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Pattern with earflaps: a stylish solution for any frost
Pattern with earflaps: a stylish solution for any frost

Surprisingly, fashion is cyclical. And you can hardly object to this statement, because indeed, what was popular several decades ago, but has already lost its consumer demand, is gradually returning to the markets. These items include anything from shoes and clothes to jewelry and designs.

Of course, new-old things are similar to their predecessors, and nothing more. All materials, design ideas and useful properties are changing thanks to modern technologies. So, the topic of our article for today will be a hat with earflaps. A do-it-yourself pattern that will be clear to craftswomen of all levels, and the product itself is easy to make.

earflap hat pattern
earflap hat pattern

Rich history

It is hard to imagine a woman in a hat with earflaps a few centuries ago, since this wardrobe item belonged only to men. The winter accessory was made of wool on the inside and suede on the outside. The result was a headdress in which one could wait out any cold and not freeze at all.

Of course, you can be grateful for the materials, but special attention should bepay attention to the design of the caps. Due to the low forehead, the wind practically did not hit the face, and the long ears saved their namesakes from blowing, which the analogues of that time definitely could not provide.

pattern caps with earflaps female
pattern caps with earflaps female

Now everyone wears this accessory, as such a headdress is well suited, surprisingly, for both girls and men. In our case, we will replace animal materials with artificial analogues, which will facilitate the care and the sewing process itself, because it is high time to create patterns for earflaps made of fur from modern materials.

List of necessary things

First you need to prepare all the necessary materials. To be honest, the most important thing, without which the pattern of a women's hat with earflaps will definitely not work, is the sketch itself. And everything else is just variables that can be manipulated depending on the desired result. Therefore, do not rush to throw away fleece trimmings and run to the store, but first of all, carefully consider the list.

  • Fabric. In our case, we need two types of fabric, since one goes to the lining, and the second, respectively, to the outside of the hat. Based on the purpose of your hat, you can take thinner or, conversely, insulated counterparts inside. We replace natural fur with faux fur, which, in our opinion, looks much more interesting due to the diverse palette and many textures.
  • Insulation. This item is also selected individually, taking into account the season in which you plan to wear the product.
  • Pattern with earflaps. Listed in ourmaterial.
  • Sewing supplies (sewing machine, pins, thread, needles, scissors and felt-tip pens for cutting).

First stage: pattern of earflaps

First, we should prepare a paper sketch, which we will rely on later.

do-it-yourself hat with earflaps pattern
do-it-yourself hat with earflaps pattern

To do this, prepare a clean work surface, and you can start creating!

  • Print on a printer or manually transfer the pattern to paper and cut out the blanks. You can also adjust the details by lengthening or shortening the length of the ears or the size of the visor.
  • So, the pattern of a women's hat with earflaps is ready! The matter remains small: you need to cut out the required number of copies from both types of fabric and put them aside until the next step.

Second stage: stitching parts

When the cut parts are ready, you can continue to work. To do this, turn on the sewing machine, carefully lay out the blanks and proceed!

  • First, let's make a visor: it consists of two fur parts and does not require a lining, so we sew the parts together from the inside, turn inside out and set aside.
  • Now let's get to the base: it is sewn from one central part and two sidewalls. It is important to note that the fur part and the lining are created in parallel! Again, we sew the details from the wrong side, having previously fastened them together with pins, after which we turn everything out again.
  • Let's move on to the ears of our earflaps, which we sew to the "fur" base so that they look down, andthe continuation of the details met at the back of the head. We also connect everything with a sewing machine.

The third stage: connecting the parts

Now it's just a matter of putting all the pieces together.

We put on two blanks for a hat (one is cotton, the other is fur) so that they are connected with the front sides to each other. Thus, on both sides we will get the wrong side

patterns of caps with earflaps from fur
patterns of caps with earflaps from fur
  • Sew the two parts together along the entire bottom edge, retreating about 1.0-1.5 centimeters. At the back of the head we leave a hole through which we turn the entire cap with earflaps.
  • Sew the gap manually with a thread to match the fur, also do not forget to sew a visor in front. At this stage, the pattern of a hat with earflaps can be considered mastered and attached to life!

Just look what a wonderful hat we made in just 30 minutes. This is a real find for any craftswoman, so use it with pleasure!

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