How to make a paper bow?
How to make a paper bow?

While wrapping gifts for the New Year or someone's birthday, we often wonder how to make a paper bow.

paper bow

If you can make boxes yourself, then this skill will be very useful to you. However, this decoration is suitable not only for gifts. You can decorate them with anything you want. A bow can be made from a square sheet of preferably colored double-sided paper.


There are several sizes suitable for making a bow. Each of them corresponds to its own distance, which must be bent for the upper corner. It is important to measure this length very accurately, because it depends on this whether our paper bow will be neat or not.

So, sizes:

- square 7x7 cm, bend the top corner by 1 cm;

- square 8, 5x8, 5 cm, bend the upper corner 1, 2 cm;

- square 12x12 cm, upper corner - 1.3 cm;

- square 14.5x14.5 cm, upper corner - 1.6 cm.

Production process

This bow is based on a basic origami shape called "Double Square". Her very oftenused to make many crafts.

To make a bow out of paper, we need to fold our sheet along the diagonals and all the middle sides.

Next, bend the two side opposite sides inward. The result should be a pair of squares. This is how the basis of everything is done - the basic form, the very “Double Square”.

From the deaf side from above, we bend the corner to the required distance. Then we straighten it, smooth the line slightly with our fingers and turn it to the other side. With this, we made our folds more clear, so that it would be easier to make a bow out of paper.

Unfolding our future craft. Inside it, we got a small square. We must bend it. Now we tilt each side to the vertical line from above to get such stripes. Turn this piece over and do the same on the other side.

how to make a paper bow

Now you need to carefully unfold our paper bow, but not completely. Just made strips should remain in the same state. A nice square remains inside - this is a knot.

Turn over the workpiece. Along the diagonal lines along the edge, we make cuts with scissors or a blade. At the squares on the sides, we bend the corners. Our paper bow is starting to take shape. We cut its lower part vertically and form ponytails.

We narrow them a little, slightly bending on the sides. They can be trimmed or simply folded.

bow paper crafts

Now hide the corners of the bowunder the knot, after dripping a little glue to secure them.

Small conclusion

With the advancement of scientific and technological progress, paper crafts are becoming increasingly popular. A bow is just one option for what can be done. There are many different boxes, flowers, vases and other things with which you can please yourself and decorate the interior of your home. Increasingly important are things made by hand. They will not only decorate your home, but will also become a real source of pride, as well as the center of attention of guests. Create with imagination!

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