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We make applications for Easter with our own hands with children
We make applications for Easter with our own hands with children

Do you want to make souvenirs or decorate the room for the holiday of the Holy Resurrection of Christ? Don't know how? Make beautiful applications for Easter with your own hands. Interesting ideas can be implemented both with the guys, and in a more complex version - by adults on their own.

do-it-yourself appliques for easter

What materials to use

Do-it-yourself applique for Easter is traditionally made from colored paper, respectively, you will need the following to work:

  • color sheets;
  • cardboard for base;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • scissors (you can even with curly blades);
  • glue.

To make an unusual and original applique for Easter, with your own hands, in addition to the above, you can make crafts from other materials. For example, it is good to make icing on a paper cake from cotton wool, as well as white willow elements. It is easiest to make it from the tips of cotton swabs, so as not to twist the forms yourself.

do-it-yourself appliques for easter

Easter cake decoration is interesting to perform using semolina or cotton wool. Interesting applications are obtained from mintor thin paper rolled into neat balls, such as crepe paper, crepe paper, or tissue paper.

Which base to choose

Beautiful do-it-yourself appliqu├ęs for Easter are easy to make on different blanks. You can decorate with such decor a postcard, a box or make a decorative panel. As a basis, thick paper or cardboard is usually used. Forms are made both standard in the form of a rectangle or square, and thematic. The blank is easy to make in the form of an egg, basket, chicken. Such a base will look especially interesting if the contour is cut with curly scissors.

do-it-yourself paper applications for Easter

The blanks from several layers, similar in contour, but smaller in size, look original. So your craft will be already framed.

How to create applications for Easter with your own hands with children

Beautiful works are obtained by combining several materials in one work. For example, you can make a composition of Easter cake, bright Easter eggs and willow branches. The sequence of creating an application for Easter with your own hands will be as follows:

  1. Take a decorative colored cardboard base and draw the shape of an egg.
  2. Cut along the outline with curly scissors.
  3. On a smaller workpiece, make a similar outline, which will be located inside at an equal distance from the edges of the previous one.
  4. Cut out the second piece.
  5. Glue the smaller one onto the larger one.
  6. Draw the contours of those elements that will be made inapplication form.
  7. Create a stencil for an egg. It is better that they are all the same, made according to the template.
  8. Circle the stencil the desired number of times on the appropriate sheets of colored paper.
  9. Cut out blanks.
  10. Follow the same principle, complete the detail of the Easter cake.
  11. To make a willow twig, cut brown paper into thin strips and glue the pieces onto the base. If there is a napkin or corrugated paper of a suitable shade, also make strips, but wider than the twig itself, and twist blanks from them according to the principle of flagella. You can wind it on a wire or work without a frame.
  12. Remove the white elements from the cotton buds and stick them on the twigs. The willow is ready.
  13. Glue the cake blank.
  14. Decorate the upper part with cotton wool or, spreading glue on the surface, sprinkle with semolina.
  15. Glue the colored egg blanks.
  16. Decorate the craft with any additional details: satin ribbons, colored beads or beads (sprinkling cake).
  17. do-it-yourself applique for easter

Make applications for Easter with your own hands from paper using quilling technique

Colored sheets can be used not only for cutting flat blanks, but also as a material from which it is easy to twist very beautiful openwork details, and then assemble more complex objects and a composition from them as a whole.

do-it-yourself applications for easter with children

Work goes like this:

  1. Cut the colored paper into strips about 5mm wide. If necessary, inworkpiece length can be glued.
  2. Wrap the strip around a thin stick such as a toothpick (or a special tool) and then unroll it a little to form a suitable part if you want to get a loose workpiece.
  3. Connect the layers of the element in the appropriate places, glue the tip of the strip to the previous layer.
  4. Create the required number of blanks of the desired configuration.
  5. Follow out the contours of all intended images on the basis of cardboard with a simple pencil.
  6. Glue the parts to the base and one to the other, lay out the composition according to the prepared drawing.

Thus, do-it-yourself applications for Easter can be made in many ways, even from colored paper alone. If you combine it with other materials, the work will be even more interesting and beautiful.

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