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Military style photo shoot - bold, bold and exciting
Military style photo shoot - bold, bold and exciting

A military style photo session is a unique and exciting opportunity to demonstrate rigor, audacity, but at the same time naturalness and femininity. Military style flaunts crisp lines, defined color schemes, and unlimited possibilities for all sorts of combinations.

Style history

photoshoot in military style photo

The style originated after the First World War, when the life of ordinary people was just beginning to recover, and only the material that was used for sewing military uniforms was available. Gradually, the light industry resumed its production, but after the Second World War, history repeated itself again. As a separate and original direction, the military style arose only in the 60s of the last century. In the United States, similar clothes were worn in protest against the war. This idea was picked up by designers, and in this way the military style began to gain its popularity around the world.

Various style directions

During its relatively short history, the military style has gone through several stages. The first stage is the birth of the style in the 60s in the USA. Wearing a military uniform showed protest against the war andrebellious soul of its owner. They wore such clothes deliberately casually - with unbuttoned buttons, a half-tight belt and pants several sizes larger.

The second stage is the 80s camouflage style. Military camouflage print in gray-green-brown shades is in fashion. Almost everything was painted in such colors, from shoes and accessories to interior design.

And finally, the last direction that is alive now is the modern military style. Its characteristic features are the possibility of combination and a slight hint of the image of wartime.

Military style photo shoot: how to choose the right location for filming

A photo session can be organized in two ways - in the studio, with appropriate decoration or with post-processing of photos, or a thematic trip. The second option will look more impressive and bright. It could be a forest, ruined buildings, or an old quarry. You can also find some abandoned village, then the photo session will acquire a post-apocalyptic shade.

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If you want to bring a certain idea to life, you can arrange in advance to shoot at a training ground near real tanks and cannons, or rent a similar service at a historical museum. A military-style photo session, photographed using powerful technology in the background, will not only make the shooting more authentic, but also bring a lot of positive emotions to its participants.

Additional military paraphernalia and decor

To createthe desired thematic atmosphere, you can also use a variety of additional paraphernalia. These can be flags, helmets, various weapons, gas masks, as well as bowlers, a fire and walkie-talkies. You can also use netting, camouflage tents, trenches, etc.

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The choice of decor depends primarily on the specific purpose and image in which the military style photo shoot will be performed. If we are talking about the Second World War, modern warfare, or in a fictional post-apocalyptic form, then the paraphernalia should correspond to this situation.

Military photo shoot - clothes, hairstyle and makeup

One of the main components of high-quality thematic photography is also the appropriate image, which is built with the help of clothing and a single style of hair and makeup.

photo shoot in military style

As for clothes, preference should be given to the characteristic military colors and a certain set of additional ammunition. You can, however, use ordinary sportswear, detailing it with some military attributes - it all depends on the imagination and the specific situation. If desired, ordinary men's or women's clothing can also have a military look.

Military - a style that also implies a certain hairstyle and makeup. The best option for women would be a spikelet, a bun or hair gathered in a ponytail. Make-up should be as natural and natural as possible. If there is a desire to be embodied in an antihero, then you can use bright lipstick andblack contrast eyeliner. As a thematic option, you can also draw on the face and the corresponding camouflage in the form of black or dark green stripes.

Modern photo studios also offer a variety of military-style photo shoots based on specific thematic images (pilot, tanker, sailor), as well as on the plots of popular films, such as "Die Hard", "Pearl Harbor" etc. You can also offer your own unique photography option, many studios will be happy to meet the needs of the client.

Such thematic photography allows you to take a fresh look at yourself, embody different images. It will also be a great opportunity to have fun with friends and acquaintances in a non-standard environment and get a huge amount of positive emotions and pleasant memories.

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