Easter Crafts: Egg Chicken
Easter Crafts: Egg Chicken

Crafts from eggs have become the main ones in children's preparation for Easter. Beautifully turns a chicken from an egg. The craft is simple, interesting and, most importantly, fast. The child will not get bored doing this work.


To make a chicken from an egg you will need:

  1. Chicken egg. It must be raw. This will be the basis for future crafts.
  2. Cardboard egg trays. Of these, shells and coasters for coloring crafts will be made. They usually sell eggs. Plastic packaging will not work.
  3. Gouache or acrylic paints. Watercolor has a watery structure and does not cover the surface well, while oil paints are very smeared and take a long time to dry.
  4. Several thin brushes and one thick one. Small brushes are more convenient to draw small details, and large brushes cover the entire surface of the egg.
  5. Scissors. For children, scissors with rounded ends will be safer.
  6. Awl or thick needle. This is necessary for punching small holes in the egg.
  7. Plasticine. They perform voluminous small details of crafts.
  8. Glue "Moment". It is desirable that the glue has a transparent structure, otherwise it will be visible on the craft.
  9. Thick cardboard. It will become a stand so that the chicken does not roll out of the egg.
  10. Transparent nail polish. It is necessary to secure all the details of the craft and maintain their beautiful appearance.

Work for parents

Before inviting a child to complete the “Chicken from an Egg” craft, an adult needs to prepare some details. The child will not be able to do this on his own.

chick from egg

First, you need to prepare an Easter egg, the chicken will be made from it. To do this, you need to make two holes in a raw chicken egg, top and bottom. Blow strongly into the hole in the wide part of the egg so that the contents pour out through the second hole. Then the egg must be washed and dried.

Secondly, it is necessary to cut out several egg stands from the cardboard tray, on which it will be convenient for the child to color it. One of the coasters you receive will become an eggshell in which the chicken will sit.

Start performance

Before you make a chicken from an egg, you need to prepare a workplace for the child. It is advisable to cover the table with oilcloth or newspaper, and put the baby himself in an apron or something that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Now you need to invite the child to paint the egg completely yellow. And set it aside until the paint is completely dry. When coloring, it is convenient to use previously prepared coasters.

easter egg chick

Then you need to cover the cardboard “shell” with white paint and leave it toodry.

While the egg chick dries out, the child should be allowed to run and rest.

Small parts

After the base of the craft is ready, small details need to be molded from plasticine. You need to start with the largest ones and gradually move on to smaller ones. So children's hands get used to small work better.

First you need to mold two wings from yellow plasticine. To do this, you can roll up a short "sausage" and flatten it, while giving the shape of a wing.

Then you can sculpt the beak. From red plasticine, you need to roll up two small flagella. Then connect them at one end. Make the free ends flat and triangular.

egg chick craft

The scallop is also made of red plasticine. To do this, the middle flagellum rolls, then it flattens. One edge will need to be wavy.

The next step is to make a peephole. To do this, roll two small balls of white plasticine and two smaller balls of black plasticine. Then flatten them. A black one is glued into the middle of the white "cake".

Assembling crafts

Going chicken from an egg is very simple. If a child knows how to handle glue carefully, then he will cope with this activity completely on his own.

First, the colored egg must be glued to the "shell". Then all this is attached to a cardboard stand. The egg is glued to the "shell" with a wide part.

how to make a chicken from an egg

After that, to the finishedeyes, beak, wings and scallop are glued to the chicken. Despite the fact that the plasticine itself sticks well, it is better to put it on the “Moment” for greater structural strength. A comb must be glued vertically on top of the narrow part of the egg. It can be playfully folded to the side. Below, eyes and a beak are glued to the side, and the white parts of the eyes should be in contact with each other and with the beak. Wings are glued on the sides. No need to try to make them open, the plasticine will become less elastic over time and the wings will lower themselves.

After the craft is ready, you can cover it with colorless nail polish. It will be easier to do this with a large soft brush with natural bristles. On such a brush, it is better to collect more varnish and carefully distribute it throughout the craft. Then let the chicken dry and wash the brush in nail polish remover. The craft is ready! It remains to find the most beautiful place for her or figure out who to give it to.

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