Brioche (knitting): technique description, features and reviews
Brioche (knitting): technique description, features and reviews

If you like to experiment and can knit a little, then brioche knitting is exactly what you need. If your soul demands something original and new, this article is for you.

New direction - brioche

Knitting you knew before is nothing compared to this technique. It is based on a simple English elastic band, which only the laziest can't knit.

The technique of knitting Brioche Stitches appeared not so long ago, when compared with traditional knitting.

brioche knitting

What can be attractive about a rubber band, you ask? But this is no ordinary gum. Familiar to us, straight lines bend and wriggle, forming bizarre patterns. This can be achieved by periodically adding and decreasing loops. Knitting with brioche technique must be done with two threads. You can use one color for this, but a pattern knitted from two threads will look especially beautiful.

The distinguishing feature of the pattern made in the brioche technique, the knitting of which consists in alternating threads, is that both the front and the back sides of the pattern are completely identical, with the exception of the color ensemble. Another importantthe advantage of a canvas made using this technique is its elasticity.

Knitting is based on the use of knit, purl and crochets, with the help of which a unique pattern is created. The effect is simply amazing, and the products made from them are double-sided and very warm. If you choose a yarn that contains wool, then this technique is great for sweaters, hats and scarves.

Today, the niche of patterns made using the brioche technique is still empty. With desire, perseverance, imagination and a margin of time, you can create your own unique pattern.

Brioche knitting needles

Two-tone elastic band

Two-colored elastic band is the base that must be fully mastered, since on its basis the brioche technique is performed. Knitting should only be started when you have fully mastered its basic skills.

So, let's proceed directly to the brioche technique - knitting.

Knitting needles, two types of threads - that's, in principle, all you need to get started. An odd number of loops are cast on with the main thread. Threads must be of the same thickness and composition, colors can be chosen in contrast. In order for the pattern to be clear, it is necessary to knit very tightly.

1st row. Main thread. Remove the edging,remove the 2nd with a crochet, knit the 3rd faces. behind the near wall.Repeat the pattern until the end of the row. The latter is knitted out.

2nd row. It starts from the same edge as last time. Now we take the second thread, and we knit out. loops. Important: in order for the drawing to bebeautiful, we knit all the loops of the edge with one thread, most often this is the base thread.We knit with a classic purl loop. with nak., persons. remove from nak.Similarly, we knit a pattern fromto. We simply transfer the last loop to the knitting needle.

3rd row. We turn the work around. Let's remove the edge loop,persons. remove from nak, out. knit with nak.Similarly, repeat fromto. Knit the hem loop purl.

Brioche knitting technique

4th row. Auxiliary thread. We knit from the place where we started last time. We remove the first loop without knittingfaces. together with nak. we knit, and simply remove the next one and make a crochetSimilarly, we perform manipulations fromto. The last loose loop is simply removed on the knitting needle.

5th row. First thread. We turn the canvas over.The loop after the hem is removed and a crochet is made, the next one is tied with a crochet. persons.The last knit out. loop.

Starting from the first row, repeat the repeat until the desired length of the product.

Knitted hat

As practice shows, there are never many knitted hats, but the collection will not be complete if it does not contain a hat with a pattern known as the brioche technique. Knitting with this pattern is a difficult hobby that requires special patience.

As mentioned earlier, the basis for this technique is a two-color English gum.


The production of a hat is described on the example of a drawing of the brioche technique (knitting). Knitting needles must be knitted No. 2, 5, a thread of orange and black. Each must take 90gram.

To knit a size 54 hat, cast on 84 sts on circular needles and work 16 rows with regular two-tone English ribbing.

English gum

1st row. Thread of the main color. Report: first front, wrong side, remove, make a crochet.

2nd row. Thread of the second color. Report: remove the first knit and yarn over, purl with yarn over. All subsequent even rows knit like this row.

3rd row. Thread of the main color. Report: knit the yarn over with the front loop, the next two are removed.

All subsequent odd rows knit as third.

Brioche knitting

Brioche hat pattern

Knitting pattern starts after 16 rows of English ribbing.

1st row. The thread is orange. Loop, remove the edges.We knit two loops together on the wrong side, yarn over and slip the next loop. Repeat six times. We are adding loops. We knit two loops together so that three come out of them, we simply remove the next loop.The hem is knitted as usual.

2nd row. We take a black thread.We remove the front loop together with the crochet, and knit the wrong one.

We also knit the 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th and 16th rows.

3rd row. Orange thread.We knit two loops together with the front loop, yarn over and remove the loop. We repeat the combination 2 more times and with a tilt to the left we reduce the loops. Namely: we remove two loops on the knitting needle, the next one, which was previously knitted on the wrong side, is knitted with the front one, we stretch the removed loops through itearlier loops. We bring it back. We also stretch the next front and yarn through this loop, remove the next purl with the yarn. Then we knit two front loops twice in a row, make a crochet and knit a wrong one, add loops, and then remove the wrong one with a crochet.We knit in the same way fromto.

5th row. We work with an orange thread.We knit two loops with the front one, yarn over and then remove the loop, repeat again. We make a decrease with an inclination to the right, after it we remove the loop with a crochet. We repeat knitting twice again, as at the beginning of the row. We make an addition and remove the wrong side and make a crochet, knit two front ones, and remove the wrong side with a crochet.Similarly, repeat fromto.

knitting technique brioche

7th row. We take orange yarn.We knit two loops of the front, remove the wrong one, make a crochet, decrease the loops with an inclination to the right and remove the wrong one plus the yarn. We repeat the pattern from the last two loops twice, and remove the loop along with the crochet. Add loops. We remove two loops, knit the front one and add a crochet and remove the loop, repeat the last manipulations twice.

9th row. Orange thread.With an inclination to the right, we decrease and then remove the loop, while making a crochet. We do it twice in a row: knit two together with the front one, double crochet, and remove the second. We add loops, make a crochet and remove the loop. Then three times in a row we knit two loops of the front, we make a crochet and remove the next one.

11th and 13th rows. We knit with an orange thread. Repeata combination of knitted front two loops, as well as a removed purl and yarn over.

15th row. Orange thread. The pattern is similar, starting from the third row in the brioche technique. Continue knitting the pattern to the desired height, then begin to decrease.

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