How to make DIY neck jewelry
How to make DIY neck jewelry

Creating yourself is always nice and useful. After all, a person not only enjoys the process, but also becomes the owner of a unique thing. This is especially nice for women who make beautiful necklaces from improvised materials. It also saves money and emphasizes a unique image.

handmade neck jewelry

Variety of neck jewelry

Perhaps someone will find it difficult to ask how to make a necklace around the neck. In fact, there is nothing unusual about this. Just first you need to decide what exactly needs to be done.

Neck jewelry comes in many types and styles. The most famous are beads and necklaces, which will not be difficult for any woman to string if she knows how to hold a needle in her hands.

Pendants on chains look interesting, especially if both are made by hand according to an individual plan.

Of course, the top of perfection is a necklace made of stones and beads. This is the most festive accessory, and not every craftswoman can assemble it. But to try to do something simpler is quite within the power of each.Thus, fashion jewelry will easily settle into the jewelry box of any woman who is not afraid to experiment with shape and texture.

Production Methods

It's not difficult to make a beautiful decoration around your neck with your own hands. The main thing is to choose the right technique. And there are several.

Stringing beads and beads - the simplest and most ancient of them. It is enough to choose the appropriate color and size of the working material and start creating. If you master more complex weaving techniques, you will get truly exquisite and unique products.

Using a crochet hook, you can create knitted decorations around your neck. Do not confuse them with a scarf. These are exquisite subtle accents that complement the image of a lady, if her outfit allows the use of a relatively coarse knit.

knitted neck jewelry

In the last couple of years, textile dyeing has been very popular. They are created on the basis of small patches that act as independent decorative elements or decorate large beads, changing their appearance.

For those who know the basics of Irish lace

Knitted neck decoration with your own hands can be made based on the technique of Irish lace. It is rich in various forms of flowers and leaves, which are then assembled into a single canvas. It makes sense to use these same elements on your own.

For example, take a simple piece of paper. It is knitted on the basis of a chain of air loops. First, a row of double crochets is knitted on one side. In the last loop it is better to make them3-4. Then we do the same procedure on the other side. At the bottom we will have a ponytail that can be easily attached to the base of the decoration.

By linking several of these motifs, you can combine them into one decoration or add any flowers.

fashion jewelry

Regarding crochet colors, it is also worth experimenting. Knit a few options that you like the most and connect them with a string of air loops. It will turn out unusually light and original summer knitted decorations for the neck. No one else will have something like this.

And again about beads

This is one of the oldest decorative materials that has not lost its popularity today. Making a neck decoration out of it with your own hands is as easy as shelling pears. Even if you string 5-7 strands of beads, you will already get a magnificent necklace. Let's fantasize a bit with him. Before putting it on and fastening it, let's try to twist a tight tourniquet out of it. This is a completely different decoration than it was a minute ago.

There is a beautiful brooch in the house. Fine! We fasten it to a beaded necklace and get a completely unique piece of jewelry.

Beaded collars and snoods are very popular in the last couple of seasons. They are made very simply: the same threads with strung beads should be of such length that they can be wrapped around the head a couple of times without a fastener. But let's not forget about the quantity. The more magnificent these fashionable jewelry, the more spectacular they look.

Tricks of the trade

To make an ordinary beaded thread unusual, you can use a littlefantasize. It can be an exquisite base for an unusual pendant. The main thing is to catch that fine line when these two elements are ideally combined with each other.

beaded necklace master class

You can make your own pendant from acrylic sew-on rhinestones. They are perfectly united both in a flower and in a sprig of several leaves. Next, we select a harmonious and slightly contrasting color of the beads and create the basis on which we will present our product.

Tricks include various knots. These are the simplest elements of weaving. A long beaded bunch can be tied into a knot exactly in the middle and then fastened. It will be a massive accent. It is quite appropriate for a dress made of heavy fabric, such as velor.

A not very thick bunch of beaded threads can be tied in the middle, instead of throwing them several times over the head. This decoration visually slims any figure.

Interesting combination

It is not necessary to use beads on their own. You can use it to create more interesting jewelry that will definitely be unique. Consider a beaded necklace, a master class for the creation of which involves the use of a jewelry chain as the base of the decoration.

crochet neck ornament

On their own, both of these materials look a bit scanty. But their combination gives an unsurpassed effect.

We take a chain and fasten a thread or fishing line to the last link. Next, we sew the chain back and forth, but at the same time, each time we do not forget to string one bead, which does notcrawls through the link hole. A chain braided in this way can be supplemented with two or three pendants with small crystals of the same color.

This elegant combination of different materials gives the effect of effortless elegance and unusualness with all the simplicity of its implementation. Small earrings made according to the same principle are perfect for this jewelry.

Each bead separately

Beads come in different sizes. Especially large beads can be strung in a slightly different way than a simple thread. The result is a very original and elegant beaded necklace. We will now analyze his master class.

You need to start from the fittings. We will need special jewelry pins and long connectors for 5-7 loops. We string each bead on a pin, twist the free end into a loop and bite off the excess part. We do the next bead in the same way, but before completely closing the ring, we penetrate the previous element into it. 5-7 threads are woven in this way. Each of them should be slightly longer than the previous one in order to create a layered effect in the finished product.

We attach the finished threads in ascending order to the connector. It all ends with a lock.

how to make neck jewelry

That's it. An unusual and simple beaded necklace is ready. Making earrings for him is also not a problem. In the same way, you can weave short threads that are attached to the base of the earring.

Tandem of beads and crochet

A couple of years ago, a technique for working with beads using a regular crochet hook appeared. For thisyou no longer need to learn complex bead stringing patterns. Now you can crochet a beaded decoration around your neck. The schemes of such products are extremely simple, and the result is simply charming.

The easiest way is elongated air loops. In ordinary knitting, these loops are tightly tightened to get a neat, uniform product. But in the beaded version, we need the effect of light chaos. We take a fishing line and string a large number of beads on it. After that, we begin to knit a chain of air loops. There are two things to keep in mind in this process. We skip a few beads in each loop. We try to stretch all the loops, not to let them tighten tightly.

beautiful necklaces

We fold this blank with an accordion in accordance with the length of the future necklace. We fix the ends and attach fasteners. The necklace is ready!

Who can make jewelry?

Even Coco Chanel said that jewelry was created for women who have taste. You need to be able to wear such products. Therefore, if there is no suitable accessory in your jewelry box, you urgently need to make a decoration around your neck with your own hands. This method of replenishing your collection has a lot of advantages: jewelry will definitely fit a certain outfit, it will be unique and inimitable, the creative process will bring pleasure, and the jewelry will have its own soul.

Every woman is created to create beauty around her. Therefore, she can create any masterpiece, if there are all the grounds and appropriate conditions.

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