Ukrainian costume and its main differences
Ukrainian costume and its main differences

Ukrainian national clothes are especially picturesque, their attractive appearance indicates a high level of production culture, excellent command of various sewing techniques and types of finishing. In its cut, the national clothes of Ukrainians have some similarities with the costumes of the Slavic and Turkic peoples.

Men's national Ukrainian costume

Ukrainian costume

The main details of the national attire are a white shirt made of linen or hemp, and harem pants made of high-quality, fine cloth. The Ukrainian men's shirt is distinguished by the presence of a slit in front, it is necessarily decorated with embroidery, for which quite complex patterns are traditionally used. Embroidery patterns are passed down from generation to generation and are largely symbolic. Embroidered for a loved one, a shirt often plays the role of not only clothing, but also a talisman.

Ukrainian costume involves wearing a shirt necessarily tucked into pants, which is not typical for Russian and Belarusian costumes. Forfor tailoring trousers (harem pants), linen or woolen fabrics of bright colors are used - red, blue, green. Their very large width gives them a special picturesqueness.

Woolen scrolls are used as outerwear, in winter - tanned jackets made of sheepskin. Moreover, women's scrolls must be white, men's can be gray or black.

Ukrainian women's costume

National Ukrainian costume

Women's national costumes, which are sewn by representatives of different regions, have quite significant differences: they are made from different materials, have different cuts and finishes. The color scheme, which is traditionally used in the manufacture of costumes, is quite rich.

The main detail that distinguishes the female Ukrainian costume is a shirt. It can be one-piece, floor-length, or consist of two parts - the top and the butt. Long shirts are considered more festive.

Shirts are sewn in two types: on the yoke (with inserts) and tunic. Ukrainian women's shirts are characterized by embroidered hem - according to the rules, it should look out from under outerwear. In an old costume, the skirt consisted of two halves - front and back, each of which had a separate tie. Over time, the front half of the skirt turned into an apron. Most often, the back half of the skirt (plakhta or reserve) in a modern Ukrainian costume is sewn from checkered fabric, while the apron is made of plain fabric and is decorated with a very rich finish: embroidery, braid, handmade

Ukrainian national clothes

A must-have detail that a Ukrainian costume has is a belt. It is present on both women's and men's suits. The length allows you to wrap it several times around the waist. The belt plays the role of a kind of corset, emphasizing the beauty of the figure. Among the Cossacks of the Zaporozhian Sich, the belt also served as a reliable protection for the vital organs of the abdominal cavity. The length of this accessory could reach 30 m, the belt tightly wound around the waist could not pierce even the tip of an arrow.

As for headwear, the Ukrainian men's costume suggests the presence of a hat. Basically, fur (high-quality dressed sheepskin), cloth or wool is used for its manufacture. The shape of the caps can be quite diverse: cylindrical, conical, semicircular. Summer hats - bryl - are woven from straw.

Girls' headdresses are wreaths known for their beauty, made from natural or artificial flowers, decorated with ribbons. Sometimes capes, scarves, ribbons can be used. A characteristic difference is that they always leave the braid open, which is the pride and decoration of the girl. The headdress of a married woman is a scarf or a long scarf that looks like a towel. It is worn in such a way that the hair is completely covered. In the old days, appearing in society or in church with an uncovered head was considered an unacceptable act for a Slavic woman.

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