How to sew an American skirt quickly and easily
How to sew an American skirt quickly and easily

These light and airy skirts were created for little girls who like to dress up in something unusual. Thanks to this outfit, even on weekdays you can

how to sew an american skirt

feel like a real princess. Long fluffy skirts quickly get dirty and lose grace, but short ones are very comfortable, and at any time of the year and in any situation.

Gradually, the question of how to sew an American skirt began to be asked by young girls who want to emphasize their femininity and innocent beauty. In fact, such a thing is a few skirts sewn with ruffles, so both fans of needlework and people far from this area can make such a piece of clothing.

So, if you need an American skirt, you should buy fabric and all accessories in advance. After all, it is much more pleasant to work when all the necessary things are at hand! You will need, of course, a sewing machine, thread, scissors, elastic and ribbons.

To learn how to sew an American skirt, follow the instructions below. First you need to take measurements. There is nothing complicated here either, you just need to measure

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waist anddesired skirt length. How to cut a skirt is written in many books and magazines, so this task is also within the power of any girl. The American consists of several tiers, and each next part of the product should be several centimeters wider than the previous one.

Before sewing an American skirt, prepare a rectangular piece of material, equal in length to twice the volume of the waist, and in width to the length of the product plus a couple of centimeters. The fabric needs to be folded in half and stitched on the side surface, and then make a drawstring for the elastic. The next rectangle of fabric should be a length equal to 7 waist measurements. Sew the patch to the previous one and decorate with ribbon. The next segment is equal to 17 waist volumes. Sew similarly to the previous one.

You can decorate a skirt with a ruffle. To do this, cut a piece of fabric about 38 waist lengths, then gather to the length of the lower tier of the product and sew. To

how to cut a skirt

the skirt was fluffy, you need to make another such blank and sew it to the inside of the fabric. Such a product looks absolutely charming if you decorate it with bows or, even better, with flowers and other figures from ribbons.

There is also a way to sew an American skirt in no more than 1 hour. The material, preferably chiffon, must be cut into ribbons equal to the length of the future product, multiplied by 2. Then make an elastic band and fix it in such a place that it is convenient to perform further actions. The process of making a skirt is extremely simple. We take blanks from chiffon and simply tie them to an elastic band.Pieces of material should be pressed tightly against each other, while not squeezing the elastic.

If, after all, an American skirt did not succumb to you, buying it is as easy as shelling pears. It is enough to go to any children's store in your city. However, the advantage of a homemade item is that you sew exactly what you need, and it fits perfectly. So, even if at first everything does not work out, do not despair and try again, because the joy of your little princess will be simply boundless!

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