Favorite hobby, or What can you collect?
Favorite hobby, or What can you collect?
what can be collected

Collecting today is rightfully recognized as one of the most popular and entertaining hobbies in the world. It should be noted that, in essence, this hobby is not a thoughtless collection of any homogeneous objects, but implies a conscious study of the history of the appearance and subtleties of the modern existence of collection items, the identification of a certain classification of things. The high degree of development of modern technology and the Internet provide ample opportunities to search for the most diverse and rarest items, so it is much easier to start collecting something today than, for example, twenty years ago.

what to start collecting

Where to start?

First you need to decide that you are really interested in how much time and money you are willing to spend on this exciting hobby. And only then try to decide what to collectexactly in your case. Because when you start collecting something, it is very undesirable that you suddenly lose interest in everything halfway through. I would like this hobby to become a matter of life, so that the collected items are in sufficient quantities, because the activities of real collectors sometimes have a truly grandiose scale, many of them have already taken pride of place in the Guinness Book of Records. The question of what can be collected at a certain moment is able to stand in front of everyone, since both old and young are interested in this hobby.

what can be collected

This is a hobby - a kind of game that fills our free time, this is the undisguised pleasure derived from shifting, viewing and admiring our treasures, this is the anxious expectation of a new copy that will add to the collection. In fact, you can collect anything - from match labels and bottle caps to antiques, luxury cars, yachts and helicopters. There are also quite unusual collections of passports, ballpoint pens, transport tickets, adhesive plasters, movie cameras, handcuffs, calculators and even toilet covers.

Collection cost

When deciding what to collect, it is necessary to be guided not only by personal preferences, but also by financial capabilities. So, for we althy people, the question of what can be collected does not have a certain framework, they can stop their choice on anything. As a rule, these are old books, paintings, weapons, antiques, expensive wines and cigars. Some exhibits reach a value oftens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, collections consisting of simpler things can become no less interesting and original: unusual bottles, badges, corks, butterflies, natural stones, candy or ice cream wrappers.

what can a girl collect

Collection Rules

Collecting objects of one particular type, as a rule, has its own name, its own rules. Do not think that you can collect postage stamps, just keeping them in a drawer, in a pile, without systematizing in any way, this is not a collection, this is garbage. Real philatelists follow all storage rules, they will never take a stamp with their bare hands, there are special tweezers for this. Copies are stored in special albums, and the time and place of purchase of each can be found in the collection's special registers.

What can a girl collect and what can a boy

With the advent of each new era, many new themes open up for collectors. So, today refrigerator magnets are very popular, such souvenirs are brought from all over the world. Many will surely remember the recently turned fascinating page of life, in which we rejoiced at the cheerful turtles and hippos from Kinder Surprises and could not calm down until a complete collection of these funny little animals lined up on the locker.

what to start collecting

It is easier for adults to decide on the choice of collectibles, our tastes and preferences are already formed. However, ifwe want to instill this hobby in our child, we must definitely help him, offer options, and let him decide where to stop. A girl can collect porcelain figurines, shells, miniature dolls, soft toys, buttons, butterflies, jewelry. Boys will be interested in models of cars and planes, soldiers, stamps, music discs, natural stones, stickers, bottle caps or key chains.

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