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How to braid a bead with beads? Beaded bracelet
How to braid a bead with beads? Beaded bracelet

There are beading techniques that are well-deservedly popular. Among them is the braiding of beads with beads. The fact is that on their basis you can create original jewelry. They are truly individual and will delight others with fine workmanship and beauty. It remains only to deal with the basics and learn how to braid a bead with beads.

How to bead a bead

What do you need to work?

As you know, in order to succeed in needlework, it is important to prepare and collect everything you need. So, what is required for beading beads?

  • The bead itself is 8 mm in diameter.
  • Beads 10 assorted colors.
  • Fishing line or thread for beading.
  • Beading needle.
  • Regular eraser.
  • Pin (or gypsy needle).

Before starting work, it is important to decide on the color scheme. The bead itself, beads and fishing line should be in a single color ensemble. This will make it easier to hide imperfections. Another importantmoment. The easiest way is to braid the bead with beads of the same color. However, to show all the nuances of how to braid a bead with beads, 2 colors were used in the master class.

How to braid a bead with beads

The most convenient for work is a bead with a diameter of 8 mm. Therefore, it was she who was taken as the basis. However, you can braid any beads you like. To create jewelry, they usually take a diameter of 6 to 12 mm. During weaving, you only need to adjust the number of beads in a row. Accordingly, the larger the bead, the more it will be needed.

Beading with beads. Stage 1

At this stage, the base will be created, which will then be applied to the bead. This is only 3 rows of weaving, but it is very important to do everything right at once. For this reason, experienced needlewomen recommend using Czech or Japanese beads for braiding beads. So, how to braid a bead with beads? Where to start?

  1. Take the fishing line, thread the tip through the needle and pick up 4 beads of the same color. Then assemble them so that you get a ring. Be sure to leave the end of the fishing line 10 cm long, so that it is more convenient to work in the future. Tie 2 knots. At the end, thread the needle through the 1st bead.
  2. In the second row, dial one seed beads of a different color. At the same time, after each bead, thread the needle into the bead of the previous row. Thus, you should get 4 pieces already in the second row. The needle is also threaded into the 1st bead for 2 rows.
  3. In the third row, increase the number of beads by 2 times, that is, there should be 8 pieces. To do this, take 2 beads of the previouscolors (for example, darker), string them on a needle and thread it into the bead of the previous row, and so on. Again, the needle should be threaded into the 1st bead of the 3rd row.

Beaded beads. Stage 2

Since it is not very convenient to braid a bead on weight, it is desirable to fix it. An ordinary eraser and a tailor's pin will help out perfectly. Put the blank woven at the first stage on a bead and fix it with a gypsy needle in an eraser as it is convenient. This can be done tightly or rather loosely. It is up to the needlewoman herself to decide, since she herself will braid the bead with beads.

From 4th to 11th row, braiding beads with beads is basically no different. In each row, beads are picked up one after another, and then the needle is threaded through the beads of the previous row. Each of them should have 8 pieces. For beauty, you can alternate colors in each row: dark, light, dark, and so on. After completing the 11th row, the braid already holds well and you can remove the bead from the eraser. Moreover, it will be more convenient to weave just on the hands.

Beaded beads. Stage 3

In the 12th row, the number of beads in the row is reduced to 4. This is done in this way. Dial one bead of the desired color, and then thread the needle through 2 beads of the previous row at once. In the same way, dial 3 more beads. As a result, there will be only 4 pieces in a row. In the last and 13th row there will also be 4 beads. It remains only to fasten and hide the threads.

How to braid a bead with beads master class

Actually, this is quite enough to understand howbraid the bead with beads. The master class does not end there. To really succeed, you need to take into account a couple of important points. Since the size of the beads may vary slightly, it is important to calibrate it before braiding. For the central rows, it is better to choose one that is slightly smaller in diameter. If you plan to make a complex pattern, then it is recommended to start braiding beads from the central rows.

Creating Bead Jewelry

Of course, beaded beads are good on their own. They can be used to decorate the interior. However, they would not be so popular if it were not possible to make various decorations from them. These are earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants. But most often they make a bracelet for themselves from beads braided with beads. It looks elegant and luxurious at the same time. Such a thing is able to emphasize the individuality of the hostess, and assembling it from ready-made beads is as easy as shelling pears.

First, of course, you need to make the required number of beads for the bracelet. By the way, a part can not be braided. In this case, it may even turn out to be a more interesting little thing. But this is a matter of taste. How to braid a bead with beads is already known from the above. Then you need to put everything together. The simplest thing is to string all the beads on a wire or elastic band. But such a bracelet may be short-lived.

beaded bracelet

Experienced needlewomen recommend using special rings or pins and ready-made fasteners. They can be purchased at needlework stores, taken from unnecessary decorations andfind in jewelry stores. Using pliers, make small loops with which to collect the beads into a bracelet. Fasten the clasp at the ends. Such a bracelet will look no worse than expensive jewelry.

In closing

how to bead an oval bead

Nothing is impossible for a needlewoman. She will always be able to make a truly beautiful thing for herself and her family. For example, knowing how to braid an oval bead with beads, you can make not only interesting jewelry, but also a funny toy or piece of furniture.

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