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How and how to paint newspaper tubes for weaving
How and how to paint newspaper tubes for weaving

The demand for handmade souvenirs is constantly growing. Many choose various techniques for making such things as a hobby, a creative activity for the soul, and for some it also becomes a source of income. If you are interested in the method of making products from paper vines, but you do not know how and with what to dye newspaper tubes for weaving, read the tips and tricks. You will definitely find a suitable method and composition for yourself.

how to paint newspaper tubes for weaving

When to paint

If you decide to start making products from paper vines, then you need to learn not only weaving techniques, but also how and with what to paint newspaper tubes for weaving. If you are using colored newspaper or magazine sheets for curling, you can leave them undyed. After all, a wicker product will have an interesting surface even without it.

the better to paint newspaper tubes for weaving

If ordinary black and white newspapers are used, the straws are more often dyed to match the color of natural vines (unskinned), that is, brown or light (as if the bark had been removed from the branches).

There are several coloring options:

  • Before weaving.
  • After.
  • Combined method (applying the main color before and drawing the pattern already on the finished product).

Choose the method that is convenient for you and suitable for each specific product.

how to paint newspaper tubes for basket weaving

The better to paint newspaper tubes for weaving

In fact, there are a huge number of options. Almost any composition that has a color pigment is suitable, but the choice is determined by what shade you want to get and how saturated. Some compositions make the tubes hard after the paint layer dries, others - soft, but have lost their brightness, faded. Dyes can be used both water-based and alcohol-based, as well as powder, which are pre-diluted in a liquid. So, the list of options is:

  • gouache;
  • watercolor (fading);
  • acrylic paints;
  • stain;
  • spray car paint;
  • iodine solution;
  • brilliant green;
  • potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate);
  • aniline dyes for clothing;
  • food coloring;
  • ink;
  • ink;
  • hair dye.

If the blanks themselves are supposed to be dyed before weaving, they usually use a stain that interacts well with paper and after drying gives a beautiful brown tint. To increase saturation, you can apply the dye in several layers with pre-drying.previous layer.

If you decide to first weave the product and then process it, use acrylic colors or gouache. They are sold in sets, so they are suitable for making a complex pattern on the surface of a wicker basket, box or vase. You can draw an ornament, floral motifs or any other pattern.

It is worth considering that when using any of the proposed options, newspaper tubes must be varnished to make the product more dense and resistant to moisture. It is better to process the finished basket, as the varnish layer will make the paper stiff and not very comfortable to weave.

how and how to paint newspaper tubes for weaving

What not to paint

How to paint newspaper tubes for weaving baskets, you can choose from the list above, but it is worth noting that watercolor loses its brightness very much after drying. Dyes from onion peels, which are used to color Easter eggs, will definitely not work. If you're into natural materials, don't use chemicals like hair dye.

How to paint newspaper tubes for weaving white

If you like exclusive things and want to make a white wicker product in order to apply a pattern on it later, for example, floral motifs, it is better to immediately prepare tubes from thin white paper, office or even cash tape.

Most likely, you have already decided how and with what to paint newspaper tubes for weaving in various shades. The same paints where there is a white color in the palette can beuse to obtain white blanks. Suitable acrylic paint or primer, water-based emulsion and even gouache, if you take it in a fairly thick creamy consistency.

how to paint newspaper tubes for weaving white

Dye accessories

When you have decided what composition you will cover the blanks with, the question may arise how to paint newspaper tubes for weaving, that is, with what tool. You can use the following options:

  • wide brush;
  • sponge (sponge);
  • high container filled with pigment solution.

Choose the most convenient option for you.

Coloring technology

When using the first and second tool, the work goes like this:

  1. Cook composition in any container.
  2. Put the tubes in one layer on the oilcloth.
  3. Put on gloves and pick up a brush.
  4. Dip in the composition and apply to the straws.
  5. Let one side dry.
  6. Turn over.
  7. Repeat the process on all sides.

You can paint and dry the straws immediately in a vertical position if you fix them in a solid base (for example, with clothespins along the edges of a jar, glass).

If the coloring will be done by dipping into the coloring composition, it is better to make a special container from a bottle, or even better - from a plastic pipe of a suitable length, attaching a hermetically sealed bottom. Pour the composition into such a container, lower the tubes. Do not forget to add the solution, as itwill be consumed and the level will decrease (may leave unpainted areas).

So, you have learned how to paint newspaper tubes for weaving. Choose your favorite composition and staining method. Create spectacular DIY souvenirs.

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