfortable! It is enough to download the application and install it on your gadget. Then you can upload any picture you like into the program and get a pattern for embroidery. However, this method is not suitable for beginners.

In conclusion, I would like to note that cross-stitch is not only one of the most beautiful types of needlework. This hobby is a favorite pastime for millions of people in the world.

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