Modern models of knitted tops
Modern models of knitted tops

Summer is approaching, and in connection with this there is a great desire to take off warm clothes and dress up in something airy, seductive, openwork and cool. Many knitters start creating light clothing for the summer as early as spring. Knitted tops are relevant and in demand at this time of the year. They are versatile and comfortable in everyday wear, as well as in any kind of employment.

Yarn selection

To create them, light, natural threads from cotton, linen, silk are often used. But modern designers allow the introduction of mixed yarns containing a small amount of alpaca, cashmere or wool into new models. These additions prevent the canvas from stretching and deforming the pattern. Which, in turn, happens with patterns on knitted tops made from pure cotton threads. To avoid stretching the product, it is better to use yarn with the addition of artificial fibers, such as viscose. Also, cotton processing technology such as mercerization will prevent the change in the shape of the product.

Linen knitted topsare unique in that they maintain a constant body temperature. They will not be hot in hot weather, and they are able to warm in cool weather. Therefore, designers are advised to have several linen tops and tunics in their wardrobe.

Knitted tops

Types of patterns

Light ornate patterns look elegant and organic on crochet tops. Only with the help of this tool can you create a product using the loin knitting technique. This method is knitting a grid with the same squares. By filling the holes on the product, all kinds of patterns are formed in the form of flowers, birds, animals and other images.

For products created from yarn, there are many different patterns that fit both straight fabric and increasing in width. Such patterns allow you to form coquettes on the tops in the collar zone or the bottom of the product. Which gives the image a slight naivety and romance.

Pineapples are considered one of the fashionable patterns. They are often used by knitters when creating crochet tops. Such openwork elements as "shells", "fans", "leaves", "diamonds", "mesh" deserve no less attention.

Knitted top spokes

Knitting Methods

Knitted and crochet tops can be created in several ways. Work can begin with a coquette, and then the whole product is knitted in a circle with no seams. Another version of the model is created from two separately connected parts: front and back. Which are further sewn along the shoulders and sides of the product. Also tomodern tops include styles connected by a single fabric with the formation of a neck in the middle part.

Another option for knitting tops is the creation of separate elements, later connected into one whole product. Also in the models, asymmetry is welcomed both in patterns and in details. For example, strap on one shoulder, lace insert, one edge below the other.

Knitted crochet top

How to wear knitted tops

A number of modern products offered by designers have a shortened look. Such styles give the owner femininity and romance. Look spectacular with floor-length skirts, classic-cut trousers or short denim or knitted shorts. Tops can be combined with almost any outfit, allowing you to create many looks. The main thing is to choose the right shades of wardrobe elements that complement each other.

Tops fit perfectly with any modern style. Cropped models are worn during sports activities, combined with leggings or sports pants. Wearing a miniskirt with a knitted lace top, you can visit an entertainment venue. It would be appropriate to wear models of seasoned style and plain knitting to work.

Having picked up a ball of thread, a hook or knitting needles, as well as having figured out how to knit an interesting openwork pattern, you can knit a unique and inimitable fashionable top in two or three evenings. Moreover, a product created by yourself will always be appreciated by the admiring glances of others.

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