Interesting patterns of embroidery on black canvas
Interesting patterns of embroidery on black canvas

Cross-stitch is not only a decoration of a thing, it helps to create unique pictures and stories, it can serve as a practical element. Due to the possibility of dyeing the canvas, it is possible to embroider even on dark fabrics. Embroidery schemes on a black canvas are made with light threads to create contrast and make the elements clearly visible.

monochrome scheme

Popular stories

On a black background, you can embroider not only monochrome light elements, but also create full-fledged paintings. Craftswomen combine reflective threads with ordinary threads, so you can enjoy the plot at night. Popular on a dark background are floral motifs or landscape elements. Tree branches, flowers, plant frames are combined with embroidered inscriptions.

Popular for a long time are monochrome works. Embroidery schemes on black canvas can be of different sizes, starting with small elements and ending with a full-fledged picture. Male or female images are also applied. With a few light shades ona dark canvas can convey a full-fledged image, focusing on facial features.

Due to the contrast and clarity, cross-stitch patterns on black canvas are popular with both domestic and foreign consumers.

fruit scheme of initial complexity

Create Metrics

Embroidery of stories with kids is popular and in demand, because together with a beautiful story you can combine inscriptions and date of birth. Metrics are done on canvas of the author's color, dark tones are also popular because they add clarity to a small picture and enhance the brightness of the threads.

Children's embroidery patterns on black canvas can be of different sizes and complexity. For a dark base, it is better to choose simple plots so as not to make mistakes in the process. Details show up better on black material than on a light background, so some outlines may not be traced. Metrics allow you to combine important information with a beautiful picture or create your own story using author's schemes.

children's metric

Image of characters

In addition to various plots and small paintings, amulets and symbols of a geometric type can also be applied to a dark base. Each nation has its own attributes in embroidery and distinctive features.

Slavs love to perform protective elements along with ordinary plots, thus conveying magical overtones and an energy message. For women, amulets are embroidered with bright red threads, you can add yellow shades or dark green crosses. These colorsimply vital energy and strength, the desire to develop and give continuation of life.

For men, talismans are embroidered with dark threads, but they may not be visible on a black background. Therefore, the standard white color is used in combination with red, which for the representative of the stronger sex symbolizes power and might. Cross stitch patterns on black canvas can combine not only plots, but also symbolic elements, due to which the pictures will be varied and interesting.

flower embroidery patterns on black canvas

Magic overtones

Embroidery is considered not only a kind of needlework, but also has a hidden meaning, so it can bring to life not only positive emotions, but also new people. For example, paired plots (a man and a woman, animals or repeating symbols) can attract a soul mate to a lonely embroiderer or give love.

Although there is not much difference on which background to perform, light or dark, but the latter base is more popular, since the combination of a black base and light threads is filled with magical power in a certain period. So, needlework on the growing moon can bring success and fulfillment of desires.

For those craftswomen who wanted to get a solution to the issue in housing topics, the way out is to embroider the outline of a house or a lighthouse, which promises a quick solution to the problem and getting what you want. The scheme of embroidery on a black canvas of a male or female amulet, made on the new moon, is considered a powerful protection against evil forces.

Flower symbols

Embroidery of plants provides for the presencedifferent shades and more often these are color paintings, but on a dark background they look brighter and juicier, more voluminous and detailed. To attract love into life, craftswomen advise making poppies or peonies, it is desirable that the buds be large and beautiful.

If a woman wants to enhance beauty and harmony with nature, emphasize her inner world, then embroidery patterns on a black canvas with roses are used. For a dark background, a pattern of a white flower or several buds in different shades would be ideal.

To increase confidence and gain opportunities for self-realization, it is advised to embroider lilies of the valley or irises in purple tones. When making bouquets, you need to pay attention to the combination of different shades of flowers, so as not to harm yourself with the wrong selection.

Selection of materials

For a dark base, both cotton threads and thick woolen yarn are suitable. The latter conveys volume well and adds splendor to details. Some craftswomen combine cotton and woolen threads to make an interesting picture. But it’s better not to do this without the need, since the alternation of flat and convex crosses is not always beneficial.

simple plots

It is better to use woolen threads in flower embroidery schemes on black canvas so that the plot does not look flat. As for the material, such a basis for embroidery will suit better than linen or homespun cloth of the same color. It will be difficult to see holes on them and work in the evening.

It is much easier to make a mistake on a black base than on an ordinary light onebackground, especially if the process is performed in dark shades. Therefore, the craftswomen, in addition to the standard set of linen and threads, also recommend buying a special marker to draw squares for work and monitor the progress of work.

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