How to knit footprints: ways and tips
How to knit footprints: ways and tips

With the onset of cold weather, many people are thinking about how to warm their feet and their loved ones. In this regard, knitters often think about how to knit footprints. This is a universal item: at home they can easily replace slippers, and if you put them on winter shoes, no frost will be terrible. Slippers are knitted very quickly - even not very experienced knitters will create a pair of lovely slippers in an evening. With the right choice of model and yarn, such shoes will suit not only women, but also men and children.

Knitting footprints

how to knit footprints

There are many options for knitting footprints. Their appearance and shape depends on the devices used. There are two main ways of how to knit knitting.

For beginner needlewomen, you can advise the option of knitting with two knitting needles. This method is the easiest to perform, but the tracks will be with a seam on the heel. In this case, knitting begins from the upper front and side parts, that is, the size of the typesetting row should correspond to the circumference of the leg around the perimeter. To understand how many loops to dial,it is best to pre-tie the sample and calculate the knitting density. You can choose any pattern - in accordance with the tastes and skills of the knitter.

how to knit footprints for beginners

In addition, the footprints can be crocheted. Today you can find quite a lot of information on how to knit footprints. For beginners, there are a large number of master classes. In general terms, there are two main options for crocheting footprints. The second option on how to knit footprints is in the round on four knitting needles. In this case, knitting is similar to working on socks. The only difference is the short top.

In the first, the sole is made first. To do this, single crochets are knitted around a chain of air loops. On turns, three loops are added. Next, the top is knitted - a straight fabric with decreases at the beginning of each row. At the end of the work, the parts are connected with single crochets.

With the second option, the footprints are seamless. The sole is knitted, as in the first case. Further, the increase stops, due to which a rise is formed and the upper part of the track is knitted.

Tips for knitters

If you have certain skills, you can make tracks more original. For example, taking the remnants of yarn that needlewomen usually accumulate, you can knit striped slippers. Here it is important to ensure that the stripes are symmetrical. In addition, you can knit footprints from melange yarn.

Ready-made slippers can be decorated with pom-poms, knitted flowers, embroidery, beads.

asknit footprints for beginners

To prevent stretching of the upper edge, it is crocheted with a crochet step or single crochets. The edge looks original if you knit single crochets alternately in the first, second and third row with a contrasting thread. It is important not to allow the thread to tighten when knitting the trim, otherwise the footprints will be difficult to put on.

To provide additional strength, the heel, and preferably the entire sole, should be tied in two threads. Thanks to this slippers will last longer.

If desired, after a short workout, you can knit original and beautiful footprints. Many needlewomen are looking for new options for how to knit footprints. For example, slippers in the form of sneakers look interesting.

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