Creating a quilling pattern is an exciting experience
Creating a quilling pattern is an exciting experience

More and more fans appear in the paper twisting technique called quilling. The paintings made in this way are unusual and beautiful. It is not at all shameful to present them as a gift, to decorate your home or workplace with them. Anyone can make such a masterpiece, the main thing is patience and a little practice.

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Returning to the origins of this paper twisting technique, it should be noted that it arose long ago, back in Medieval Europe. It got its name from the phrase “bird feather”, since just at the beginning of the 15th century, when nuns created medallions, paper with gilded edges was twisted at the tip of the pen. Going beyond the confines of the monasteries, quilling paintings began to be popular among the general population. But, as is often the case, everything beautiful is expensive, and since paper was not affordable and not cheap, only noble people could afford to create such masterpieces.

In the conditions of modern reality, this art developed well in the West, but the secondbirth received, hitting the East. It was there that connoisseurs of beauty gave grace and ease to the process of twisting paper through the use of various devices, special material, and a creative approach to manufacturing. What has long been sought in the art of origami is reflected in the quilling technique. The paintings created with its help, despite the external fragility, are quite durable. So, for example, if you put a cup on a quilling-style stand, the pattern will not deteriorate at all, the paper will not wrinkle or bend. Of course, this is provided that the craft is done with high quality, and not carelessly. And even if you build a vase for sweets from the smallest curls, you can safely add contents to it, the risk of breakage of the product is negligible.

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In order to create beautiful quilling pictures, you need to learn this art. You can find and attend workshops, chat with those who are not new to this exciting venture. Each creative endeavor has its own little tricks, after reading which the process of creating crafts will become more clear and understandable. At the very beginning of the journey, in addition to special paper, you will need tools - an awl, tweezers, scissors and glue.

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Later you can purchase a special set, which includes: a tool like an awl, stencils of a certain type. When creating quilling pictures, the schemes of which are varied, depending on the preferences of the creator, one should not forget about accuracy.The final result depends on how carefully the work is done.

There are more than twenty ways to form the elements of a picture. A strip of paper rolled into a roll can be squeezed, twisted more tightly or, conversely, loosened - such manipulations are performed depending on how the finished drawing will be.

Performing author's quilling pictures, photos can be shown to get acquainted with your work to colleagues in this interesting activity.

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