In what cases is a connecting column tied?
In what cases is a connecting column tied?

Probably, it is difficult to find a woman who would not know about that kind of needlework, like knitting. This craft is traditionally taught to girls at school. True, for some it becomes a favorite pastime. They acquire various yarns, learn to knit more and more new patterns, honing their skills more and more every year. Others, having left the walls of the educational institution, completely forget what the crochet technique is. However, after some time, they often return to this type of needlework when they begin to teach their own children. That's when the question arises: "What is a connecting column, and in what cases is it tied?".

In this case, one has to either remember what was studied at school, or acquire special literature that contains information on this issue. Moreover, you can meet the corresponding pictures not only in books, but also in magazines.

For starters, it's worth talking about how it is tied. To do this, we note that the connecting column has other names. Perhaps you have already met some of them, and therefore you can handle it without any problems if necessary. Thus, this element is often calledhalf-column, connecting loop, blind loop. The first name is more widespread. It can be found in many diagrams and descriptions.

connecting post

Knit the connecting post very tightly. This will directly affect the quality of the product. If the loop turns out to be loose, an ugly hole may form in a knitted item in this place, which will spoil its appearance. Therefore, it is worth approaching its execution very carefully and carefully.

The connecting column is present in any product made by crocheting. It does not matter if it is knitted in a circle or straight. With its help, attachment is carried out at the desired point. It is also widely used if it is necessary to process or fix the edge. Often with its help, loops are reduced along the edges of the product. Many, using this column, sew various parts of the product.

crochet and knitting

This element is especially popular in the manufacture of things using the Irish lace method, as it allows you to connect motifs and knit a chain in which only the wrong side will be involved. In the latter case, a chain of air loops is knitted. Then the work is turned over so that the hook is on its right side. After that, it is introduced into the penultimate and last loops, through which the working thread is pulled.

crochet technique

If the needlewoman prefers ribbon lace, thenhere, this connecting element cannot be dispensed with, since it best allows you to transfer knitting from one point to another. The scope of this element, of course, is not limited to this. It can also be used when crocheting and knitting is done. Then, with its help, you can attach various decorative elements to the main canvas.

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